Iraq announces obtaining loan of $13 billion from IMF

International Monetary Fund logo. File photo.
International Monetary Fund logo. File photo.

( Baghdad – On Tuesday, an informed source announced, that Iraq obtained a loan of 13 billion US dollars from the International Monetary Fund.

The source said in a statement received by, “Today, Iraq obtained a loan of 13 billion US dollars from the International Monetary Fund, with an interest rate of 1.5%.”

Noteworthy, Iraq is seeking to borrow from the International Monetary Fund to fill this year’s budget deficit that reached 25 trillion dinars, after the notable decline in oil prices.


Congress gives the right to the victims of the September 11 {} to sue Saudi Arabia


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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} US House of Representatives gave the right to the victims of the September 11 {} to sue Saudi Arabia.
The agency said the CNN US in a flash that ” the US House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow for the victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia.”
The Senator, the American Kristin Gelibrand, and former Senator Bob Grihim, has called for US President Barack Obama to disclose the secret part of the report in September / September 11 attacks in 2001.
the newspaper “the Independent”, issued on April 12 / April, the report prepared and published by a committee of the two parties, Republican and Democrat, in 2003 and that the number of pages , 800 pages, almost all open, but the last part consists of 28 pages, has been kept secret for security reasons.
According to Grihim, who was part of the presidency of the commission of inquiry, said the report speaks in detail about who helped the Saudis to learn and practice the leadership of the aircraft, and then seize the aircraft and directed to the buildings of the World trade Center and the Pentagon.
it mentions in the report that the Saudis when he arrived in the United States, were not they have experience in aviation, but with the help of representative of the Saudi authorities, Omar al – Bayoumi, has been providing them with money and enrolled in the school of aviation education.
in response to a question, specifically provided support to terrorists – a country ‘sgovernment or the rich citizens or charities? Grihim replied: “All mentioned.”
In turn , Christine Gelibrand, said it is necessary to declassify these documents, before Obama ‘s visit to Saudi Arabia , scheduled for April 21 / April, “This isnecessary so that the president can be discussed with the Saudi side issues that came in report. ”
According to a former congressman from Florida, and director of the CIA, Porter Goss, that the information about Saudi involvement of the Sept. / 11 remained secret for political reasons: the Bush administration were not want to spoil relations with Ariyad.anthy

Interior explains the details Tareq al-Hashemi delete a name from the red list of Interpol


