Iraq: We thank the support of Kuwait and to postpone debt


Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim alJaafari
He praised the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim alJaafari on Wednesday the role of Kuwait ‘s support for Iraq through the embrace of the donor conference to be held at a later date in addition to the approval of the Iraqi debt to postpone the move “shows the depth of positive relations between the two countries.”
This came in a press statement after a meeting gathering , Iraqi Foreign Minister with the Kuwaiti Consul General in Basra Yousef Ashour pigment and heads and representatives Aldppelmasah missions in the province on the occasion of the opening of the Bureau of Consular Service of the Ministry, which aims to enhance communication with the consulates in Basra.
For his part, Kuwaiti Consul pigment , said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the meeting discussed ways to enhance cooperation frameworks between Iraq and neighboring and friendly countries noting that Kuwait is resolved at the forefront of those countries for its support for Iraq in its war against terrorism.
In a related context Kuwaiti Consul pigment attended the opening of consular services office in the province of Basra, which will work on the provision of certification service for Iraqis in the provinces of Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar, Muthanna , in addition to residents of different nationalities.

Parliamentary Finance: Do not reduce the salaries of staff

Economy News / special

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed the Iraqi government’s ability to pay employees’ salaries and insurance, despite the drop in oil prices, denying the existence of any reduction in the salaries of employees in the next year’s budget in 2017.

He said committee member Majda al – Tamimi’s “Economy News”, that the government is able to pay the salaries of employees , particularly those with lower grades despite the drop in global oil priceshim.

She added that “the budget next year, will not see any reduction of the salaries of the staff did the House of Representatives allows it,” asserting that “the country’s economic situation is good compared to last how long, and what the current government is just a correction of the track pervert the previous successive governments in managing the economy”.

Tamimi and showed that “Iraq has received additional meals of international bank loans contributed to the enhancement of Iraqi cash reserves and raise the value of the dinar compared with the dollar and the strengthening of the domestic market

Macgork arrives in Baghdad to focus in the liberation of Mosul


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[Oan- Baghdad]
arrived in the international coalition to fight Daash Brett Macgork special presidential envoy and his deputy ,Gen. Terry Wolff to Baghdad on Wednesday.
A statement by the US embassy received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Makaaurk and his deputy ,”will meet with senior government officials and security of Iraqis and representatives of the coalition led by the United States, while in Iraq.”
The statement pointed out that the officials “also will travel to Arbil to meet with senior officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government. ”
and will discuss the US envoy , according to the statement” during all his meetings continued support coalition efforts led by Iraq to defeat Daash, with a special focus on the planning and preparation for theLiberation of Mosul. ”
the statement pointed out that” after Iraq, will head the Special presidential envoy Macgork to the Moroccan capital Rabat for meetings on August 15, where Morocco is considered a strong partner in the international coalition to fight Daash. ”
the statement said that Macgork” will meet with senior officials in Morocco to provide them with information about the latest campaign developments and discuss how we intensified our coalition efforts to weaken and crush Daash “pointing out that” during his stay in Morocco, will also meet with Vice Macgork Saudi Crown and the defense minister, Mohammed bin Salman, to discuss aspects of cooperation in the global campaign. ”

Abadi reveals blackmail of the deputy in the State of Law


  • Abadi reveals blackmail of the deputy in the State of Law

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Bgdad_abar today

A spokesman for Prime Minister’s Office revealed that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi subjected to blackmail from Deputy for a coalition of state law, who belongs to him Alebadi- exchange for not being questioned in the House of Representatives.
Saad al-Hadithi in a statement journalist briefing received by the agency news of the day a copy of it, “categorically deny that in the words of Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri, [who belongs to a coalition of state law] and what he made in an interview with one of the satellite channels and stress that are untrue ever said about the fact that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi him has sent people to mediate and dissuade him from his claim to question the Prime Minister in parliament and he gave him the temptations and promises of granting high positions in the state in exchange for giving up the topic of the interrogation. “
He pointed newborn that “this Altcolat completely false and unfounded, a pure fabrication and admire how issued by the deputy in the legislature is supposed to depend credibility in asking or authorized by, but that which appeared to Ebadi is the opposite of what he said Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri completely” .

