Liberals apologize to Tohme after being beaten by protesters

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

parliamentary Liberal bloc has apologized to Prime Virtue Bloc Ammar Tohme after being beaten by protesters who broke into the Green Zone on Saturday.

And he visited the head of the Liberal bloc Zia al – Asadi Tohme in his home province of Dhi Qar , to check on him. 

He was Tohme has been subjected to beatings by the protesters who broke into the parliament as deputy speaker of parliament presented Aram Sheikh Mohammed to the beating as well.


Abadi warns of exploit demonstrations and confirms the willingness to provide the parliament Items [Extended]

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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi warned in a televised address to the Iraqi people from exploiting the “other” peaceful demonstrations, to drag the country into chaos and looting and vandalism, calling on Parliament to conduct its business and regularity of its meetings, and said the government was ready to provide the requirements and Msltzmat held, stressing that our parliament is not the only success achieved national partnership, consultation and coordination with the political forces.

Ebadi said in a speech televised a vassal agency all of Iraq [where] “Again In truthful promise, militants have ZF for their people edit new areas this week, including the kasbah Bashir and western Anbar province, and continue on the same road victories impressive in all surveys confrontation, for the liberation of all the occupied which will return to the bosom of the nation inevitably. ” 

He added , ” On every occasion we to mind that the battle is still going on and sacrifices sustained and that there youngest bleeding and making victory and arrive day and night to defend their people and their homeland .. we need to remember that the priority is to resolve this existential battle, because the country is facing an enemy terrorist fierce looking for opportunities and political differences to disrupt life and the targeting of public interests and the killing of civilians and visitors , as happened in Samawah, Diyala and Baghdad, in addition to the difficult economic and financial conditions strenuous efforts to maintain the continuity of life and ensure the livelihood and interests of citizens. ” 

he said Abadi , that” the war against Daash requires rallying efforts behind the armed forces and security services will not increase the pressure and overwhelm and loaded money tolerate, that these heroic forces are engaged in several battles at the same time , they are fighting Daash in the fronts, and repel the terrorists inside the cities, and protect the crowds of visitors, and besides this daunting tasks take protect the protesters and enterprises and state institutions in Baghdad and other provinces. ” 

He said I” I’m afraid Mankhcah that some people take advantage of the peaceful demonstrations to drag the country into chaos and looting and vandalism, and this is what happened . Unfortunately in the attack on the Council of Representatives and its members, which is a serious indication of the lack of respect for state institutions constitutional and lack of diligence on the property and public money and will take deterrent measures to prevent tempted to infringement on the citizens ‘ rights. ” 

and went Abadi” We directed the Interior Ministry to investigate the incidents of assault and vandalism that occurred and prosecution according to the law and the hurry to open a full investigation into the causes of what happened and hold negligent in the performance of their responsibilities in providing the necessary protection, as the changes have been made ​​in the security system and develop plans to protect the constitutional institutions and prevent a repeat of what happened recently. ” 

He noted that” our duty all of the religious authorities , a safety valve of our society and religious symbols and leaders of political blocs and activists need emphasis is clearly on the demonstrators to respect the dignity of the state and institutions, not to grant the opportunity to infiltrators and saboteurs to join their ranks, and have we have the utmost wisdom and restraint not be dragged into what lead to the aggravation of the situation and bloodshed. ” 

He said al – Abadi said” some people took advantage of our patience and wisdom and overcome borders and on the light Sanaaqub those who attacked we will not allow them to pay themselves institutions and violating other sanctity, in the interest of us on the lives of citizens and civil peace, and regrettably also the deployment of some of the media and social networking sites false news and serious rumors moved away from the professionalism and objectivity and can not accept this deal is in charge of endangering the country ‘s security at risk . ” 

He noted that” the current problem is a political problem primarily , and must be resolved in accordance with the constitutional foundations of a sound, democratic and not to resort to violence, as the protests and despite what the accompanying cons, but Iraq has made ​​a quantum leap in the interaction between the security forces and citizens, and what it takes to emphasize today is that the political and economic comprehensive reforms that we launched in stages since we received the prime minister stands in the forefront of respect for the law and stop the excess and waste of public money and achieve justice and equality of opportunity and the fight against corruption, and those who want reform to respect the law and the maintenance of public money and the strengthening of state institutions to carry out their duties and to enable of accounting corruption and the corrupt. ” 

” the cabinet reshuffle is part of the reform process, but not all was we went by and we have candidates technocrats to fill the ministerial positions, and we hope that the House is due to conduct its business and regularity of its meetings and vote on them as soon as possible, noting that the government is ready to provide requirements and Msltzmat it on all levels. ” 

He added Abadi” We look forward in the next stage to everyone ‘s cooperation and give priority to the higher interests of the country above factional interests, and the lack of private interests to public interests, and we emphasize that our parliament which can not be achieved success , but national partnership, consultation and coordination with political forces to achieve the interests of the citizens and out of the crises experienced by Iraq to achieve the best for his children ‘s future. ” 

