Edit full meal area and raising the Iraqi flag on buildings


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Security forces on Friday freed robe area northwest of handBaghdadi alAnbar province fully Daash gangs.

According to a statement to the media war, “it was a meal edit area completely, and raising the Iraqi flag over thebuildings, after the terrorist Daash inflict losses in lives and equipment.”

The military operation was launched wide last Wednesday, for the Liberationof the robe area, and neighboring areas west of Ramadi, security forces and freed during a single bridge {}, and villages Merouaniyeh, and Alodahih, raising the Iraqi flag in it.




US official: Daash declares a state of emergency in the tenderness and re-stationing of elements of fear of the siege, “the capital of their state.”


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مسؤول أمريكي: داعش يعلن حالة الطوارئ في الرقة خوفا من حصار "عاصمة دولته"

Washington, United States (CNN) – A US military official said Friday that the organization Daash declared a state ofemergency in the city of Raqqa Syria, for fear of the siege of thecity, announced by the regulatory capital of the alleged state.Officials with the US Army is closely watching social media and news reports that talk about the organization believes that thecity has been under siege soon.

The US Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the international coalition led by the United States against the organization: “We have seen the announcement of a state of emergency in Raqqa, whatever that means,” and added: “We know that this enemy feels threatened.”

According to media reports that Daash re-deployment of elements around the city and trying to protect certain sites of the possibility of air strikes or ground.

Warren said: “Syria can see the democratic forces (the Kurds) and the Arab coalition of Syrian moving Cherqhm and Grabhm,” adding: “These areas are being secured increasingly democratic forces and Syria have become more capable of fighting in these areas.”

International Coalition believes that “Daash” is now trying to deal with these moves, as Warren said: “We have reports that Daash re -stationing of combat capabilities in preparation for what is believed that it will happen soon , ” noting that there are reports of re – centering elements Daash inside tenderness and abroad.


Protesters renew Babylonfor their support withthe authority’s voice in callingon officials to “return to their senses.”


Protesters Babylon


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Long-Presse / Babylon

Hundreds of protesters renewed Babil province, on Friday, standing with the religious authority to require officials to “return to their senses,” and demanded in enhancing security measures in the province to ward off any danger, called for the need for comprehensive reform of the governments of the center and the province.
He said civil rights activist Ali Shuaib Mamouri, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that “hundreds of residents of the city of Hilla demonstrated today central Freedom Square to maintaining, renewing and Qvohm with the voice of supreme religious authority in calling on officials to return to their senses and leave the harassment and attention to the interests of the country and the people.”

He Mamouri, “The slogans of the demonstrators included the need for attention to the security situation and to protect the citizens of the province of Babylon of the terrorist operations,” stressing “the importance of the security forces equipped with modern equipments to detect sophisticated explosives.”

He noted civil rights activist that “the demonstrators Babylon, demanded a comprehensive reform in the governments of the center and the province, and not to make way for the ruling parties to return again and derail the reform project,” noting that “the demonstration, demanded the removal of governor of Babylon and solving local council and accounting muggers and corrupt.”

The capital Baghdad and 10 Iraqi provinces are (Babil, Karbala, Najaf and Diwaniya, Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Wasit, Maysan, Basra and Diyala) is witnessing massive demonstrations since August 2015 to condemn the poor services and corruption in government institutions and the judiciary, resulting in many of the reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while protesters say that these reforms “marginal and unimportant and did not check” their goals.


The start of the demonstrations in the Iraqi capital Baghdad amid heavy security spread


By Ziad alHaidari two hours ago


مراسل شبكة رووداو الإعلامية في بغداد
Roudao media network correspondent in Baghdad

Roudao – Erbil

Protesters begin to gather in central Baghdad after Friday prayers, with the spread of heavy security by the federal police and the elements (SWAT) and the riot, particularly in the green areas, and Tahrir Square, the square flying, Abu Nawas Street.

According Roudao media network correspondent in Baghdad, that the demonstrators had set off from Sadr City, specifically from the place of the explosions that occurred in the Arab market, demanding reforms and the fight against corruption in the country.

He added that “the security forces of the Republic broke off a bridge leading to the Green Zone in central Baghdad.”


Reference warns political parties to continue the current approach calls for taking steps “serious”

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 [Where – Baghdad] 

attributed the religious authority in Karbala Friday, relatives of the victims of the recent terrorist bombings, officials are wondering when to come back to their senses and stop [confusion] in the management of the country.