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[Where – Baghdad]
Interior Ministry showed on Tuesday details delete convicted Tareq al – Hashemi name from the red list ofInterpol.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it , referring to the throughput of some of the media on the subject of deleting the accused convicted Tareq al – Hashemi name from the red bulletin, the Interior Ministry would like to explain to public opinion the following facts:
1. Central Investigating Court in Karkh issued an international arrest warrant and published information against the Iraqi accused Tariq Ahmed Bakr al – Hashemi and contained to the Interior Ministry by the presidency of thepublic prosecution. 2. The Ministry of the Interior and by Arab and international police Directorate approached theArab Criminal police Office and the General Secretariat of Interpol under the request for issuance, for the purpose of Radio international research and publication red Moumi against him. 3. issued against the accused red bulletin international numbered (2012-5 / 3261- a) and that on 05.07.2012. 4. We were informed by the Interpol General Secretariat / Oversight Committee, that the above – mentioned Apply a complaint by lawyers and agents According to Article 18 of the treatment of the data , which states ( the right of persons subject of international police cooperation in the data access code) on the subject of international publication red issued at the request of the Iraqi authorities and asked for their answer to the questions contained in their message was a notice of theSupreme Judicial Council – presidency of the public prosecutor and the court the Central Criminal, have been provided to the Secretariat of Interpol – control Commission with the information requested. 5. We were informed by the Secretariat of Interpol – the Office of legal Affairs, under its letters on 10.09.2013 that on therecommendation of the Committee on the control of INTERPOL files, cancel the red bulletin and delete information on the accused the subject of research of the organization ‘s database. 6. the Ministry of Interior – Arab and international police Directorate shall notify the Supreme Judicial Council – presidency prosecutors letters research topic paragraph (5) under No. 9916 in the book and asked the presidency 10/10/2013 prosecutors indicate whether international Organization does not have the right to delete and write – off of information from the database and the abolition of the red bulletin on its own without a request from the requesting State. 7. the Arab and international police Directorate in the Ministry of Interior approached the Interpol General Secretariat of the reasons for the abolition of the international Bulletin of the red in spite of its compliance with the conditions and controls all own version , and to provide the Secretariat all inquiries about the case. 8 public Secretariat of Interpol replied to her letter dated 214/3/2 that information with the accused in question has been removed on therecommendation of the Oversight Committee on Interpol ‘s history. 9. a meeting between the head of the Central Brigade Arab Bureau national Interpol in Baghdad , the Iraqi Interior Ministry with the Oversight Committee during the tenth conference of the heads of national offices and inquire about the reasons for cancellation of thered Notice , which was issued in accordance with standards accredited to the organization and a statement [that the abolition of the red bulletin does not eliminate the role of the Iraqi judicial authorities and remains charged unless waived in his charges of by the Iraqi judiciary and the possibility of requesting the issuance of new red notice, according to data and new evidence given against the accused and asked the Oversight Committee toprovide new evidence to condemn the right of the accused in question. 10. the Ministry of the Interior approached the Interpol General Secretariat under the book Arab and international police Directorate No. 11001 in 2014/10 / 26 in order to reconsider issuing red notice, the General Secretariat of Interpol responded under its letter of 03.02.2015 that it did not issue the international Bulletin of the red again. 11. Todd and the Interior Ministry to clarify that the abolition of the red Notice against the accused does not eliminate the above being accused of being hunted by Iraqi judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies in accordance with the provisions issued against him. the Iraqi Central Criminal Court issued previously sentenced to death Tariq al – Hashemi in the case of the killing of lawyer and officer of national security and his wife as well as the death sentence in the case ofpaste an explosive car officer in the Interior and sentenced another to death by hanging on Hashemi and his brother Ahmed Qahtan against the backdrop of their involvement preparing a car bomb Kia in the cities area to detonate the visitors coming from the province of Wasit Ashura toward Karbala in 2010, and thus the sentences tofour provisions of the execution and another to life imprisonment.

Looking infallible with the Emir of the group of Kurdish parliamentary crisis and ways to solve them


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Search President Fuad Masum, Tuesday evening with Ali Baber Emir of the Kurdistan Islamic Group at his residence in Erbil parliamentary crisis and ways to solve them.
According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the two sides discussed during the meeting , ” the latest developments in the political and security situation in the province of Kurdistan and Iraq in general, especially the war on terrorism and the need to defeat al Daash being a real threat to Iraq and theregion.” He
also discussed infallible and Baber ” the current parliamentary crisis and ways to develop and promote anatmosphere of understanding and dialogue between all parties in order to serve to preserve the unity attitudes and protect the gains and work on the completion and implementation of the Supreme common goals.” he
also visited the President of the Republic Fuad Masum , the evening of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan headquarters in Erbil, and was received by the Secretary General of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan , Mohamed Farag and a number of members of the political bureau of the Union.
it was during the meeting , they discussed the current parliamentary crisis and efforts to address the risks and challenges facing the country, and to emphasize the importance of resorting to the best interests of the people of the dialogue to pass this critical stage.
it was also discussed the need to reforms and the fight against corruption in the joints of the state, and itsreflection on the delivery of services to citizens.


Mr. al-Sadr: the government is unable to protect citizens


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said the government is failing to protect its citizens.
Mr. Sadr said , addressing the people , “O my people beloved patient Mujahid, said that these bombings that affect your towns and your families and provided you and undermine your security but is the clearest evidence that your government hasbecome unable to protect and provide security to you after we stole all Kharatkm, Peace to the martyrs of Iraq and their blood Immaculate and patience and solace to their families Majahdh- and wellness for their wounded, the victory and the stability of each Thaer Flounced against injustice and corruption. ”
” I know that every drop of blood takes place in this month but is watering freedom, peace and stability of the tree and the rejection of injustice, corruption and terrorism Vdmaikm will not go in vain; I kept back for myself , I of you and to you. ” It is
noteworthy that Baghdad witnessed on Tuesday by a car bomb in the Rashid district, and a roadside bomb followed by a suicide bombing carried out by a terrorist near a popular market in the Shaab district, which resulted in the fall of a number of martyrs and wounded.
as Sadr city experienced a day in the yard { 55} explosion a terrorist small truck bomb, which resulted in the death and injury of many innocent citizens.
in the capital Baghdad , has seen last Wednesday , a car bomb exploded amid Oraiba market in Sadr city, followed by another car bomb exploded in the holy city ofKadhimiya, and car bomb a third in the university district, He claimed the lives ofdozens of civilians were among the dead and wounded. is over