He said the ” government is continuing its intensive efforts to develop effective solutions to the economic and financial crisis and the follow – up of international promises to stand by Iraq to take control of this crisis, support and help him out of them Bnhah. ” 

He continued Abadi” renew salute our armed forces the heroine in all its different forms and formations and our security and crowd the popular and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes and all supportive of the battle effort, and a tribute to the efforts of workers to re – displaced people and stability to their areas and bring services to them. 

he addressed the fighters , saying: “Dear fighters fervent: you have succeeded in all tasks and deserve from your people all the love and appreciation, we are proud of our world, the whole world looks at Antsaratkm, because you are defending humanity and paying them the whole threat of terrorism and criminal gang Daash.

Deputy for the legal representative: the new ministers will perform the constitutional oath Tuesday

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He confirmed the legal committee member of the parliamentary Hamdiya Husseini, on Thursday, that will perform the new ministers sworn in a hearing Tuesday in the case was held.

Husseini said L / balance News / “The law stipulates that the minister voter lead him sworn in the same meeting or at the first session held after it,” indicating that “the new ministers will perform the constitutional oath hearing on Tuesday.”

She added, “The law does not specify that the transmitter is on them to lead a constitutional right, and they can attend without bringing the book to come,” pointing out that “indicators suggest that the meeting will be held Tuesday and the entire quorum.”

The House of Representatives voted, earlier, to dismiss and replace five ministers in the government of al-Abadi.

Spokesman Haitham al-Jubouri, the reform front, today, that any decision by the Council of Ministers meeting with the new minister has no value .anthy 29/33 h

Cabinet holds its next Sunday to discuss the important issues

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Long-Presse / Baghdad 
Information Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister announced on Thursday that the Cabinet will hold its regular, on Sunday, to discuss several important issues, while attributing the reasons for the failure to convene a session last Tuesday, a holiday visit the death of Imam Moussa al-Kadhim (AS).

A spokesman for the office, Saad al-Hadithi in an interview (range Press), “The Cabinet meeting was scheduled to be held on Tuesday, did not take place because of the holiday to visit the death of Imam Moussa al-Kadhim (AS)”, noting that “the Council of Ministers held its the usual next Sunday. ”

The newborn, that “the Council of Ministers will discuss during the next meeting of many important and pressing issues for the country and the proposals made by the minister,” noting that “the agenda of the session is usually prepared by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.”

A source familiar with the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed on Tuesday, the (3 May 2016), the Council of Ministers did not take place because of its official holiday.

The face of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday (the first of May 2016), to disrupt the official working in Baghdad on Tuesday to secure the visit of Imam al-Kazim (AS).

And revived the Shiite Muslims in Iraq and around the Muslim world, last Tuesday (3 May 2016), the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Moussa ibn Jaafar al-Kadhim seventh Shiite imams who died in prison in Baghdad, in the twenty-fifth of Rajab 183 AH.

Abadi , deputy calls for not meeting include new ministers hold and wait until the oath

Thursday 5 May 2016 14:43

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MP from the Union of Iraqi forces, Ahmed al-Mashhadani, on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the lack of a cabinet session include new ministers hold and wait until the performance of the new ministers sworn in, saying Cabinet meetings and decisions “void” If you are without it.

Mashhadani said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that “some circles deliberated news reports that al-Abadi intends to invite the new ministers to the cabinet meeting before doing their constitutional right,” calling Abadi to “wait until their performance section and acquire legitimacy.”

He said al-Mashhadani, that “the Council of Ministers meetings and decisions void and is considered to be of value if it has without those conditions,” adding that “action is unconstitutional and should not be done.”

Revealed Front reform, Thursday, for a call by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the new ministers to attend the Cabinet meeting the day before they went constitutional right in front of the House of Representatives, it’s usually a big violation of the Constitution.

However, the Information Office of the Prime Minister denied, on Thursday, holding a cabinet session today, while stressing that the council be held next Sunday.

The spread of heavy security around the east door of the Green Zone to protect the demonstrations tomorrow


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News security forces tightened their procedures, and stepped up the spread of the elements in the Muhammad al-Qasim Road, Tahrir Square, and all the surrounding areas in the Green Zone; to protect the demonstrations on Friday.
A security source told {Euphrates News} on Thursday, said that “widespread heavy security within the Muhammad al – Qasim Street, and the east door, and the area around the Green Zone; to ensure the protection of the demonstration for tomorrow ,” noting that “rapid reaction forces, and the forces of Swat are spread without cut any street. ”
The” demonstrators broke into the green Zone on Saturday, and the building of the House of Representatives, while the political blocs announced not to attend sessions until securing the entire House of Representatives. ” Ended h