Jordan leading anti-Daesh coalition’s ideological war — envoy


By Khetam Malkawi – May 15,2016 – Last updated at May 15,2016  


His Majesty King Abdullah holds talks with US Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh Brett McGurk in Amman on Sunday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)


AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday discussed regional and international efforts to combat terrorism with US Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh Brett McGurk, according to a Royal Court statement.

They discussed latest developments in the Middle East, especially in regard to Syria and Iraq. 

The meeting was attended by HRH Prince Feisal, King’s Military Adviser and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Gen. Mashal Al Zaben and King’s Adviser on National Security Affairs and General Intelligence Department Director Gen. Faisal Shobaki. 

Also on Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh discussed with McGurk the Jordanian-US partnership to combat terrorism, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

The two officials stressed the importance of continued coordination and work among the concerned international parties to combat terrorism. 

Judeh said that Jordan supports any efforts to fight terrorism and that Jordan will always be at the forefront of these efforts. 

For his part, the presidential envoy expressed his appreciation of the Jordanian role in combating terrorism and achieving security and stability in the region and the world.

At a press conference following the meeting, the US official said Daesh is shrinking and witnessing military and ideological setbacks.

McGurk said the “caliphate” has suffered recent military defeats and lost territories in both Syria and Iraq, stressing that the war against Daesh is not only a military campaign, but also a diplomatic one.

He explained that the 66-member anti-Daesh coalition has also managed to define the extremist group’s sources of funding that reaches $1 billion a year and targeted oil facilities that generate $500 million a year.

The rest of funds, he explained, come from the extortion, taxes, kidnapping and antiquity trade.

In terms of arms that Daesh used in its operation, the military official noted they are using the arms they have captured during their operations, and the coalition has succeeded in shutting down the source from where Daesh gets the arms.

“We are restraining and constraining, every single day, the finances,” McGurk stressed.

As for the role of Jordan in the counter-Daesh coalition, McGurk said, aside from the air strikes, Jordan is one of the main regional partners in the coalition and His Majesty King Abdullah leads the efforts to handle the ideological aspect of the war. “This is one of the most important initiatives and we really count on Jordan for that,” he said.

He added that Jordan is in a constant communication with other regional partners regarding this aspect, what is on for social media on Daesh and who they are connected to. 

“Eighteen months ago, they [Daesh] had free reign to spew their propaganda but… the coalition counters that.”

He noted that, now, for every pro-Daesh twitter handle, there are six handles countering their message and “we have worked to remove 125,000 handles spewing Daesh’s propaganda”.

This social media campaign is being conducted in cooperation with Jordan, the UAE, Malaysia and the UK, according to the official.

He also demonstrated a map showing the advancement of military operations against Daesh and the areas that are still completely dominated by the terrorist group.

However, the official stopped short on commenting about future plans and attacks to liberate Al Rutba just across the border with Iraq, and the main border gate to Jordan.

As for Al Tanaf of Syria, which is also near the border with Jordan, McGurk said the US is working with Syrian moderate groups to defeat Daesh there.

However, he underscored the importance of cessation of hostilities between the Syrian regime and opposition to fight Daesh, as the moderate opposition cannot fight Daesh while they are in conflict with the regime army forces.

Asked why it is taking so long to defeat Daesh, the official said this is an enormous global challenge. “We have also learned some lessons over the years… We don’t want US forces going in cleaning those cities because that is not the recipe for sustainable success.”

“We believe a sustainable model for Mosul is for people to take back their territories and to take back their homes.” 

“So we do not want a repeat of the mistakes of the past.”

“It’s a start, [we] have to take it in stages, train locals, establish presence,” he insisted.

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Mahmood for infallible: the Federal Court will decide the problem of Parliament quickly and completely neutrally


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News President Fuad Masum, Baghdad Sunday the Chief Justice of the Federal Court Medhat al-Mahmoud received this evening and discussed with him the need to pay attention to speed up the Council to decide the problem of the current House of Representatives.
According to a presidential statement , the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it today , “said Mahmood of his intention to pay great attention to this issue and his quest to make every effort in order that the Federal by the Court to decide quickly complete and objective neutrality paramount.”
It is said that the Federal Supreme Court announced earlier received, six lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of the two sessions of the House of Representatives meetings , in April last year.
the judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the federal judiciary, ” theFederal Supreme Court on Thursday 12/5/2016 received three claims submitted by the House of Representatives was unconstitutional sessions . ”
the parliament is witnessing an ongoing political crisis because of the boycott bysome political parties to Gelsat.anthy

Abadi and infallible underline the need to intensify efforts to prevent the recurrence of terrorist attacks

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News President Fuad Masum, Baghdad received Sunday evening, Baghdad, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and discussed with him political developments to resolve the current crisis to the unified parliament session.
According to a presidential statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today , “while meeting discussed ways to enhance preparations to achieve more victories to organize Daash terrorist, focused on the need to redouble efforts to prevent the recurrence of terrorist attacks on citizens all over the country.” 

