US administration announces the appointment of Douglas Silliman new ambassador to Iraq instead of Stuart Jones


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US administration announces the appointment of Douglas Silliman new ambassador to Iraq instead of Stuart Jones

09-05-2016 03:11 PM

Revealed a diplomatic source in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Monday, the Bush administration appointed US ambassador to Kuwait Douglas Silliman new ambassador to Iraq, replacing the current ambassador Stuart Jones
The source said in a brief interview, said that ‘the current US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones ended his mission’, adding that ‘the US administration was appointed US ambassador to Kuwait Douglas Silliman new ambassador in Iraq, the successor to Jones’.

The source added that the ‘new ambassador will begin his duties in the coming days. “

The US Congress passed in June 2014 unanimously install Stuart Jones to be on top of the US Embassy in Iraq

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A government went to a conference of donor countries in Baghdad

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Revealed a spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, Monday, the government went to a conference of donor countries in Iraq.

Hindawi said L / balance News /, that “Iraq suffers from a large deficit in the money, especially after the great destruction caused by the war against the terrorist Daash and destroy the infrastructure of the provinces that have been terrorism.”

He added, “There is a government draws the support of the presidency to coordinate with donor countries to hold an international conference in Iraq to provide grants and financial assistance to Iraq.”

He continued, “The process of providing grants and aid measures are in accordance with certain contexts but not in return for guarantees or condition as some have called it.”

He pointed out that “this step comes especially after detecting the total cost of the damage caused by terrorist acts in all institutions of the state for the period 2004-2016, which amounted to more than 36 trillion dinars” .anthy 29 / d 24 size

Bayati reveals L / balance News / all five conditions presented by the Kurds in exchange for Jabouri return to parliament

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MP Mohammad Jassem al-Bayati, Monday, all five conditions presented by the blocs Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, compared to its return to the Parliament and to continue to attend the hearings.

Bayati said L / balance News /, that “five conditions presented by the Kurdish blocs to Jabouri exchange for its return to the parliament,” noting that “those conditions is to pay salaries of the Peshmerga and pay the staff of the provincial salaries and ensure their share of the oil and security guarantees as well as the accounting involved the issue of storming the parliament and their attackers “.

He added, “The rule under those conditions the return of Kurds to the parliament sessions,” adding that “the hunt in” troubled waters “and are taking advantage of the crisis to the benefit of personal and national benefits.”

He concluded Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri yesterday his visit to Sulaimaniyah after meeting with leaders of the Kurdistan Alliance to persuade them to return to the House of Representatives and attend hearings.

The head of the Rafidain bloc Kanna, Monday, that the parliament has become divided into five groups, and there’s a political movement “to heal” included parliament and hold a comprehensive meeting soon.

As MP for Bader Razak al-Haidari’s mass / balance News /, said that “the leaks point to reach the speaker of parliament to agreements with the Kurds on the resumption of their attendance to the House of Representatives.”

She called several political parties to hold a parliamentary session a comprehensive unified out of 29 Alazmh.anthy

By: Mohammed Al-Tamimi

Brent prices rise to $ 46.08 per barrel

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} jumped Brent crude oil prices, on Monday, to $ 46.08 per barrel.

The price of WTI US median of $ 45.55 a barrel at 0033 GMT , up 89 cents , or two per cent from the previous closing price. The price of Brent crude rose 71 cents , or 1.6 percent , to $ 46.08 for Brmel.anthy

Jubouri discuss with European diplomats and political and security situation

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[Where – Baghdad] 

Search House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri on Monday with the heads of diplomatic missions of European political and security situation.

A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al – Jubouri , “received in his office on Monday, head of the EU mission to Iraq , and heads of diplomatic missions of the European has, and discussed with him the latest developments in Iraq and its aftermath, and the efforts for finding solutions appropriate to overcome the current challenges, in addition to political and economic reforms and ways to accelerate the file. ” 

emphasized chairman of the House of Representatives during the meeting that” Iraq today faces serious challenges the twin security and military challenge and the war being waged against al Daash terror, and the challenge of economic crisis and multiple implications, pointing out the case of the current stalemate will not serve the country and calls upon all parties concerned to shoulder its responsibilities in this regard. ” 

he explained that” dialogue and discussion is the best way out of the current crisis, while stressing the importance of continuing international support for Iraq in all fields. ” 

as Jubouri that “the House of representatives is to foster the major demands of the people and his voice , and ensure the continuity of the work of the Council and not to disable it , and to ensure the safety and security of the people ‘s representatives is necessary and important to speed up the achievement of these demands and aspirations.” 

for their part , expressed ambassadors Europeans support for all efforts to find a peaceful way out of the crisis, stressing the continuation of the Union EU to provide all means of support and assistance to Iraq in the face of the challenges that surround it. ”