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Black Oil flows on the streets of #Qayyarah as defeated Daesh try to blow up oil wells and sabotage infrastructure

Iraqi parliament issued crises for the government … and is preparing to interrogate al-Abadi

BAGHDAD – Baraa al – Shammari

August 2016 28

البرلمان العراقي يصدّر أزماته للحكومة... ويحضّر لاستجواب العبادي

Iraq’s parliament is trying to overcome the internal differences that nearly toppled its president Saleem al-Jubouri, through a new movement aims to transfer the crisis to the government and independent bodies. After the vote on the dismissal of Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi, and questioned Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and the lack of conviction Bojobth, Iraqi lawmakers attend the questioning of Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, and officials of independent bodies. The Iraqi parliamentary source familiar with a number of MPs they started collecting signatures for a request to the Presidency of the parliament to interrogate al-Abadi and other government officials related to charges of corruption and reforms, and formation of a government of technocrats. The source added, for “new Arab”, that the interrogation will also include presidents and general managers in independent bodies.
In parallel, the MP announced that “the will of the movement,” Hanan al, its intention to interrogate al-Abadi and Chairman of the CMC, Safa al-Din spring. On the other hand, he made it clear in a televised interview, that the questioning of the Minister of Defense hearing article has accordance with the constitutional frameworks, and “everyone respect their results, even if it is not satisfactory,” according to the saying.

Obeidi is still in the Defense Ministry by order of the prime minister

And he saw a member of the Iraqi parliament from the coalition of state law, full-Zaidi, that “the next stage will be a bus interrogations,” revealing in a press statement that the Abadi may be in the list of respondents, “may be the withdrawal of confidence from it.” He explained that the parliamentary vote, on Saturday, by an absolute majority on the lack of conviction answers Zebari , “would be a prelude to the withdrawal of confidence from the parliament in the coming sessions.” The Iraqi Council of Representatives held last Thursday, a meeting of the questioning of the Minister of Finance, on the background of corruption charges filed with the Board MP for the coalition of state law, Haitham al-Jubouri. The latter confirmed the existence of meetings to develop a questioning in parliament Abadi mechanisms, noting that mechanisms should include a comprehensive program for the reform of the executive branch.

In contrast, called by a coalition of Iraqi forces, Mohammed al-Mashhadani, the House of Representatives to work hard to question the prime minister, and executives of others, and not just to declare and waving interrogation. He called in an interview for the “new Arab”, the legislative power to sack corrupt officials, as happened with the Defence Minister, if it wants to prove its credibility in front of the Iraqis. He added that he must be “on the parliament to reconsider the composition of the independent bodies, like the Office of the elections, and the Integrity Commission, the Communications and Media Commission, the body pilgrimage,” noting that the ruling Dawa party, which belongs to al-Abadi, largely dominated by these bodies.

The Iraqi constitution gives independent bodies, most notably the “Electoral Commission, the Human Rights Commission, the Commission on Public Integrity, body Hajj, the CMC, the Sunni Endowment, and the Shiite Endowment,” the status independent of the legislative and executive branches, and the granting of the right to choose their chairmen of the Parliament on the recommendation of Prime Ministers. In a related context, he said the leader of the coalition of state law, Jassim al-Bayati, said Abadi nominated 20 figure to fill important positions in independent bodies, likely in a statement, that the prime minister is having difficulty passing those names, prior to obtaining the approval of the political blocs.

In the meantime, Iraqi government sources said that al-Obeidi, was still at the Defense Ministry, confirmed for “new Arab”, that he had received orders from the prime minister obliged to remain in the ministry’s headquarters to pending appeal made by the Federal Court’s decision on his dismissal. But a member of parliament from the coalition of state law, high Nassif, demanded that al-Obeidi remove from the ministry. She said that “the dismissal was in accordance with the legal one hundred percent of the procedures in the parliament,” al-Obeidi calling for the commitment to implement the will of the people and not to underestimate the legislature’s decision. Iraqi parliamentary and confirmed the presence of a defense minister article informational system, based in the center of Baghdad, and is working to fabricate news in their own interests and disturb public opinion, pointing out that al-Obeidi spent on this system of public money.

