The arrival of international investigators to Iraq in their arsenal tons of documents



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Baghdad balances News

International team of investigators, arrived in Baghdad for the immediate opening of large files of corruption.

The government source confirmed L / balance News / “the arrival of the international team of investigators to the capital of Baghdad, after a protocol between Abadi and head of the program Development of the United Nations signed.”

The source added, “The investigators arrived and Bdjapthm tons of documents and the names and balances.”

It is said that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed that the international investigators will begin to open all files of corruption since 2003 and to this day.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the hiring of international investigators to uncover corruption You Kabarh.anthy 29 / D 24


After a hiatus of months .. resume pumping oil between Iraq and Turkey



KIRKUK / Ali Ghareeb / Anatolia: an official committee of energy in Kirkuk (Provincial Council in northern Iraq announced), on Friday, to resume pumping crude oil through the Kirkuk pipeline – Ceyhan (Port Adana state of southern Turkey), following the suspension of a few months ago, because of disagreements between the government the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdish region in the north.

Said Najat Hussein, a member of the Commission in a statement to Anatolia, today, said that “transporting crude oil through the Kirkuk pipeline – Ceyhan began as of yesterday, based on instructions from the Ministry of Oil (central government).”

He pointed Hussein, to stop pumping oil via the aforementioned line about 5 months ago, adding, “was yesterday pumping approximately 70 thousand barrels of crude oil through the Kurdistan region, but Aleomaortf number of barrels to 100 thousand, while continuing efforts to export half a million barrels per day As soon as possible”.

In March / March last, the President of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi, instructions to suspend pumping crude oil through the Kirkuk line – Ceyhan, after disagreements with the Kurdish region administration on the budget, and the export of oil.

And the end of 2014, Baghdad and Erbil agreed on a mechanism for the sale of oil, represented in the Government of the Territory’s commitment to export 550 thousand barrels of oil daily average, 300 thousand barrels of which from the Kirkuk fields, and the rest of the fields in the region over the question to the port of Ceyhan line, as opposed to hand over Baghdad 17% Iraqi general budget of Irbil, but the deal stalled as a result of mutual accusations between the two sides not to abide by the terms of the agreement.

Government of the Territory to sell its oil and headed independently from Baghdad since June 2015, the independent exports have increased steadily since that time via the aforementioned line.

Province rejects Washington’s call Peshmerga subordination to the command of the Iraqi army

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received the Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region, on Friday, the US State Department, “stressing that” the Peshmerga under the under the command and control of the leadership of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, will be under the command and control of the Iraqi government. ”

According to the Ministry of Peshmerga, in a statement, in response to a statement Mark Toner, a spokesman for the US State Department, that “Peshmerga forces within the Iraqi defense system according to the constitution, despite the fact that the Iraqi government has not provided any assistance to the Peshmerga, from training the one hand, and the provision of military supplies and weapons. ” 

she pointed out that” the Peshmerga forces, proved to the world that it is the only force that can cope with the most violent terrorist groups in the world , “asserting that” Peshmerga expressed their willingness to comply, and help Iraqi forces directed terrorism, and have actually proved this. ” 

He called the spokesman on behalf of the US State Department, Mark Toner, yesterday Peshmerga forces to join under Iraqi government control in the war on Daesh terrorist gangs. 

the Toner said yesterday during a news conference : “I think it’s very important that the Peshmerga and the belligerents and other Iraqi groups forces come under the command and control of Iraqi government and the Iraqi army, as long as we have emphasized on it, and this was our assessment from the beginning. ” 

he added , ” I just say that we are in constant talks with the government of the Kurdistan region and Baghdad to support and encourage a united front against the ongoing Daesh threats, in fact , we had planned a joint meeting between the President of Kurdistan [Massoud Barzani and National security Advisor in the Iraqi government, and I think that one of them was last week, and that was the second meeting of this kind. ” 

the prime minister, Haidar al – Abadi, said last Tuesday that” there is an understanding with the Kurdistan region, we should not be on the Peshmerga move from their places while restoring Mosul process or to expand, and should remain in their current positions, even if done with the help of the Iraqi army. ” 

replied the Kurdistan Regional Government, yesterday rejected the Abadi ‘s remarks , saying that the Peshmerga forces will continue to offer and will not withdraw from areas recaptured. 

said a spokesman for the provincial government, Sven Dzia in a press statement, “the peshmerga will continue to progress until the liberation of all the Kurdish areas of Nineveh province , ” stressing that ” the Peshmerga will not withdraw from the areas liberated or Sthrrha in the future.” 

he returned Abadi Office responded to rejection of the province , “refusing to take advantage of the current conditions and opportunities to impose a fait accompli in Nineveh, and leave to the side conflicts do not serve the interests of anyone except Daesh” adding that “any political conflict in the areas named in the Constitution , disputing the areas must be postponed and now we have to focus on victory Daesh on. ” 

the spokesman for the office , Saad al – Hadithi Wednesday that” the threat of terrorism calls for synergies all security systems including the Peshmerga and the popular crowd and the rest of the security configurations. “

