Najafi Macgork: reject the participation of the popular crowd at the Battle of Mosul


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Search Prime Muttahidoon Osama Najafi on Friday with Brett Macgork representative of the US president in the international coalition to counter Daash, accompanied by Stuart Jones , US Ambassador in Iraq.
A statement by the coalition are united received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” it was in themeeting discuss and debate the liberalization of Mosul file in the military, political and humanitarian aspects, where he offered Macgork see the United States for the battle and Alasthoudarat list, with theassurance that the United States is prepared to support Iraq and sourcing and resources required. ”
for his part, al – Nujaifi on” a group important things that will influence the course of the battle and supports the ultimate objective, which is to be a military victory gate to achieve a lasting peace and asecure future for the components of maintaining all. ”
Commenting on the military preparations stressed Najafi” position and attitude the citizens ofNineveh and the leaders of the alliance of Iraqi forces to refuse the participation of the popular crowd when raised by this review of the sensitivity and the fear of the agendas that are not in favor of the province and the will of its people. ”
He pointed out, that” the support of national and tribal crowd and awarding me an important factor in winning the battle so that they are from the people of Mosul, and they able to rally the forces on the inside making it easier to eliminate Daash and expelled permanently, and their support contributes to maintaining the infrastructure and encourage parents to stay in the city rather than theoccurrence displacement waves big government can not be absorbed and provide them with therequired supplies. ”
as Najafi show” vision for the future of the province and the importance of respecting the will of thecitizens who have suffered conditions extremely difficult and misunderstandings, so it is their right to decide their own future under the roof of the Constitution, thus reinforcing national unity and gives the province the components of their full rights. ”
Turning Najafi to the relationship with the Kurdistan region , where he pointed out that” points ofdisagreement or divergence of views can be resolved in the light of the positive relations between theprovince of Nineveh province, and in the light of the careful construction of an extended relations goal targets citizens and their legitimate aspirations service. ”
the meeting also dealt with the political and security situation, and after discussing overwhelmed common understanding has been agreed to continue the meetings, with confirmation of the US keenness on supporting Iraq in its war and respect the will of the citizens of Nineveh and their role in Almarkh.bhsp statement.

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