Statement: President of Kurdistan Region and the commander of the international coalition forces in search of military operations and increase support for the Peshmerga and the preparations for the battle of Mosul

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Search head of the Kurdistan region with the commander of theinternational coalition for the war against Daash Gen. Sean McFarlandconduct of military operations in order to eliminate the organization Daash

A statement by the presidency of the region that McFarland feet of its sovereignty a short presentation on the recent field variables in the war front and confrontations against Daash and the process of liberation ofFallujah and the preparations for the Liberation of Mosul , stressing the great importance of continued cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the coalition forces to defeat terrorism in the region.


Allocation of five billion dollars from the World Bank loan projects provinces



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Long-Presse / Dhi Qar

He revealed the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri, Tuesday, in an agreement with the Economic Committee in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Planning to allocate five billion dollars from the World Bank for projects provincial loan, as he emphasized that the amount will contribute to re-work projects, the provinces and the provision of basic services and the payment of corporate debt.

He said the Nazarene in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, that “previous encounters with the Economic Committee in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Planning and resulted in an agreement on the allocation of about five billion dollars to the provinces of the total World Bank loan,” noting that “allocations mentioned will contribute in the event of launched to address the financial problems that caused the interruption of projects and open up the prospect of work in future projects as well as the payment of corporate debt arising from the implementation of the projects. ”

He stressed the Nazarene on “the importance of the loan and reflected positively on the implementation of projects, both interrupted by the financial crisis or those approved under the previous development plan for the province, and have been approved by the Ministry of Planning has not been implemented or projects under the announcement,” expected to “contribute to providing the local economy with the money, the recovery the process of reconstruction and continuity of work projects and provide basic services to citizens and stimulate economic activity. “

The number of projects that stopped in Dhi Qar province, due to lack of funding 444 projects spread over 22 sectors Khaddmaa and developmentally.

Dozens of contractors and business owners in the province of Dhi Qar demonstrated in (26 August 2015), in front of the governorate building to demand regardless own 2013 draft financial dues, as pointed out that allocated to finance preservation projects do not cover 10% of the dues Contractors only money, They threatened to sit in the event of failure to respond to their demands.

He was the governor of Dhi Qar confirmed, in (14 June 2015), the project funds do not cover the debt owed to the companies and contractors, and revealed that the administration of the province will adopt the mechanism adopted by the recent Council of Ministers to repay those debts, according to the percentages achieved in the completion of projects.

He was the governor of Dhi Qar confirmed, in (14 June 2015), that funding for preservation projects and the plan adopted in this area require more than 800 billion dinars in general, and as pointed out that the debt due and payable on the achievements of the stages of the work of these projects requires more of 115 billion dinars.

The Council of the province of Dhi Qar, announced on 23 April 2014, it voted unanimously to balance the development of regions projects plan worth 992 billion dinars, and counted “the largest budget” in the history of the province, as he emphasized that it includes more than 340 projects spread over 20 sectors Khaddmaa and developmentally , but the plan could not be implemented due to lack of adoption of the federal budget for 2014.

Chaldean Church: Arming Christians puts Iraq on the danger line must be reconsidered by


Archbishop of Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah Archbishop Joseph Thomas


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Long-Presse / Kirkuk

Renewed the Chaldean Church, on Tuesday, refusing to arm the “militia” Christianity, being put Iraq on the “danger line”, while called to promote a sense of “citizenship and belonging” for Iraq and engaging in of the army or the Peshmerga regular troops, the major powers urged to reconsider orientation in this regard.

The Archbishop of Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah, Archbishop Joseph Thomas, in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The arming Christian militias will put Iraq in general, Christians in particular on the danger line,” returned to “the distribution of minorities leads to distract energies and weaken the country.”

He called Thomas, who so seeks to “the sense of citizenship and belonging to Iraq and engage in the task of the Iraqi army or the Kurdish Peshmerga regular forces,” and urged the international coalition and major powers that “behind it to rethink the subject and Ihtkmwa of experience and history.”

He was the patriarch of the Chaldeans in Iraq and the world, St. Louis Raphael I Sako, rejected on Monday (23 May current 2016), the House’s decision to arm factions Christian irregulars in Iraq to liberate their towns from al (Daash), and the promise of “step is blessed and is innocent, “while Washington and the international coalition demanded Palace support regular troops, young Christians called to join the ranks of the security forces.

The US House of Representatives held a few days ago, two amendments to the National Defense Authorization to support the Iraqi minorities in the war against Daash through arming Christian and Yazidi militia law, as well as securing safe areas for the resettlement of indigenous ethnic and religious minorities to their hometowns.

Moqtada al-Sadr very angry and UN concerned


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Twilight News / leader launched the “Sadrists”, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Tuesday, a strongly worded attack on Iraqi security leaders, which he said, “I used to demonstrators” last Friday.

Sadr said in a statement, “I have that, especially after it announced a big evil, referring to the US president, Barack Obama, cooperation in the protection of the Green Zone,” and wondered: “Oahmiaa of the people”?
The United Nations and Amnesty International called on the Iraqi government, today, to “open an investigation into the use of lethal against protesters broke into the Green Zone in force.”

A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the United Nations, Rupert Colville, told a news briefing in Geneva. “We urge the Iraqi government to conduct immediately an independent, transparent and effective investigation into the use of force by security forces against protesters.”

Said Amnesty International, in a statement, that it was “concerned about the use of security force troops recklessly,” adding: “Any person who is suspected of having used force arbitrarily, or involve a violation of the rules, it must be given a fair trial.”

And killed and wounded dozens of supporters of the “Sadrists” Friday in clashes with security forces, as they entered the Green Zone, and the storming of the Iraqi cabinet, in protest against the reforms have lagged, and the failure of the parliament to vote on the government of technocrats.