America posted the salaries of the Peshmerga forces


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أمريكا أرسلت رواتب قوات البيشمركة
America posted the salaries of the Peshmerga forces

Roudao – Erbil

Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government, Jabbar Yawar said, Thursday, that is scheduled to be distributed Peshmerga salaries for theseventh month, in the beginning of next week, stressing thatthe US financial assistance and reached the Government of theTerritory, and that the Ministry of Finance is responsible for Tozarie salaries .

He said Yawar, network Roudao media, that “according to the memorandum signed between Kurdistan and the American region cooperation, the United States will pay part of the forces fighting Daash on the battlefield salaries, and the second section will be Tomnah by the Kurdistan Regional Government,” adding that “it is scheduled to The seventh month of the distribution of salaries within the framework of that agreement, and we will try to secure the salaries of the Peshmerga forces completely within months. “

Yawar said that “America posted allocated for the salaries of the Peshmerga money, pointing out that the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, which will determine the date of the distribution of salary of the seventh month.”

According Roudao media network information, “the United States put aid in calculating the number of banks of the Kurdistan Region, and the Ministry of Finance will distribute salaries of the Peshmerga in the coming days.”


Hakim envoy Obama: Battle of Mosul require the participation of the popular crowd


Thursday 11-08-2016 | 10:44:00

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Shafaq News / The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim on Thursday on the importance of concerted efforts of all and united to eliminate terrorism in the final showdown of Mosul.

He called al-Hakim during his meeting with the US president’s envoy for international alliance to fight Daash Bert Macgork today, to understand the risk Daash on global peace and security, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Supreme Islamic Council.

Hakim said he was “either to unite the world to bury Daash in the battle of Mosul, or for him to fights him in all the streets and alleys of cities around the world,” adding that the data actually indicate a shift of terrorism to the empathy phase after regulation stage and here there is immune from terrorism community.

He said the battle of Mosul, Iraqi national battle par excellence requires the participation of everyone by virtue of the diversity of the region, which should provide the Iraqi human potential without affecting the breakers operations, noting that it requires the participation of the popular crowd.

The reality of Iraq among the political wise Macgork that “Iraq regained its people and is close to going out of the bottleneck,” pointing to “the need for Iraq to the reconstruction of liberated areas and address the post-Daash and to achieve civil peace.”

Macgork and his deputy, Gen. Terry Wolff on Wednesday and arrived in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

According to a statement issued by the US embassy yesterday that Macgork and his deputy would meet “with senior government officials and security of Iraqis and representatives of the coalition led by the United States. While he was in Iraq, “adding that Macgork and his deputy,” also will travel to Arbil to meet with senior officials in the government of the Kurdistan region. ”

The statement continued that “will discuss Macgork during all his meetings to support the ongoing efforts of the coalition led by Iraq to defeat Daash, with a special focus on the planning and preparation for the Liberation of Mosul.”


US Kurdish forces – implemented Anzala near Qaim, killing a senior member of the Daash


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[Oan- Baghdad]
counter – terrorism forces of the Kurdistan Security Agency announced the death of a senior commander of the terrorist gangs Daash in the district based in Anbar province during joint air landing between the Kurdish special forces and an American process.
A statement by the anti – terrorist forces of the Kurdish that the combined force of Kurdish American carried out, on Thursday, the process of joint landing air where it has killed the leader of the organization Daash [Sami Jassim Mohammed al – Jubouri near spend western Anbar based.
According to the statement, Sami Jassim was a senior leader in the organization Daash a natural wealth effects and mineral resources official in the organization.
the name was included among the list of the US Treasury, which include other characters that facilitate terrorist acts to Daash.

Exclusive: Iraq, oil companies agree to restart investment, boost output


Business | Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:05am 

Iraq has reached agreement with BP, Shell and Lukoil to restart stalled investment in oil fields the firms are developing, allowing projects that were halted this year to resume and crude production to increase in 2017, Iraqi oil officials said.

