America: We support Abadi very strong position, despite political turmoil

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America: We support Abadi very strong position, despite political turmoil

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US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said on Monday that ” the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in a strong position despite the political turmoil in Iraq.”

He said Carter told reporters who were accompanying him landing his plane in Germany on Monday evening , “That was partly because the field successes and commitment to be a multi – sectarian state.” 

He continued , ” It seems that [Abadi] in a very strong position, we strongly support him , of course because of what he believes in.”


Sources of change: Secretary General of the Iranian National Security Council Ali Shamkhani was an introduction to a future of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr upon his arrival in Tehran


Muqtada al-Sadr-in-Pilot

Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr arrived in the Iranian capital Tehran on a surprise visit in conjunction with the acute political crisis in Iraq.

Was reported particularly for change that the Secretary-General of the Iranian National Security Ali Shamkhani sources in the future introduction of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr upon his arrival in Iran, where he held a large ceremony reception.

The sources pointed out that the leader of Sadr left Najaf International Airport on Monday morning for Tehran on board Iran Air “two Irans Air Line.”

The Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr said on Saturday i’tikaaf for two months, an expression of complete rejection of any kind of quota system types and ordered to stop any political action of the Sadrist movement called the Liberal bloc to boycott parliament sessions in which any kind of sectarian abhorrent.

The lifting of trade relations between Tehran and Seoul’s $ 18 billion


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announced that the Iranian president, for increasing the size of relations between Iran and South Korea three times, and said that the two parties have decided to lift trade and economic relations from the current 6 billion to 18 billion dollars, three times the current size.
Rowhani added in the joint press conference with the President of South Korea Park Goon is in thepresidential compound in Tehran, ” The talks dealt with bilateral relations and issues of the region, and said the security of the regions of the Korean Peninsula and the Middle East, has significance for the two countries.
He stressed that” Iran calls to peace and stability in the Korean peninsula, and opposes and initially produce any kind of weapons of mass destruction.
on the axes of other talks with is, ” the talks covered many topics of peace and stability , including in theMiddle East and end the war in Yemen and dialogue Yemeni – right to bring security and stability in Yemen and the fight against Iraq , terrorism and help the Iraqi government to end the occupation of terrorists cities North and the subject of the future of Syria.
to find this development great in relationships, said Rowhani said , “Korean companies in South will invest joint activity with Iran will enter advanced technologies to Iran.”
Turning to the broad areas the activities of the two countries and businessmen Koreans in Iran in the oil and gas industry, mining and infrastructure, said that cultural relations, scientific and technical and university, cultural activities will be enhanced more and more between the countries.
There were Iran and South Korea on 19 memorandum to enhance cooperation between them in the presence of President Rouhani and his counterpart Park Gyun is in Tehran Monday.
included memos signed by the cooperation of countries in the shipping, transportation, infrastructure, oil andnatural gas and the construction of refineries and the production of petrochemicals and water sources ,electric power and new technologies in the field of energy and cooperation in the field of fisheries, science and technology , higher education and cooperation in the field of naming 2017 cultural year areas and theestablishment of a cultural center Korean in Tehran cultural center Iranian in Seoul and cooperation in thedevelopment of ports, health, medicine and the Treaty collaboration human rights in criminal matters and theexchange of convicts and cooperation between the Ministry of economy and Finance and the Iranian company commercial insurance South Korea in the field of cultural technologies and industries creative andcustoms affairs.

Iran expresses its confidence in the Iraqi politicians wisely and enable them to overcome crises

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Iran has expressed confidence, wisdom of the political leaders in Iraq, which will enable them to overcome the crisis and achieve the interests of the Iraqi people, while Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban that “his ministry has spared no effort in providing the appropriate atmosphere to enable the Iranian visitors and all expatriates to Iraq perform the rituals of their visits. “
He said the Iranian ambassador Hassan Dnaii fled during a meeting with Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban “his country ‘s keenness to continue to support the Iraqi people and government at various levels to enable it to achieve victory over terrorism, and expressed his country ‘s confidence in the wisdom of the political leaders in Iraq, which will enable them to overcome the crisis and achieve the interests of the Iraqi people . ”
the Interior Ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the” Ghabban received fled during the meeting they discussed the overall security and political situation in the country, also reviewed theminister of security forces and the victories achieved on the ground , the great determination to purge theIraqi territories efforts full of Conception terrorism and crime. ”
He Ghaban during the meeting to” the need for cooperation of countries of the world and its support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and in particular the regional neighboring countries. ” the
two sides also discussed, according to the statement, the subject of the entry of Iranian visitors to the holy shrines in Iraq and the cooperation of security authorities with them on all matters relating to matters of their visit to give them a visa to enter Iraqi territory to provide them with the necessary protection and other administrative procedures, particularly visitors to perform the rituals of the visit in the events, especially theupcoming visit Arbain. ”
in this regard , Interior Minister that” the ministry has spared no effort in providing atmosphere appropriate to enable all visitors coming to Iraq to perform the rituals of their visits. ”

Deputy Liberal: Tbdna unconditional offer of ministerial cabin and on the submission Abadi