Deputies proceeded tocollect signatures onthe request tothe chairmanof theparliament to interrogate al- Abadi

Parliament ‘s victory
War of words and exchange of charges between the legislative and executive branches indicate the triumph of the parliament so far, according to political science professor at Baghdad University, Hassan Alaidani, who confirmed for “new Arab”, the House of Representatives was able to sack the defense minister, and the questioning of the Minister of Finance in preparation for his dismissal, as well as for preparation for questioning the prime minister. He added that the government had failed to mobilize support needed in parliament to dismiss his boss, al – Jubouri. “The parliament was able to turn the tables and put it on Abadi and his ministers in the dock”, stressing that the dismissal of al-Obeidi will make more daring to question the executives and dismissal of officials, including Prime Minister legislature.

The current Iraqi parliament after the announcement of the results of parliamentary elections held on April 30 / April 2014 and comprises 328 deputies. He received State of Law coalition led by former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri alMaliki , 91 seats, the Kurdistan Alliance 62 seats, and the Sadrists 34 seats, the Bloc citizen 29 seats, and are united 23 seats, and a coalition of the National 21 seats, and a coalition of Arab 10 seats, remaining seats went to other small blocks. Was formed after broad political coalitions, the national Kalthalv Shiite, which included: a coalition of state law, and the Sadrists, and the mass of the citizen, and the Alliance of Iraqi forces, the Sunni, which included: united, Arab coalition, and deputies from the coalition in Iraq.

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Parliamentary Legal: the inclusion of a paragraph to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Finance at a meeting next Saturday


Saturday, August 27, 2016 17:17
Parliamentary Legal: the inclusion of a paragraph to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Finance at a meeting next Saturday

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi Uz..oalent parliamentary legal committee, said on Saturday that paragraph may withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari will be included in a session next Saturday’s agenda, noting that the process of re-vote on the conviction with answers Zebari needs to file an appeal before him.

Said committee member Hamdiya Husseini in an interview / Baghdadi News / he was “in accordance with the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, the paragraph withdraw confidence will be included after a week of voting on not being content with answers Almistojb, and it will be a paragraph to withdraw confidence from Zebari inclusion during a session next Saturday.”

“The talk of the Kurdistan Alliance for the re-vote on the conviction with answers Zebari process needs to appeal the legality of the vote that took place today in the absence of a quorum for the session is complete,” pointing to “the difficulty of calculating the number present in the chamber, because of the entry and exit of the House of Representatives to the hall during the session. “

And the voice of the House of Representatives, on Saturday, on the lack of conviction on the answers Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari during his interrogation session last Thursday in cases related to corruption and waste of public money, while the Kurdistan Alliance, said the vote on the conviction process of the answers will be restored on Monday Almqubl.anthy 21 / d

Abadi seeks to eject the defense portfolio from united and insist on rejecting the Badr candidate for the Interior


Prime Minister and Minister Haider al-Abadi


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi seeks to resolve the defense portfolio quickly after last week’s parliamentary vote on the dismissal of the minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

Sources close to the prime minister confirmed (range), it is looking to provide several candidates to take over the defense ministry, referring to the candidates more fortunate is the vice present for Anbar province.

Depends on the success of these endeavors encircle the internal differences between the parties to coalition forces, in particular stuck with the coalition are united, headed by Osama Najafi, the right to substitute for Khalid al-Obeidi’s candidacy.

It revealed among Abadi Turkmen candidate for the Ministry of Commerce, while the Prime Minister continues to search for a senior officer to take over the Interior Ministry. Denied circles of candidates to take over the industry portfolio, which was occupied by a minister from the Sadr movement.

He criticized the current leader Moqtada al-Sadr, the House of Representatives, calling it “an outspoken corruption,” and gave the House 45 days to choose the independent ministers of interior and defense.

Sadr’s statement came after the parliamentary vote, last Thursday, on the dismissal of the defense minister, following the charge of my servants on corruption, which he denies the minister.

Who is the candidate of the defense?

It reveals Shi’ite lawmaker close to the prime minister for “the existence of four figures are traded their names for the position of the defense, including a prominent candidate, but it’s not from Mosul.”