The agreements, reached in July and August, effectively delay to the second half of the year projects that the three companies had planned to carry out in the first half, which had been suspended because of low oil prices.

As a result of the investment, Iraq’s crude output should increase by 250,000-350,000 barrels per day next year, the Iraqi officials said. The country now produces about 4.6 million bpd, most of it from the southern region.

Iraq is OPEC’s second biggest producer after Saudi Arabia, and the increase in its output, alongside that of Iran, could aggravate the global oil glut and complicate discussions between OPEC and non-OPEC producers on output limits to prop up prices.

Shell, BP and Lukoil all declined immediate comment. (BP.L) (RDSa.L) (LKOH.MM)

According to documents seen by Reuters, all three firms agreed to spend in the second half of 2016 roughly half the budgets they proposed for 2015.

BP agreed to spend $1.8 billion this year at the Rumaila field it operates. It had initially agreed to spend $3.5 billion last year, which it later revised down to $2.5 billion.

Shell agreed to spend $742 million after proposing $1.5 billion last year. Lukoil would spend $1.08 billion, compared to $2.1 billion it had proposed last year.

“Many vital projects that foreign firms were forced to halt due to lower oil prices will be brought online after the recent budget cuts agreements,” said Basim Abdul Kareem, the deputy chairman of South Oil Co that oversees oil operations in the region.

“The companies now should have the needed budgets to implement these projects,” he told Reuters.

Iraq has yet to reach agreements with Exxon (XOM.N), CNPC <CNPET. UL> and Petronas PETR.UL on fields those firms are also developing in the south.


Oil companies helping Iraq develop its massive oil fields have to clear their spending with the government each year. They are then repaid with income from Iraq’s exports of crude oil produced from existing fields.

The arrangement worked smoothly when oil prices were above $100 a barrel but since crude has collapsed to about $40 a barrel, Iraq has been struggling to find enough oil to repay the companies for their investment.

Iraq relies on oil for nearly all its revenues and is spending heavily to fight Islamic State in its northern and

western provinces.

With its finances stretched, Iraq asked foreign oil companies last year to spend less than proposed, and all but cut off investment entirely for the first half of this year to the major projects.

“The agreed investment budgets are covering almost the rest of 2016 and it’s obviously a win-win deal,” said another South Oil Company official who declined to be identified. “The companies will be able to resume work on many delayed projects that will help to raise Iraq’s production in early 2017.”

“We are talking about at least 250,000 to 350,000 additional barrels a day in early 2017,” he added.

The Iraqi oil ministry in February said the budget for foreign oil company development costs had been revised down to just over $9 billion in 2016, while the companies estimated their cost at $23 billion, following complex negotiations.

Among OPEC members, Iraq’s supply rose the most last year and output reached a record 4.775 million barrels per day in January 2016. Iran also intends to boost supply after a deal to lift sanctions imposed over its nuclear programme, making it more difficult for OPEC to agree production limits.

(Reporting by Ahmed Rasheed and Aref Mohammed; writing by Maher Chmaytelli; editing by Peter Graff)

Macgork: the participation of the popular crowd in battle would be decided by the Iraqi government

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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} private international alliance against the US president’s envoy Daash said that Iraqi forces are in a position to launch the restoration process of the city of Mosul, stressing that the participation of the popular crowd at the battles “would be decided by the Iraqi government.”

The Macgork during his press conference today , “We support a democratic Iraq , and I call on parliament and the government to focus on fighting Daash and re – displaced to the liberated areas,” pointing out that Iraq is going through an economic crisis and the nations will stand with Iraq financially to support it . 

