Basra police: the arrest of the seven Iranians for exceeding the territorial waters


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced the Basra Police Department, the arrest of the seven Iranians.
According to a statement to inform the Directorate that ” the strength of the FAO Police Station arrested seven suspects in Faw Aarania citizenship in order to move beyond them territorial waters.”
He pointed out that ” the strength of the police have arrested 35 defendants of the perpetrators of violations of the law of various criminal offenses among them accused in port Shalamcheh [Jassim Mohammed Kazem Aljlipat] which is required to achieve the Court of Muqdadiyah in Diyala province , according to Article 4 / terrorism by Shalamcheh police station. ”

US to intensify air strikes on “Daash” in Fallujah


Khandan- commander of US air operations in the Middle East, Gen. Charles Brown said Friday that it had been intensifying raids on the organization “Daash” terrorist in the city of Fallujah in Anbar province.

Brown stressed at a press brief cross-circuit television from southwest Asia to target “Daash” plans take into account the non-targeting of civilians in the city as much as possible, according to the Kuwaiti news agency “KUNA” ..

He explained Gen. Charles Brown, he’s being set goals in a joint center for military operations in Iraq in coordination with the Iraqi forces.

He said he had not observed until now a significant increase in the movement of civilians out of Fallujah.

EU extends economic sanctions on Syria, an additional year


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{International: Euphrates News} The European Union decided on Friday to extend economic sanctions on Syria until the first of June / Ezneo 2017, which includes more than two hundred people, seventy entity, as well as the freezing of assets belonging to them, including the Central Bank of Syria.
The European Union announced Friday that it extended until June 1, 2017 sanctions imposed on Syria , which particularly include oil embargo and a freeze of the assets of close to Syrian President Bashar al – Assad, and freeze the assets of the Syrian central bank in Europe.
And took the EU Council of this decision, the body which includes states the 28 members of the Union, stressing that it will keep its sanctions on President Bashar al- Assad ‘s regime “as long as the repression continues.”
include European sanctions , oil embargo and restrictions on certain investments and assets freeze on the Syrian Central Bank in the EU, as well as restrictions on the equipment and technologies that can be used for exports for the purposes ofinternal repression. the
council said in a statement that the equipment “that can be used for Internet surveillance or telephone calls or intercept” covered by the decision , too.
“the European Union remains determined to find a lasting solution to the conflict in Syria , ” and “will strengthen its diplomacy in an effort to resume Sadeq for negotiations between the Syrian parties and coordinated by the special envoy of theUnited Nations , “Staffan de Mistura.
prohibits more than two hundred people and seventy entity entering EU territory aswell as the freezing of returning them assets against the backdrop of repression of the civilian population in Syria.
the cause bloody conflict witnessed in Syria since March / March 2011 deaths ofmore than 280 thousand people, according to a new toll reported by the Syrian Observatory for human rights Thursday.

US military: commander Daash in Fallujah killed and intensify raids on regulation


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[Oan- follow]
A spokesman for the international coalition forces , US Col. Steve Warren, on Friday, killing the commander of the organization Daash in the city of Fallujah, Maher Albiloa, and others 70 of its fighters.
Warren said, “During the past four days, was directed on to Daash sites 20 air strike, and killed 70 fighters of the elements of the organization , including [Maher Albiloa] commander elements Daash in Fallujah.”
In what the commander of air operations in the US military said in the Middle East , Gen. Charles Brown said Friday that he has been intensified raids on the organization Daash in Fallujah.
Brown stressed at a press brief cross – circuit television from southwest Asia that “targeting Daash plans take into account the non – targeting of civilians in the city as much as possible.”
he explained that “being set goals in joint center for military operations in Iraq in coordination with the Iraqi forces , “adding that he” had not yet noticed a significant increase in the movement of civilians out ofFallujah. ”

Iraqi raid kills Bdaash leaders, including chief financial officer in Mosul [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
killed the Iraqi air force carried out a raid in the northern city of Mosul leaders in Daash terrorist gangs.
A statement by the cell media war in the Joint Special Operations Command received by all of Iraq [where] acopy of it, that “managed the Military Intelligence Directorate and under the supervision and follow – up Joint Special Operations Command , and based on intelligence information accurate and coordinated high with hawks in the air by directing successful air strike against Daash terrorist gangs in Mosul , killing dozens of terrorists , including an important terrorist leaders. ”
the statement pointed out that among the dead terrorists , ” the so – called general bombers official Daash with four of his companions and the destruction of two vehicles they were using, and the so – called Bhraei in the state of Nineveh, financial officer for the state of Nineveh , with seven of their companions and destroy full of their hideouts. ”
and called on the joint Special operations command” in Mosul civilians to stay away from the headquarters of the terrorist gangs Daash to avoid harm and risk. ”

300 wire transfer company suspends relations and banking deal

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Friday 27th may 2016 14:55
Sumerian news/Baghdad

Detect press article published Friday, the arrival of an American Committee competent financial intelligence Department personnel to Baghdad and set them up at the American Embassy for the expansion for the purpose of coordinating with the Central Bank.

He said the author of the article, which is seen by Sumeria “news, depriving 300 wire transfer company and banking deal, where the Central Bank is supplied weekly with information on Iraqi firms and banks on suspicion of smuggling money or fraud or money laundering,” pointing out that “the Bank performs its recommendations provided by literally every week with information on Iraqi firms and banks on suspicion of smuggling money or fraud or money laundering.”

“The Central Bank is committed to full compliance” with the Commission’s instructions, by the author of the article which he modified and revised instructions that allow entry of a currency auction.

According to the article that the Iraqi Central Bank Governor meeting on Wednesday, relations with Iraqi banking and financial institutions informed them that the policy of the Central Bank is the Central Bank and the former would keep ten only banks operating in Iraqi financial market, and threatened to adopt “ratings” by the Central Bank.
According to the author of the article, the relationship that “wants to protect his country and declare a time auctioneer basketball for banks, he also knows for sure the disaster that may occur,” warning of the possibility of the American Commission on u.s. Embassy instructions names of companies be frozen or suspended from work for the purpose of investigation or warrant these companies shut down permanently and forwarding all to eliminate, not only fined by the Central Bank of Iraq.

His article warns of collapse of credit status in Iraq if the us Embassy Commission informed the Central Bank of Iraq “five or six names of Iraqi banks, where its is frozen and transferred to courts and tribunals, to be the Central Bank obliged to act in accordance with the Committee’s recommendations.

And can the Americans, according to the author of the article, any shell bank financial capability by depriving correspondent outside Iraq, pointing out that the application of the Central Bank for this instruction means that a depositor Iraqis in danger, and that thousands of employees will be dismissed and the rule is added to the army of the unemployed in Iraq in addition to the side effects of such decisions.…&sandbox=1