” We also accept evolution the current negotiations with the international Monetary Fund to provide financial support for the sponsor to go beyond the current financial crisis so as to promote the process of the evolution of the economic and financial situation of the country “.anthy

Abadi Office calls on political forces to provide the atmosphere for the return of parliament to convene / expanded /


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[Where-Baghdad] called the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, political forces andsocial events all provide the appropriate atmosphere for the exercise of state institutions and constitutional duties and the return of parliament to convene again to ” as soon as possible,”

Office revealed in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the Prime Minister face of the Ministry of Interior to investigate the attack he suffered Gas Plant and reconsider its subsidiaries located where theenergy police.
The statement quoted a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al – Hadithi that ” thegovernment Iraq confirms that the security situation and the challenges of terrorism faced by Iraq, requires all political forces join hands and work together to achieve the final victory over gangs Daash terrorist, and join efforts to provide security to citizens and to stop any violations targeting innocent citizens. ”
he said , ” that this “national responsibility must at all political forces be borne especially that terrorism seeks his crimes to the rhythm of discord between the political forces and broadcast strife among Iraqis. ”
Sabri said that” the terrorists are well aware that the unity of Iraqis and unite political forces and stop throwing accusations at each other, is the most important weapons of Iraq in the face of terrorism “solemn political forces and social events all” transcend differences interfaces and work together in order to provide the appropriate exercise of the various state institutions , its constitutional duties entrusted to her political atmosphere, and the return of parliament to convene again as soon as possible, which provides legislative cover to complete the cabinet reshuffle and the completion of government reform and it provides further support for the institutions and the security services to carry out its duties in maintaining security and protect the lives of citizens and achieve more victories in the Iraq war against terrorism right up to the completion of the final victory there. ”
and, referring to what was published about the participation of deputy ministers in the Council of Ministers, said Sabri, ” the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers stipulated in Chapter II Article -5- second, that the President of the Council invited sees presence of advisers or directors – general or any employee of the state of the domestication of opinions on topics presented in the Council ‘s agenda , ” noting that “paragraph III . of the same article stipulates that it is not for those who attend the meetings of the Board of the non -members the right to vote. ”
he continued the spokesman, it is on this , ” the foundation issued guidance in the cabinet meeting a few months ago and was confirmed at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers to attend the agents to thesessions for the domestication of views on the topics on the agenda for this purpose exclusively, and not for the purposes of the vote or quorum. ”
regarding the terrorist act which targeted on Sunday to control the Taji gas plant, it was frustration and kill terrorists explained newborn, that” the commander in chief of the armed forces, Haider al – Abadi, ordered the Interior Ministry to investigate in this terrorist act and reconsider its energy police stationed in the lab. ”

Of quitting L / balance News /: the arrival of five Sukhoi aircraft “disjointed” from Russia to Iraq

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Since 15/05/2016 20:41 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – bal

Special – balances News

The chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense of quitting, Sunday, the arrival of five Russian fighter aircraft Sukhoi, noting that this last meal of the deal signed by Iraq with Moscow.

It’s Zamili / balances News /, that “Iraq has received five Sukhoi planes, the last meal and complementary to the aircraft received by Iraq in the previous period.”

He added, “The aircraft was moved disjointed aboard the Russian cargo plane to Iraq.”

The Defense Ministry said last month, Iraq received three model fighter jets Suhui- 25 of 29 Rossia.anthy

From: Issa Hussein

Iraq Receives 10 Russian helicopters and expected more


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced that the Ministry of Defence, on Sunday, Iraq took about 10 helicopters and fighter of the Russian Federation, according to the contract concluded between the two countries arming earlier.
Media Advisor to the Ministry of Defense Naseer Nouri confirmed in a press statement, the arrival of three aircraft type {Sukhoi} to fly the Iraqi Air Force, from theRussian Federation, a short time before.
He said Muhammad, that “my payment helicopters {May 28} and {May 17} arrived up to three four helicopters each payment to fly the Iraqi army from Russia as well. ”
He noted Mohammed that” a new batch of helicopter gunships Russian will reach Iraq soon. ”
He praised the media advisor to the Ministry of defense in this helicopter , which he considered a cornerstone of the Iraqi forces fighting against terrorism of b {Daash}, achieving very effective in eliminating Aldaoash.
and received Iraqi defense of the Russian Federation two aircraft of {May 28} on thetenth of December / December last year, the
eighth of September / September 2015, received a Baghdad from Russia four helicopters offensive of the model Mi {-35} M, and four other aircraft Mi -28 {if}, full combat readiness with night vision equipment. Ended h

