“The law” is likely to re-nominate strange and Jabri interior and defense and “dialogue” claims reveal the names of specific external positions

Session of parliament voted to give the confidence to the new Iraqi government Photography (Mahmoud Raouf)
“The law” is likely to re-nominate strange and Jabri interior and defense and “dialogue” claims reveal the names of specific external positions
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10/12/2014 23:13
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Seemed a coalition of state law and confident that the prime minister will submit the names of candidates for interior and defense to the House of Representatives to vote on them next Saturday, and stated that Haider al-Abadi told the leaders of the National Alliance in the last meeting of the bloc, was characterized by his re-nomination Jaber al-Jabri and Riad Ghraib after being granted the green light by the legal advisers Inside the House of Representatives, that there is no constitutional barrier hinders this nomination.

The House of Representatives has rejected (the 17th of September 2014), giving confidence to the candidates for prime minister, the defense and interior ministries, Jaber al-Jabri and Riad Ghraib, the former is the first of its kind after the year 2003 and the ills of Shiite legislators, however, that the Minister of Municipalities former, Riad Ghraib , was part of a team Nuri al-Maliki, and advocate for policies and “do not fit” the obligations of political reform in the current stage.

Meanwhile, the alliance of the Iraqi forces, it “has not been decided,” the name of the personal will and the Defense Ministry, noting that the United States and some regional countries’ demands to provide specific figures to fill the posts of defense and interior. “

The MP said the coalition of state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, in an interview to the newspaper (range), “The leaders of the National Alliance held on Saturday evening, (the 11th of October 2014 Current), held a meeting to discuss the naming candidates for interior and defense and the possibility of submission to Parliament during the current week , “pointing out that” the best prime minister of the National Alliance leaders during the meeting, between the resolution of naming ministers of security by granting full powers of the selection, or to resort to a points system which distributed whereby ministries between the blocks. “

The Minister of Youth and Sports, the former, that “Abadi expressed during the meeting its commitment to re-nominate Jaber al-Jabri for the defense portfolio and Riad Ghraib interior basket and submit one vote on them in the House of Representatives.”

It seems that al-Abadi, “did not find any disabled legal preclude re-nomination Jabri and strange positions,” according to Jaafar, who confirmed that “the legal committee within the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the legal advisers to the House of Representatives, told Abadi that there is no legal impediment and constitutional prevents re-nomination Jabri and strange again. “

The head of the government had commissioned earlier in one of his legal advisers to discuss with the legal advisers to the House of Representatives, on finding a legal mechanism to re-vote on candidates for interior and defense after the rejection by Parliament.

He predicted Jaafar, the “Head of Government presents candidates of Defense and Interior to vote them to the House of Representatives next Thursday or Saturday, because of travel of the President to the House of Representatives out of Iraq now.”

And on the way out the legal, which allows for the prime minister re-nomination Jabri and strange again, ruled the former minister, “there is no legal justification or constitutional prevents Abadi from that,” explaining that “if there is questioning of the minister or any official, has been through the withdrawal of confidence only, not can be returned again by the prime minister to parliament to vote. “

And position within the National Alliance, said Jaafar, that “the subject is very similar to a game of chess because whenever lift a stone you need to last, where most of the coalition parties would oppose the trends Abadi,” pointing out that “the yacht’s interior and defense did not Tkhaddaa to a points system like other ministries and, therefore, the Ministry of Interior is not the share of mass Badr. “

He predicted the former minister, to “get Jabri kinky confidence in Parliament if the submitted one basket.”

But the Iraqi coalition forces, confirmed that he “has not been decided yet is its candidate for the defense portfolio,” noting that “Jaber al-Jabri is still one of his choices for the job.”

The MP said the meeting and pink, in a telephone interview with the newspaper (range), said that “any agreement within the alliance Iraqi forces did not result in the identification of candidate and the Department of Defense,” revealing “international intervention in the case of naming ministers of defense and interior.”

She added pink, that “the United States and some regional countries to interfere in naming candidates for the security ministries,” excluded the possibility “to provide the names of ministers of security to the House of Representatives during the current week.”

The MP for Anbar, that “Jaber Khaled al-Obeidi and Jabri, Rafie al-Issawi are still candidates alliance Iraqi forces,” noting that “foreign interference want specific names of the defense and interior portfolios.”

The parliament vote of confidence, in (the eighth of September 2014), the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, and 24 ministers in his booth with the exception of a number of ministries, notably interior and defense.


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