Urgent .. Peshmerga issued a clarification on the US call to link Baghdad

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Fighter Albeshmrkh- h d

Fighter Albeshmrkh- h d

Twilight News / Ministry of Peshmerga confirmed it was part of the Iraqi defense system, in commenting on the US request that its functions are directly linked to the Iraqi government.
The US State Department spokesman Mark Toner called the Peshmerga forces to be under Iraqi government control, so with the imminent launch of a massive operation to liberate Mosul, where it will support the Kurdish forces, the editing process as well as the kinds of Iraqi forces.
But the Ministry of Peshmerga, said through a statement responded to the Twilight News, its forces and as stipulated in the Iraqi constitution, is part of the federal defense system, despite the fact that the Iraqi government did not provide any aid her training hand or provide military supplies.
She added , “In spite of that the Peshmerga expressed their willingness to comply and assist Iraqi forces in terrorism directed, and have actually proved this.” 

She stressed that the Peshmerga forces proved to the world that it is the only force that can cope with the most violent terrorist groups.
The total Arab tension Kurdish highs on Mosul limits when Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the Peshmerga will not enter the city, confirmed the provincial government not to withdraw from areas “liberated” in Nineveh, and stressed the Peshmerga on receiving orders from Barzani and rifles Kurds are not for rent.
The Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Thursday, said that the defeat al Daesh front of the Peshmerga forces in southern Mosul and South-East deserves “praise and appreciation.”
The Peshmerga forces freed a number of villages in the central Khazar and Alkwyr and regained control as well as in its campaign , which was launched four days ago and lasted two days, on a strategic bridge and heights of General task and through the support of the international coalition led by the Washington aircraft. 

It is said that the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi announced the existence of understanding with the province of Kurdistan, that he should not be moving the Peshmerga of its places of Mosul during a restore operation or to expand, and should remain in their current positions, even if done with the help of the Iraqi army

عاجل.. البيشمركة تصدر توضيحا على دعوة امريكية للارتباط ببغداد

Kirkuk’s oil exports up to 150,000 barrels per day in the next week

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the North Oil Company official, on Friday, said that Iraq plans to increase crude flows that are pumped through the pipeline that extends to Turkey to reach the normal average of 150 thousand barrels per day next week.

Of the Ministry of Oil Company in Baghdad and resumed on Thursday to pump oil from fields operated in Kirkuk through a pipeline which is controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government in the north of the country. 

It extends pipeline duration of Iraq ‘s Kurdistan Regional Government of the Taq Taq oil field through Khormala to Fishkhabour border which is linked to the main oil pipeline Kirkuk-Ceyhan going to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. the 
company stopped using the pipeline in March because of a dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government over control of Kurdish oil exports. 
It was to resume pumping crude after cross – minister of the new Iraqi oil Jabbar Ali Laibi expressed optimism on his appointment on Monday the possibility of solving the problem with the Kurds. 
and began to flow at a rate of about 70 thousand barrels per day on Thursday for testing purposes and will be increased gradually until it reaches the normal level of 150 thousand barrels per day , said an official with the company. 
conveys crude pipeline to port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean , where Kurds crude sells independently in the global market as well as the oil that is produced in the region semi Almstql.anthy

Iraq plans to raise oil flows in the pipeline Kurdish to 150 thousand barrels per day


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Pipeline Naft- XYZ

Pipeline Naft- XYZ

Twilight News / company official said the state-run North Oil on Friday that Iraq plans to increase crude flows that are pumped through the pipeline owned by the Kurdistan Regional Government and extended to Turkey to reach the normal average of 150 thousand barrels per day in the next week.

Of the Ministry of Oil Company in Baghdad and resumed on Thursday, pumping oil from fields in Kirkuk run through after months of hiatus line.

العراق ينوي رفع تدفقات النفط في خط الأنابيب الكوردي إلى 150 ألف برميل يوميا


Will Iraq’s New Oil Minister Be Able To End The Iraqi Oil War



19 August, 2016

19 August 2016
After months of street protests and political paralysis, the Iraqi parliament approved five of six cabinet nominees by Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi,
including the country’s new oil minister–a move that could signal a significantly positive shift in Iraqi policy towards the Iraqi Kurdistan region regarding oil and natural gas issues.

Jabar Ali al-Luaibi, the former chief of South Oil Company, Iraq’s largest crude oil producer, was sworn in to the top oil ministry position earlier this week.

Iraq, the second largest oil-producing member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) after Saudi Arabia, produces 4.6 million barrels of crude oil every day. Most of the supplies come from operations in the southern portion of the country, are run under South Oil Company.

In an interview with the Baghdad-based Sumaria TV, Luaibi noted that issues between the two parties are fundamentally resolvable.
“There are solutions to the existing problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government about the oil file,” the former oil executive said, according to Reuters.