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}, MP for the Liberal bloc Majid al-Gharawi, said that “freezing the mass unconditional offer of ministerial cabin in the House of Representatives; for the purpose of voting on them.”
He Gharrawi told {Euphrates News} ” The freezing of the Liberal bloc conditional offer of ministerial cabin in front of the House of Representatives , which includes voting on independent figures away from the interference of the political blocs, which are of the characters is not partisan, it is a prerequisite to attend the mass theCouncil of Representatives members.”
Among “we are awaiting the completion of the remaining ministries , which tried blocs Tsoevha not to attend the House of Representatives on Saturday, to display the remaining ministerial cabin, but what happened to most of the blocks did not attend and did not constitute a quorum, and was procrastination these blocs want tostay on the ministers, and some want to change these figures to one of the blocks. ”
He added , ” we demand Abadi political blocs not to absolve themselves ofresponsibility, the presidency and the board and the president of the republic ,demanding the implementation of the demands of the reform which first steps View cabins in front of parliament, vote on them. ”
He continued Ghraoui that” the demands of the protesters and the protesters were clear when he declared in a statement the committee supervising the demonstrations stop it the implementation of legitimate demands, and vote on the new cabin, and that was not performed will return the demonstrations to the green. ”
the leader of the Sadrist movement , Muqtada al – Sadr, called Saturday’s Liberal bloc to boycott parliament sessions where any quota system type, as confirmed political body was the Sadrist movement, said yesterday that “deputies Liberal bloc continue to suspend their political work even accomplish the reforms.”
the demonstrators broke into last Saturday ‘s green Zone, and the building of the House of Representatives, and showed videos published by the media attacked thedemonstrators {beat} on the number of MPs, including second Deputy Speaker of the parliament of Syria , Sheikh Mohammed.
it is said that, the board of the presidency of the Council of Representatives postponed Saturday’s parliament session , which was scheduled to see a host Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi; for the purpose of completing the ministerial cabin to next week; the lack of a quorum for holding. Over 1 h

Sadr’s visit to Iran at the invitation of Hassan Nasrallah


Khandan – left the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Monday, Iraq heading to the Iranian city of Mashhad to visit lasts three days, while the source of his office disclosed that the visit comes at the invitation of the Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

A source from the office of the leader of Sadr’s “Khandan”, said al-Sadr left at 1:30 pm Monday afternoon, the city of Najaf, heading to the city of Mashhad, on board a plane (Iran Air).

The source said, that al-Sadr’s visit came at the invitation of the Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

The come-Sadr’s visit to Iran, days after hundreds of his supporters to storm the protesters Green Zone in Baghdad, many of them to enter the House of Representatives.

According to the source, the Islamic Republic of Iran has expressed outrage over the slogans echoed by some of the demonstrators, supporters of the Sadrist movement in Tahrir Square against Iran.

The source noted that al-Sadr will meet during his visit to Iran with the Secretary of the Iranian Supreme Council for National Security Ali Shamkhani, and Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Qods Force.

The source, said Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, al-Sadr is accompanied on his visit to Iran, which will take three days, where he is scheduled to return to Iraq next Thursday.


Civil Aviation denies stop Iranian flights to Baghdad



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BAGHDAD – balances News

Denied the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, on Monday, the Iranian airline flight stopped in and out of Baghdad airport.

The authority said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that “the Iranian airline flight did not stop to and from Baghdad airport.” She added that the authority “continuous trips and on a schedule and the schedule in advance.”

Iran calls on the Iraqi forces to the truce and offers assistance to facilitate dialogue


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Iran has called on all political parties in Iraq to the truce and to provide the appropriate atmosphere for thesettlement of the country ‘s issues through political dialogue and understanding.
He said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Gabri Ansari on Monday in a meeting with his weekly press: We believe that the protection of the political process and political achievements of the Iraqi people during thepast two decades , and respect for the rule of law in Iraq, will ensure stability and continued development and the consolidation of national reconciliation in Iraq. ”
He expressed” hope in addressing issues current Iraq under the familiar people and the government of Iraqi political currents and directives of religious authority to serve the interests of the Iraqi people, and to provide the ground for achieving the national will to fight terrorism and corruption , which is one of public liabilities of all parties, movements and all the Iraqi people. ”
He said Ansari, said that” the focus on the two main themes namely the fight against terrorism and corruption needs to be a national dialogue between all Czac Iraqi blocs. ”
he said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, said Iran” hopes to speed up the boot floor to get political consensus among the Iraqi political blocs, and be ready to take advantage of all the relations to facilitate and reach a dialogue as a result. ”

Nechivarn Barzani: demanding an official apology to deputies Kurds


02-05-2016 02:07 PM
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and declared a formal apology to the deputies of the Kurds, who have been insulted by what he called his followers barbaric, stressing retain the right to respond at the appropriate time ‘.
Barzani said the Kurdish MPs in Baghdad were subjected to humiliation by Sadr’s followers at the disposal of Burberry broke into the Green Zone on Saturday, and the barbaric attack on the Kurds of Representatives is an attack on the Kurdish people, as he put it. Stressing saying ‘We reserve the right to respond at the appropriate time’.

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Urgent Source: al- Sadr to leave for Iran

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An informed source said the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr, left on Monday to Iran.

The source told all of Iraq [where] that ” al- Sadr left for the capital , Tehran , traveling from Najaf and on board the Iranian lines [Iran Air].” 

Comes this sudden and unannounced visit to Sadr to Iran coincided with the escalation of the political crisis in Iraq and the storming of protesters two days of the Green Zone before . 

Sadr has announced such as the storming of the green i’tikaaf for two months , an expression of “total rejection of any kind of quota system types, and ordered to stop any political action of the Sadrist movement and the freezing of the Liberal bloc in Parliament” .anthy 14