He said , ” The Iraqi security forces have become empowered and intern to fight Daash “, and that” the organization is in a state of contraction and restored areas from the efforts of Iraq. ” 

He said the US envoy” we are working on the re – displaced to the liberated cities and humanitarian aspect of our priorities , “asserting that” Mosul will be freed soon , and the return of residents to close. ” 

on the participation of the popular crowd in the fighting, he explained Mcgork that it “would be decided by the Iraqi government , ” pointing out that coordination with the Iraqi security forces , “High fidelity.” he 

also noted that “all the formatting that being in Iraq and military operations with the knowledge of the government of Iraq and there was no coordination between Washington and Iran with regard to the war on Daash. ” 

He said Mcgork that the international coalition is fighting Daash of the three axes of Iraq, Syria and the Arab Maghreb, noting that” the number of suicide bombers who come to Iraq to kill the people and according to the statistics of 60 to 100 suicide a month. ” 

stressed the international coalition, on Wednesday that the Iraqi forces are in a position to launch the restoration of the city Almousel.oukal commander of the joint task of the process , ” the inherent momentum , ” the team, Sean MacFarland power operation, at a press conference that ” the occupying Iraqi forces on the outskirts of Qayyarah become in a position to start that process and we will seek to speed up so as much as possible. ” 

mentions that the United States is leading an international coalition against Daash, in Iraq and Syria, as shown more Western countries desire to participate in this campaign, after the growing threat of regulation and the accession number of the citizens of those countries to the ranks of the organization and the fear of returning to carry out operations inside Bldanhm.anthy

Mishan Jubouri is exposed to heart attack and taken to hospital in Arbil

[Oan- Baghdad] 

MP Mishan al – Jubouri , suffered a heart attack to request his transfer to a hospital in the city of Arbil for the purpose of treatment.

He weighs – Jubouri ‘s son MP Mishan al – Jubouri in a page of his father on the social networking site [Facebook] “asked the father to convey his apologies severe for displaced people who are not able today to be among them, especially those who were waiting for him , whether to evacuate them from Depkh to bring them back to their homes or hungry and thirsty trapped in the fig tree to deliver Help them to evacuate the children of Sharqat who ‘s there as well as retirees in the south of Qayyarah who pledged to them that take them today to receive their salaries. ” 

he weighs – Jubouri” at ten in the morning subjected parent [Mishan Jubouri] a heart attack that necessitated his transfer to the heart center in Arbil , where he underwent a catheter is urgent need to rest for some time, but he is in a hospital bed cost us to do what he will do today and we will work to implement it this evening or tomorrow morning. ” 

he continued , ” we have sent trucks of the brigade crowd Salahuddin to the fig tree to evacuate the children spend Sharqat trapped there, as we sent food and water from Erbil and Bsearatna special delivery to the displaced people in the fig tree camp, he took Sheikh Mohammad Al – Ahmad Al – Saleh , commander crowd left shore up the subject of re – displaced Depkh to their villages liberated and will pursue other things tomorrow. ” 

gave the son of MP Mishan al – Jubouri , ” thanks to the cardiologist , Dr. Mohammed al – Mashhadani every medical and administrative staff , who took up the case of a parent and congratulations to the people of Irbil this hospital clean and equipped with the latest technologies in the latest medical centers in the world. ”

Abadi looking with Makourk edit Mosul and the latter expressed his admiration for the military achievements

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Search Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi with the envoy of the international coalition’s President Brett Makourk ready for the Liberation of Mosul, while the eternal admiration Makourk military achievements in Iraq.

A statement by the Information Office of the Prime Minister, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “al – Abadi met in his office on Thursday, envoy of the international coalition’s President Brett Makourk and his accompanying delegation , ” pointing out that “During the meeting , they discussed the war against gangs terrorist Daash and preparations to complete the liberation of Mosul , in addition to the security and military situation and the training and equipping of Iraqi forces. ” 

He Mkourk support the international coalition government servants in the war against terror and admiration for the military achievements and leadership of the Liberation land battles,” adding that ” the international coalition is prepared to provide more support for the complete liberation of the Iraqi territory. ”

Parliamentary Integrity hosts the inspector general of the Ministry of Finance and confirms its intention to expose corrupt files



Parliamentary Integrity hosts the inspector general of the Ministry of Finance and confirms its intention to expose corrupt files