Karbala announced next Sunday and Monday a public holiday to commemorate the visit of Sha’ban


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[Wayne – Karbala]
decided to Karbala Provincial Council, to be days Sunday and Monday holiday local government departments to revive the ritual visit half of Sha’ban.

He said the Council of Karbala in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “the provincial council decided on Sunday and Monday considered an official holiday, to commemorate the ritual visit half of Sha’ban.”

Parliamentary Finance plans to launch a website next week to receive the documents on the files of corruption


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced Finance Committee member of the parliamentary Haider al-Kaabi, the determination of his committee to launch a website early next week; Mufsad to receive files, and follow-up in coordination with the board of integrity, and the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity.
He said al – Kaabi told {Euphrates News}, that ” the Finance Committee held ameeting yesterday discussed the overall corruption cases, and there was a desire togo out in the Statement of Claim hold accountable those responsible, while there was another opinion is agreement on the need to follow up corruption files with those responsible, we will work to move the Mufsad files against anyone involved with, in cooperation with the board of integrity. ”
He added that” the Commission will set up a website could be sent any document corruption of her through the site, and the Commission will follow up files with the parliamentary integrity, which is part of the reform program . ” .
he said that “we will work on the beginning of the site next week, and will be linked to the location of the Commission within the Council – mail Representatives site,” adding that ” the site or by email allocated will maintain the confidentiality of theidentity of the sender of the documents.”
the Iraq is passing through a severe financial crisis, and at the same time the loss of a lot of money in the maze of financial and administrative corruption, and not to be alot of large files, which wasted a lot of money, and caused the deterioration of all economic sectors, and service. Over 1 h


Urgent .. Abadi ordered the arrest of direct security official for the terrorist bombing in the Shaab district area


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Amralqaid General of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrest direct charge of security for the terrorist bombing in the Shaab district area.
A statement by the Office of the Abadi agency {Euphrates News} received a copy ofit today, ” The general commander of the armed forces , Haider al – Abadi ordered the arrest of the direct charge of security for the terrorist bombing area in the city of the people.”
The bomb exploded in the Shaab district , near a popular market, heel bombing It was carried out by a suicide terrorist wearing an explosive belt.
as Baghdad witnessed today by a car bomb in the hand of the Yousefah Rashidiya, and the explosion of a car bomb in the 55 yard entrance to Sadr city, killing at least dozens of victims among the dead and wounded. Ended h

Mutlaq and Posten discuss the political and security situation and return of displaced persons


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[Where – Baghdad]
Search head of the National Dialogue Front Saleh al – Mutlaq with Deputy Chief of Mission , “UNAMI” operating in Iraq , George Posten political and security issues.
A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “al – Mutlaq met Posten During themeeting , they discussed political and security issues and crises of the Iraqi government and parliament, Mutlaq said during the meeting that the current node could have been overcome and avoid the repercussions if that based on find them sawed considering priorities files that have interest in them , with no intentions of reform alone liberate occupied from Daash and return of displaced persons to their homes in the race frantic to achieve partisan advantage and to try to bring down opponents and the acquisition of the office. ”
He called on al – Mutlaq of the United Nations to” assume its responsibilities and exercise its role humanitarian situation in Iraq and to protect citizens from violation of human rights practices and attempts to disrupt thelegislative and executive authorities. ”
for his part, Posten , according to the statement that” the UN organization teams moving in their humanity for therelief of displaced persons and displaced persons and to provide help and advice to Iraqi authorities, expressing confidence in the will of the powerful Iraqi people to defeat the forces of terrorism and sectarianism and stand against the organization Daash criminal and achieve final victory. ”