The representative of the religious authority in Karbala province , Mr. Ahmed net during his speech at Friday prayers, said that words fail to describe the ugliness of these tragedies and ill what is going through the country and suffers from citizens at various levels, and if he is not surprised by the terrorists persist in committing massacres horrific boasting shedding innocent blood brutally, everyone is wondering when officials wanted to come back to their senses and leave the political bickering and attention to special interests, and collect their word to stop the decline and confusion in the management of the country. ” 

He warned political parties to continue the current approach calls for taking steps” serious ” 

and added, ” I do not avail of those deaf from listening to the voices of mentors , ” and urged clinging to positions to implement what the Imam says [p], warning of “grants without the balance of the blood or cause or status, nor pose.” 

Baghdad has witnessed the last Wednesday of three deadly car bombs in Sadr city and Kadhimiya courtyard entrance of Aden city and street spring in the university district and have killed 93 people and injured 160 others.


Urgent .. edit the entire meal area and raising the Iraqi flag on buildings

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.. Full liberalization meal area and raising the Iraqi flag on buildings 

{Anbar: Euphrates News} liberated the security forces, on Friday, the robe, the area north of hand-Baghdadi western Anbar province fully Daash gangs.

According to a statement to the media war received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, it “was edited meal area completely, and raising the Iraqi flag over the buildings, after inflict terrorist Daash losses in lives and equipment.” The large – scale military operation was launched last Wednesday, for the Liberation of the robe area, and regions Western nearby Ramadi, security forces liberated during which a single bridge {}, and villages Merouaniyeh, and Alodahih, raising the Iraqi flag in it. Over 55 h


Urgent .. religious authority is talking about leaving officials to Mnacfat useless {}

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} promised supreme religious authority to talk about the return of officials to their senses, and leave the political Mnacfat, and attention to special interests that {useless}, saying that “no point in talking in this area, they have deaf ears to listen to the voices of mentors” h .. follows .. 


Kubiš for Ngeevi: the need for communication between the political blocs to get out of the crisis

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[Where – Baghdad] 

Search Prime Muttahidoon Osama Najafi with a representative of the Secretary – General of the United Nations in Iraq , Jan Kubiš political crisis between blocs.

A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Najafi received Kubiš stressed during the meeting the need to work to remove barriers to the exercise of the Chamber of Deputies constitutional to its activities.” 

He stressed Najafi that “reform is not just a slogan monopolized by one party or another it even needs associated with the demands and rights of the Iraqi people and its different components , “and expressed regret” to corner the agreement carries the demands of the Iraqis, which was concluded between the political forces aside. ” 

for his part, Kubiš according to the statement the need for communication between the political blocs to get out of the current crisis through negotiations, expressing “concern of the impact of political developments on the course of the war on Daash.”


A security deployment in the vicinity of the Green Zone

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[Where – Baghdad] 
A security source told all of Iraq [where] that “Baghdad has seen this morning prevalent security within the perimeter of the Green Zone, in addition to the surrounding plaza Tahrir area, which includes aviation Square and Victory Sadoun Street Abi Nawas, by troops from Swat and rapid intervention, in addition to the cut bridge Republic only.


Kurdish lawmaker stresses put the interests of the country and return to parliament

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Saman Fattah Hassan stressed the need to give priority to the political blocs in the interest of the country, and return to the House of Representatives.

He said Hassan told {Euphrates News} “Every gap is given to the enemies of the lead to the loss, and on the political blocs meeting in the House of Representatives, and the search for solutions that serve Iraq and his interests rather than searching for individual solutions and individual interests.” 

He stressed the blocks togetherness and cooperation; to reach a solution to push Iraq to safety, as the weeks that have passed awarded Daash a big gap, and signed the terrorist bombings that claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people in Baghdad. 

he called for a rejection of the political problems between the blocs and political parties. 

the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani said in a press statement Thursday, “I find it necessary to return the House of Representatives of the Kurds to the Iraqi parliament , ” he said , adding that “even become part of Iraq , we must not become cut off from the political process.” 

he said , “we are convinced that all Kurdish blocs that have a role influential in the next political steps, as was their united and influential in previous periods, and during the discussions that you get inside the parliament with other Iraqi factions. ” it is 

noteworthy that there are talks between the parties to the political blocs to convene parliament several political parties announced a boycott sessions as a result of the storming of demonstrators for building Council 30 last April. 

he was House Speaker Salim al visited last Sunday of the Kurdistan region, and discuss with political leaders there of the current situation of the country and the holding of parliamentary sessions. 

The presidency of the House of Representatives called on Tuesday the heads of political blocs, the key committees of security and financial Alniabaten to a special meeting on Sunday next; to discuss Tadla budget law, and the security situation, as well as urgent to agree on a date for the meeting of the House of Representatives, and discuss the extension of the legislative term. 

saw Sadr city, Jamma, and the holy city of Kadhimiya last Wednesday, a bloody killed bombings , dozens of martyrs and wounded. Over 1 h