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al – Abadi: edit Mosul and military Daash the end is near and we will celebrate it soon


10 August 2016 , Mr. Prime Minister , Dr. Haider al – Abadi stressed that the liberalization of Mosul and the end of military Daash is near and we will celebrate him soon , try adding some Tojerna about the battle of Mosul and we caution them.He said sovereignty during his speech at the Second International Conference on the psychological and media operations to counter Daash that psychological warfare the media is an important part of the battle we achieve victories them militarily they are trying to exploit all the weapons , including the psychological and media war to cover up those defeats they exploit situations of refraction and the difference in us to continue and there are those who help her in this matter. He said Dr. Haider al – Abadi said the world grasped the seriousness of Daash gangs and stands now with us . we are fighting terrorism for our people and our country at the same time , we defended our countries in the region if we let Daash without a fight for reaching to the Gulf and to all the nations. He referred to the fatwa Sayyed Sistani jihad Ulkipaia made our immunity from Daash and this immunity does not exist with the rest of the countries , stressing the Daash logo as lingering expands Holnaha to transient and dissipated , and this is thanks to the arms of our heroes in the battle fronts of the army and police and to mobilize my people and the sons of the tribes. Mr. Prime Minister, expressed his surprise at the fashions that resound as advisers and foreign trainers to Iraq came stressing that the fight are our sons and no foreign fighters but our forces need to be trained and this helps us in building our organs and in the battles against terrorism. He said Dr. Haider al -Abadi we continue to fight corruption and will not tolerate it , and there are the owners of high voices who are trying this sounds confuse and cover up their corruption and weaken the government , but we will not allow them because they were the cause the collapse of the Iraqi army divisions Daash and occupation of large areas of our territory.

Kurdistan: all agreements with Washington with the knowledge of the central government


BAGHDAD / Republic News – denied the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran Nazem Dabbagh Government of the Territory to be handed the United States military base in its territory, stressing that the contacts with the American side is limited to the subject of American logistical support to forces and Kurdish Peshmerga.

Nazem Dabbagh said in a newspaper interview that all communications between the Government of the Territory of the United States of America made with the knowledge of the central government in Baghdad.

On the visit of the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan delegation Barham Saleh to Tehran, Dabbagh said that the visit resulted in a number of understandings between the two sides discussed the favor with Iranian officials a number of issues including bilateral relations between Tehran and Erbil, the issue of terrorism, also examined the parties involved need to reach understandings between the central government and some of the parties in the region.

Dabbagh pointed out that Iran officials urged the Kurdish side the importance of ending the differences through negotiations between the various parties in the Iraqi arena.

Dabbagh said: that the Government of the Territory in line with the vision of the Islamic Republic, which in turn emphasizes the need for Iraq’s unity and harmony, adding that the dispute between the central government and the provincial government is the subject of the demands of the Kurds and the rights stipulated by the law, as he put it.

Parliamentary Finance will host next Tuesday, government officials about the obstacles to the achievement of revenue


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[Wayne-Baghdad] will
host the parliamentary Finance next Tuesday , government officials about the obstacles to the achievement of revenue.
A statement by the Media Department of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that ” the Finance Committee held a meeting on Wednesday chaired by MP Mohammed Halbusi Chairman of the Committee and attending members , ” noting that ” the meeting touched on the subject ofincreasing non – oil revenues to support the budget, and decided to prepare a Report of government non – oil revenues to indicate its size and the problems and obstacles that stand in the way of achieving the revenue and the mechanism to solve these problems and Torteurastdhavh concerned next Tuesday. ”
and went the statement that” the meeting topics on the agenda of them discussed discuss the Committee ‘sreport on summary financial and economic policies of the memorandum with the international Monetary Fund and the Convention Fund loan to Iraq. ”
the statement noted that” the chairman of the Committee stressed the importance of involving the members of the Commission in the ongoing talks with the international Monetary Fund and coordination with the Ministry of Finance in order to have the Commission ‘s role in these talks , “stressing that” the loan to be submitted by IMF international Sims large segments of the citizens and the Committee suitable for thedistribution of these loans plan to be able to different social classes to take advantage of them as planned, stressing that the committee upon themselves to put touches on the loan in the form of law in a manner not inconsistent with the orientations of the citizens do not overburden their shoulders in the future . ” .
the statement stressed that ” the Commission has decided to host a large advisers favor the appearance ofthe Council of Ministers and Central Bank Governor and chairman of Supreme Audit to discuss the subject of the loan,” Mnohna ” the meeting discussed the Japanese loan currently second reading the memorandum, the Committee stressed the importance of the loan and not to delay it and give it priority, given the importance of the projects to be implemented under which in a number of governorates and the Kurdistan region. ”
, the statement that” the Commission decided to set up three sub – committees to discuss the independent budgets to the House of representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Commission of Human rights and hosting representatives of these parties in the Committee to discuss the budget, “adding that” theCommission examined thoroughly a number of topics related to the oil sector is the most important licenses and expenses and costs rounds Giralmnzawrh a number of projects, the most important project of oil humpback. ”
the statement pointed out that” the Commission decided to host the Inspector General in the Ministry of oil and General manager of licensing rounds and the Director General of the Department of studies, research and technical department in the Ministry, “adding that” the Commission blessed the judiciary for his integrity in no reversal of material [43-50-51] of the 2016 budget law. ”