Currently, Kurdistan exports 500,000 barrels per day, mostly to Turkey, independently of Baghdad’s supply contracts.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been willing to discuss potential solutions and establish unilateral oil exportation in the recent past, though the task could be tough for the Iraqi government to swallow in a bearish oil market.
The KRG’s June offer required guaranteed oil revenues of $1 billion every month in exchange for forfeiting unilateral oil exports – the Kurds’ key economic leverage over Baghdad in their struggle for independence. Related: Solar and Wind Manufacturing Is Thriving. Why Don’t Mainstream Reporters Know?

The proposed figure would represent 17 percent of the Iraqi federal budget, which was the original deal between the Kurds and Baghdad before the latter cut out the former as punishment for exporting oil unilaterally.

Since then, Iraqi Kurds have refused to deliver any crude supplies to Baghdad for over a year in retribution for the government’s failure to offer them fair compensation for the oil found on what the KRG now considers to be their own land.

Kurdish officials have been open about their ambivalence regarding the route oil takes in reaching global markets, as long as the economics benefit the KRG.

Figures from May show the regional government generated $390 million in revenues by exporting 513,000 barrels to Turkey – far less than what is needed to pay debts owed to field operators, fund the ongoing war against the Islamic State, and secure oil-rich Kirkuk from the terrorist group.

A previous deal offered by the Iraqi government would have required the KRG to halt its unilateral exports, and in return, Iraq would pay the $747 million in monthly salaries for its 400,000 public employees that Kurdish officials had been struggling to come up with.

Fighters in Kurdistan’s Peshmerga have been known to defend their land against ISIS with patriotism and pride, though as months pass without pay, morale and stability in the KRG has begun crumbling. Related: Oil Spikes After EIA Reports Significant Crude, Gasoline Draw

In addition, the KRG’s faith in Iraqi offers has dwindled. Baghdad has failed to follow through on a number of earlier budget deals that would have ended the standoff over Kurdish oil, according to previous OilPrice reports.

The new Iraqi oil minister’s apparent determination and optimism in solving the oil export impasse could provide the fresh push both parties need in order to move forward in the resolution process.

Solving the KRG’s funding issue is key to guaranteeing an ISIS-free Iraq, especially as Kirkuk’s oil facilities face attacks from hidden sleeper cells, requiring the Peshmerga to be extra-vigilant and ready for battle. Adding Luaibi, a technocrat, as a new face in the negotiations could help restore mutual trust and equip both sides to reach their shared goal: a peaceful Iraq.

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Rise in Brent crude to $ 51 a barrel

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Crude oil prices rose above $ 51 a barrel on Friday to reach the highest level in eight weeks and tend to rise for the seventh straight session amid hopes that the producers agree on measures to support prices as boosted investor sentiment.

By at 06:47 GMT , International benchmark Brent crude traded in the futures price of $ 51.17 a barrel , up 28 cents , or 0.6 percent from its price at the previous settlement. 

Brent prices remain at a rally that lifted the market more than 20 percent since early August. 

the crude has reached US $ 51.22 a barrel earlier. 

was trading WTI US mediator in the futures at $ 48.69 a barrel , up 47 cents , or one percent from the previous close. 

he said Nigerian oil Minister Emmanuel Ebi Katcheko Thursday that it is unlikely to reduce the Organization of production Petroleum exporting countries [OPEC] , but there are hopes that contributes producers meeting in Algeria next month to support crude prices. 

However, some analysts and traders cautioned that the rally exaggerated , especially since the planned between OPEC and major producers talks outside such as Russia on curbing surplus increased production is unlikely to lead to a reduction of oversupply. 

Fouad said Razak Zada analyst market at , “some people – or more precisely hopes – that OPEC may come with a plan to support prices at its informal meeting next month , it is believed to something we suspect it happens.”

Jubouri starts tomorrow’s visit to Iran will meet with Larijani and Zarif

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agency reported the official IRNA news [Erna] House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , will visit Tehran on Saturday to hold informal talks with senior Iranian officials.

The [Erna] that al – Jubouri , “will meet during the visit , Chairman of the Shura Islamic Council , Ali Larijani , and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.” 

Negligible that al – Jubouri , who heads the Inter – Parliamentary Union of Islamic heading from Iran to Turkey. 

The office of the President of the House of Representatives announced Tuesday that Jubouri due to hold, soon an official visit to Iran and Turkey. 

the statement said al – Jubouri , ” There will be a number of joint meetings with the officials of the two countries in the framework of activating the terms and decisions of the unions parliaments of the countries of the Islamic Conference, as well as discuss a number of important issues in the forefront of the regional situation and efforts to fight terrorism and extremism. ” 

the visit will be discussed in accordance with the statement” developments in the field situation and the ongoing preparations for the Liberation of Nineveh province , and address the problems in a number of provinces unstable security and political levels, particularly Diyala province. ”