MP, who spoke for (range) on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information, he explained that “the most fortunate Almarchihn is a deputy in the current session of Anbar province”, refusing to disclose the name of that candidate.

The Anbar 11 deputies, most notably Hamid al-Mutlaq, of the National Coalition and a member of the security and defense committee, and Mohammed al-Karbouli, the head of the solution, Saadoun al-Dulaimi, demanded Kharbit, and Ghazi al-Gaood, who oversees a group of clan fighters (Albu Nimr) in Hit.

It is likely the leader of the state law that the prime minister introduced a new candidate to parliament “without any consultation of the block.” He said, adding “We will re-launch of another candidate to parliament, in an attempt technocratic character mode, but will return to coalition forces for debate in the names of certain if his efforts failed.”

The Abadi has agreed to the ministers of oil and transport, which are nominated by a coalition of citizens, headed by Ammar al-Hakim.

Obeidi correct dismissal

But the triumph of the MP-Jubouri, a member of coalition forces, asserts that “the defense portfolio is the election event of its mass, and can not be done without her consent.”

Said al-Jubouri, in connection with the (term) that “the parliament’s vote on the dismissal of the defense minister was constitutionally,” pointing out that the interpretation of Article Federal Court (61 / VIII a) of the Constitution refers to the majority of the audience at a session of withdrawal of confidence, not a majority of the members of the Board House of Representatives. Asserting that the speaker of parliament has read the decision of the court during Thursday’s session.

The article provides the following: The Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence from a minister by absolute majority, and shall be considered resigned from the date of the decision to withdraw confidence, and may not be raising the issue of confidence in a Minister except upon his or request signed by fifty members after the interpellation addressed to him, may not be issued Council decide on the request except after at least seven days from the date of submission.

The united bloc headed by Osama Najafi, which belongs to al-Obeidi, confirmed its intention to appeal at a hearing to withdraw confidence from the minister.

A statement from the united that “the process of withdrawal of confidence were not illegal, not legal basis could make it a secret way that it has,” he said, adding that “the House of Representatives did not vote on the form that has done is contrary to the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives.”

It has already been deemed a coalition Najafi, who lost the position of vice president and now the defense portfolio, questioning al-Obeidi lacks legal condition, stressing opposes interrogation with the rivalry that exists between the minister and parliament speaker.

On the other hand accuse the deputies in the reform and Secretary of Defense Front and the Prime Minister to “violation of the constitution,” al-Obeidi of the continuing work in the ministry despite the parliament’s decision for his dismissal.

Confirms MP front Abdulrahman Alloizi that “Article 61 / Eighth, confirm that the minister is an article from the moment the decision of his dismissal.”

And it refers Alloizi told (long) yesterday that “the expulsion decision had actually happened after the parliamentary vote, and the prime minister took up the post of acting pending the submission of a new candidate, otherwise it will be considered a constitutional violation.”

Allawi accept trade

The mass of the national coalition, a subsidiary of Iyad Allawi, until recently, demanding the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense, in exchange for giving up the Ministry of Commerce.

And enables Abadi, recently, to pass five ministers, but failed to push a candidate for the Ministry of Commerce after the withdrawal of the parties in the National Alliance.

And reveals the deputy in the state law for “agreement” between the prime minister and leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, to choose the former minister Mufti Torhan for the position of the Ministry of Commerce, which is the share of Allawi’s bloc.

Mufti, a Turkoman figure is within the national coalition, and served as Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Acting Minister of Communications in the previous government time.

The Allawi bloc has fallen recently, its claim to the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense, in exchange for the ministries of industry and trade together, and threatened to withdraw from the political process if he got the opposite.

Decline Turaihi name

That was left to the Prime Minister is the Ministry of Industry, which did not leak information about the candidates for the taking, and the Ministry of Interior, which sticks out of the Badr Organization, poses MP Qasim al-Araji, head of its parliamentary faction, as a substitute for the minister resigned.

Confirms MP Abdulrahman Alloizi that “al-Araji hugely admissibility within the parliament to take over the interior, but the prime minister refuses to put his name.”