Iraq Sees $15 Billion in Aid Through 2017 as IMF Deal Looms


Iraq’s possible loan accord with the International Monetary Fund may unlock at least $15 billion in aid this year and next, central bank chief Ali al-Allaq said, helping OPEC’s second-biggest producer repair finances battered by cheap oil and the war with Islamic State militants.

Allaq said in an interview in Beirut he expects Iraq to receive $10 billion in IMF and World Bank assistance. A further $5 billion pledge may come from the Group of Seven meeting in Tokyo this month, he said.

“They will discuss supporting Iraq, but that’s linked to how convinced they are of the commitments” the country is undertaking under the IMF accord, he said. “So in total, we will receive $15 billion, possibly more, in 2016 and 2017.”

IMF officials are holding talks with the government this week in Jordan over a stand-by loan deal. If successful, Iraq will be the first major oil producer in the Middle East to secure a loan accord with the Washington-based lender.

Oil producers from Venezuela to Riyadh have slashed spending to counter the plunge in crude prices. For Iraq, the challenge was compounded by a costly war against IS militants, who captured swathes of the country’s territories to set up a so-called Islamic caliphate.

Baghdad Protests

The country is also mired in political turmoil. Hundreds of protesters pulled down blast walls and forced their way into Baghdad’s Green Zone — which houses embassies, the Iraqi parliament and government ministries — on April 30 to demand more efforts to fight corruption and to protest what they regard as sectarianism in cabinet appointments.

Allaq said he has seen “no signs” that the unrest could affect talks with the IMF.

Iraq is rated B- at S&P Global Ratings, six levels below investment grade. The yield on the country’s $2.7 billion Eurobonds due in 2028 has declined 33 basis points this year to 10.4 percent, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Urgent Abadi Office calls on political forces to provide the atmosphere for the return of parliament to convene

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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

Ahab Office of the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi political forces transcend differences and interfaces work together to provide the political atmosphere for the return of parliament to convene again as soon as possible, which provides legislative cover to complete the cabinet reshuffle and the completion of the reform Aovernma..itba

Legal: President of the Republic to extend the work of the parliament for 15 days only

Sunday 15 May 2016 | 12:01


said legal expert Tareq Harb, Sunday, that the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, to extend the work of the parliament for a period of only 15 days to the expiration of the 15 the last day where the legislative recess began since the beginning of this month, between that constitution and rules of procedure gave the right to extend the work of the Council House of Representatives and the postponement of the legislative recess exclusively for one month.
He said the war’s “Eye of Iraq News” that “the president Fuad Masum, to extend the work of the parliament for 15 days only to the expiration of the 15 the last day where the legislative recess began since the beginning of this month,” adding that “the extension of the legislative term of the parliament the authority given to the three presidencies, as well as for members the House of Representatives at the request signed by 50 parliamentarians. ”
He said the legal expert that “the constitution and rules of procedure gave the right to extend the work of the House of Representatives and the postponement of the legislative recess exclusively for one month,” noting that “the presidency of the parliament is concerned mainly issue of the extension of the legislative term.”
And members of the House of Representatives called for the reform front, on Saturday, President Fuad Masum, the extension of the legislative term and the completion of the main tasks in the choice of a new presidency of the parliament, after the call to convene a session chaired a House of Representatives who are inadmissible, according to the constitutional powers of the president of Algmehorah.

Urgent edit three villages north – west of al – Baghdadi

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{Anbar: Euphrates News} announced the leadership of the island Badia operations and edit three villages north-west of al-Baghdadi, west of Anbar.

He said the commander of the island , Maj. Gen. Ali Dbon told {Euphrates News} ” The pieces of the band 7 and the crowd tribal Hrra villages Dwylih and Onaah and Alsamaanah northwest Baghdadi of Conception Daash terrorist and raised the Iraqi flag over it .” 

He added that “edit villages process came after the incurrence Aldoaash heavy losses in lives and equipment “.anthy