Nur News / Baghdad
Hosted Parliamentary Integrity Commission, on Thursday, the inspector general of the Ministry of Finance, while confirming its intention to expose corruption files in the bodies and institutions of the ministry and reduce taxes on citizens and adjust the proportion of the work of border crossings.
According to a statement of the Commission, “Nur News” received a copy of it, “it was discussed during the meeting a number of important topics related to the work of border crossings and the taxes and fees imposed on the citizens and find ways to curb the excesses carried out by some of the staff of the weak people to enrich the expense of the citizen simple Iraq. “
Committee Chairman Talal Khudair Zubai, “The committee is bent and determined to expose corruption files in the bodies and institutions of the Ministry of Finance and work to reduce taxes on citizens ratio and adjust the work of border crossings that corruption reached an end can not be tolerated.”
For his part, the Inspector General of the Finance Ministry expressed “full readiness to cooperate with members of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission so as to detect abuses by some corrupt officials in pursuit of money on Iraqis and traders citizens who are related to their trading account the work of the border crossing points.”
The Zubai “need to reconsider the taxes and fees imposed on wheels pregnancy entering Iraq ratio so as not to adversely affect the livelihood of citizens after the dealer added those amounts on imported goods and commodities prices, and thus the citizen is harmed as a result of increased taxes and fees and thus bear a new burden on the burdens as a result of the great financial crisis that has plagued Iraq, which require the concerted efforts of all the possible out of them and save the Iraqi society from the danger. “

Final Statement of the International Conference to face Daash emphasizes the need to deepen cooperation in the post-terrorism



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Second International Conference psychological and media operations to counter Daash said in his closing statement on the need to deepen cooperation in the post-terrorism in Iraq.
Preparatory Committee of the Conference said in a final statement received bythe agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that under the world theme with Iraq to defeat Daash held in Baghdad , the Second International Conference psychological and media operations to counter Daash, for the period from August 10 to 11, 2016 with the participation of a broad international coalition and the United Nations and the Union European and NATO and the Iraqi institutions concerned.
” the conference included holding eight seminars focused on topics {efforts of the international psychological warfare to fight Daash, joint cooperation between the coalition forces and the Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga forces, Iraq ‘sexperience in combating Daash, edit Ramadi and Fallujah operations and thelessons derived , edit Nineveh operations, the role of research centers in thefight Daash, see Iraqi terrorism multinational doctrine of one, the media, psychological and humanitarian efforts to support the liberalization of Nineveh} operations.
She explained, that Iraq and his government will prevail on Aldoaash and is released full Iraqi cities soon , however , the basis of deep understanding theseriousness of the doctrine Daash to sabotage the souls and minds , we look forward to continuing and deepening cooperation with the international coalition and the United Nations and the European Union, NATO and all relevant institutions in the world to face the post – Daash stage to move forward pace deliberate and coordinated to defeat terrorism intellectually and ideologically based on a clear strategy and define the objectives and allocate the necessary private resources for implementation . ”
and it showed that” the stage that will follow the defeat of Daash military of not less dangerous than the empowerment stage, Iraq , during which he will need more international support in the field of stabilization to the liberated cities to remove the effects left by terrorism and build peace and security after theassistance to the return of displaced persons to their towns. ”
She concluded that ” the free world is no longer tolerate any more bloodshed and devastation due to violence and religious extremism worst forms represented by thinking in order to murder in cold blood and that Iraq , who havesuffered from this extremism stands with the world in the fight and working with everyone to create a world without Daash a world of love and prevail in peace and no future for Daash in it.
The capital , Baghdad, on Wednesday, the second international Conference on the psychological and media operations to defeat Daash, under the title of { theworld with Iraq to defeat Daash}, with the participation of a number of countries, during which they discussed the need to join efforts to confront Daash.anthy gangs m

Jubouri: Legal Committee told us the readiness of the General Amnesty Law, and will be included on the agenda of Saturday schedule


11-08-2016 02:34 PM


Jubouri: Legal Committee told us the readiness of the General Amnesty Law, and will be included on the agenda of Saturday schedule
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