Iran threatens to resort to international courts if they do not recover their money confiscated


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{International Euphrates Uzz} threatened the Islamic Republic of Iran to resort to international courts if they do not recover their money confiscated by the United States.
After the first session of the Committee on Foreign Policy and National Security washeld in the parliament on the confiscation of Iranian money,
said commission spokesman nowzar patrons, it is not possible for any state toconfiscate the property of the Iranian central bank, saying the American decision aviolation of international laws.
He said the “United States does not have any evidence logical to take such a decision, referring to the ongoing attempts to load its domestic laws on the rest of the countries.
the Iranian President Hassan Rowhani announced Tuesday, may 10 / may that Iran will raise a lawsuit against the United States against the backdrop of the recent decision to confiscate two billion dollars from the Iranian deposits frozen there. ended


Urgent Jubouri meet Abadi

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , received in his office of Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in the presence of the political body of the coalition forces Alaracah..itba

Oil prices heading towards $ 50 a barrel


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{International: Euphrates News} Oil prices rose on Monday, with the growing incidence of production disruptions in Nigeria, and after the Bank of {} Goldman Sachs said, “The oversupply has ended, although the market has turned into a deficit.”
The price of the global Brent crude blend {Brent} futures to $ 48.79 a barrel by 13:03 Moscow time , up 96 cents , or 2.01%.
The price of WTI US mediator by 96 cents or 2.01% to $ 47.14 a barrel, marking the highest level since October / October.
resulted in cases of production disruptions around the world, and that stopped thesupply of 3.75 million barrels a day to get rid of the oversupply, which lasted nearly two years, and led to falling prices by about 70% between 2014 and early 2016.
the production disruption to radical change in the outlook {Goldman Sachs}, who has long warned of reaching the global storage capacity maximum, and a new collapse in prices to below $ 20 a barrel.
he said Goldman Sachs, ” the market has shifted from near saturation of the storage capacity to a deficit early in the much higher we were expecting. ”
he said the investment bank was” probably turned the market to record a deficit in may .. thanks to sustained strong demand, and a sharp drop in production. ”
However, Goldman warned that the market could see a surplus again in the first half of next year, adding ” the prices approaching $ 50 a barrel in the second half of 2016 will lead to increased exploration and production activities.” Ended h

Husseini: the heads of political blocs signed yesterday to attend the parliamentary sessions



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Special – balances News

MP announced a mass citizen Hamdiya Husseini, on Monday, announced the signing of heads of political blocs yesterday during a meeting for them to attend the next session of parliament.

Husseini said L / balance News / “The heads of political blocs held a meeting yesterday included the Virtue Party and citizen advocacy and Union forces and independents and a number of other small blocks.”

She added, “The meeting unanimously agreed to attend the bloc next session of Parliament if called by the speaker of the parliament,” noting that “the liberal bloc did not attend the meeting, but some deputies confirmed they would attend the meeting if the session.”

The parliamentary legal committee confirmed on Monday that the three presidencies vote on the extension of the legislative term of the parliament is illegal, noting that the vote should take place within the Council of Alnwab.anthy 29/33 h


Interpol raises the name of Tareq al-Hashemi wanted list

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[Oan- up] 

raised international police [Interpol] vice president sentenced to death in absentia former Tareq al – Hashemi name from the list of international Iraq ‘s most wanted.

According to news agency that the Oversight Committee on Interpol archives informed Hashemi ‘s lawyer this week that they took into account the elements cited by the cancellation of the information provided by the National Center for Interpol in Iraq to the center of the president in Lyon , France, and especially in regard to violating Articles II and III of the International Police constitution ” . the 

Committee said in her a message that ” the Iraqi Center failed to respond to requests to clarify some of the issues presented to him on the issue of al – Hashemi” indicating that “based on all those elements above , it has been confirmed that the information provided about al – Hashemi has shown strong doubts about the information which provided around it , and the result of all this, the Committee decided to raise the name and information of those permanently from their files. ” 

the international police , ” Interpol “she said in January 2014 that after investigation and audit, make sure you have that the Iraqi government ‘s request to include al – Hashemi ‘s name on the red list lacks justification legal. 

the Iraqi Central Criminal Court issued previously sentenced to death Tariq al – Hashemi in the case of the killing of lawyer and officer of national security and his wife as well as the death sentence in the case of paste an explosive car officer in the Interior and sentenced another to death by hanging on al – Hashemi and his brother Ahmed Qahtan against the backdrop of their involvement preparing a car bomb type Kia towns in the area to detonate on the next visitors Ashura of Wasit province toward Karbala in 2010, and thus the sentences to four provisions of the execution and another to life imprisonment.

Hammoudi: Parliament looking for a new venue for the upcoming sessions

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BAGHDAD – balances News

He revealed the Presidium member of parliament Humam Hamoudi, Monday, that the parliament looking for a new venue for the upcoming sessions, while denied the transfer of the press center of the Parliament building.

Hammoudi said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, “chairman of the parliament did not decide until now has not taken a decision to end the moment the issue of the transfer of the press center of the Parliament building, or find an alternative place to him.”

He added, “The parliament is in crisis because of recent events and there confuse clear because of the presence of most members of the House of Representatives and not resumption of hearings or parliamentary committees reflecting the picture is not clear or meaningful to the media,” adding that “there is a search for an alternative place to hold meetings during the period the next it was not possible to establish in the same place. ”

He Hammoudi, said “professional media, they are the foundation and the active ingredient in the work of the House of Representatives and convey the truth to the Iraqi people,” pointing out that “the center’s media will be with us wherever we are and will begin performing their duties in a neutral and sincerity if the meetings of the Council, and in the place and time they will be in it the House of Representatives “.anthy 29/34 R.

Urgent .. infallible calls for parliament to extend the current legislative term of one month

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} face of President Fuad Masum, on Monday, the House of Representatives to call for the need to extend the current legislative term of one month from the date of the end of the current dismissal.

He called infallible during a presidential statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, he was “the basis of the requirements of the supreme national interest of the country, and as dictated by the constitutional responsibility of the work needed to address the current problem faced by the House of Representatives, we call on the House of Representatives to extend the current legislative term of the Council for the month of the current expiry date of his dismissal, in the hope that the Federal Court haste in deciding this case. ” Ended h