In confirmation of this, says MP who is close to Ebadi that the recent “Dabbagh giving the internal position of the leaders of the Badr except Hadi al-Amiri, who refuses to office for concern preparations Battle of Mosul.”

He said deputy state law that “the prime minister looking for a senior officer to a person of the Ministry of Interior,” he dropped the fortunes of the former Baghdad Governor Hussein Tahan to fill the position, for reasons not mentioned.

It has been speculated over the past few days, the miller name put forward for the post of interior minister.

He was arrested on the miller, 2014, against the backdrop of a ruling Bseas for two years on charges of corruption. Tahan and served as governor of Baghdad in 2005 after the assassination of his predecessor, Ali al-Haidari.

Misdemeanor court issued Rusafa prison sentence on aggravated Tahan after being convicted of “deliberate damage to public money” in the month of June 2014.

Mn..oail blessing


Urgent Abadi declared fully liberalized Khalidiya Island


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fully declared an end to Khalidiya operations after its liberation and the killing of large numbers of Aldoaash.
A statement by the Office of the Abadi received by the agency {Euphrates News} acopy of it today , “Another victory achieved in Khalidiya Island vigor and courage of the brave fighters and sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded fervent added to the great victories that have been made this year ‘s series, and we announce to our people decent finishes Khalidiya operations after its liberation completely killed large numbers of Aldoaash and to rout them another continuation subsequent to their defeats latest of which was in Qayyarah liberated.
he continued , “Congratulations to the people of Iraq these victories and blessed the efforts of heroes from different formations and Alsnov and the people ofKhalidiya valued customers , and Praise be to Allah” .anthy


Parliament expects to earn legal defense minister challenged him to withdraw confidence

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

Legal Committee of Parliament, is expected to earn Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi article, the issue of the appeal – if Qdamha- to the Supreme Federal Court, in a parliamentary vote in favor of the withdrawal of confidence with him last week.

Committee Chairman Muhsin al – Sadoun in a televised statement, that “According to the rules of procedure of Parliament, the withdrawal of confidence from the minister mean that depended on the work and the exercise of his powers and becomes a constitutional article.” 

He added , “But it remains to the minister the right to challenge his dismissal, especially since the secret ballot of the parliament to withdraw confidence from the Minister what it is not provided for in the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives as well as the Constitution. ” 

the House of Representatives had voted in its meeting last Thursday, by secret ballot, on the withdrawal of confidence from defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi , after the sound of an earlier time limit on dissatisfaction with answers questioned in corruption charges held in early august of this, and he accused the House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, the deputies of the coalition the Iraqi forces of corruption and trying to blackmail him, to pass the weapons contracts to feed soldiers trades. 

commented Obeidi , on the withdrawal of confidence with him as ” a triumph for those who brought Iraq to what came to him now, Vliedhirna people The army has tried to fight corruption Balmemknat, but it seems that Orbabh stronger and their voices higher and spent their reaction. ”

Deputy: the withdrawal of confidence from the Minister of Defense was not based on the evidence so warrants

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Deputy: the withdrawal of confidence from the Minister of Defense was not based on the evidence so warrants

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for citizen Bloc Faleh applicable to the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from the Minister of Defense was not based on evidence and facts that justify it among the voters may have forgotten the security situation and of the Ministry of Defense of a major role in the liberation of the land and what to this minister who is providing logistical support impact.

He sari in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that ” the vast difference to the role of the ministry in his support of the fighters, armed and arming the popular crowd , where 90% of arming the crowd from the Defense Ministry post air and logistical support was clear and tangible.” 

He pointed out in force to “professional minister patriotism and staying away from sectarianism and proximity to the fighter field presence in battles all that it takes to Astaizharh defense and citizen ‘s bloc tried to prevent the withdrawal of confidence several times and was keen that the military keep away from the personal and political conflict that was clearly behind the withdrawal of confidence from the minister and our position clear the minister has the support of so Manatkdh convicted him to serve Iraq and its people alone. ” 

the House of Representatives voted last Thursday in a secret session on the dismissal of defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi from office .anthy