Talks are going on for the establishment of a US military base in the region

28/10/2014 20:50:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Tuesday that a senior delegation from the region will visit Baghdad soon followed by a political delegation to discuss the outstanding issues between the two sides, while confirming the continuation of the talks for the establishment of a US military base in the region.

Spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government Sven Dzi said in a press statement today that “the delegation of the provincial government, headed by the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region Nechervan Barzani will visit Baghdad soon to hold talks with officials in the federal government on the outstanding problems between the provincial and federal governments.

He added that another political delegation will visit Baghdad soon for the same purpose.

On the news of the establishment of a US military base along the lines of the Turkish Incirlik base, in the Kurdistan region, the spokesman for the provincial government, said that “in this regard the talks are continuing,” but he also said, “they did not take a final decision in this regard yet.

It was a high-ranking source in the government of the Kurdistan Region, recently revealed talks by the regional government on using the al-Harir / silk / airport located within Erbil province near Iraq’s eastern and northern borders as a military base for US forces in the framework of the international coalition operations to fight the IS in Iraq. / End

Blackwater’s Erik Prince Talks Fighting Ebola, ISIS, and Bad Press

As he pitched his plan last week to fight Ebola with military contractors, Blackwater founder Erik Prince spoke alternately in hypotheticals and nostalgic past tense. Prince thinks that by using a large supply vessel floating off the coast of Ebola-ravaged West Africa, private contractors could quickly deliver crucial medical assistance to where it’s needed – an old idea of ​​his in a new context.

“We could carry 250 vehicles, couple of helicopters, couple of landing craft, and everything else – so that’s all your mobility equipment,” he told Foreign Policy on Thursday. “Everything else was containerized: food, medicine, field hospitals, tents, water purification, generators, fuel – everything you’d need for a humanitarian disaster.”

Prince, a 45-year-old former Navy SEAL, auto-parts company heir, and billionaire, has become the public and much maligned face of the use of private military contractors in America’s war on terror. So it’s not surprising That Perhaps Prince advocates Military contractors as part of a solution not only to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa but Also Combating State Islamic Militants in Iraq.

“One of the real core competencies of Blackwater, or companies like Blackwater, is we can operate in difficult places without any outside support,” Prince said, arguing that private firms are best-positioned to train and equip fighters such as the Peshmerga Iraqi Kurds . “The thing about the private sector is it can start with a clean sheet of paper every time, and it does not necessarily have to adapt an expensive, existing set of tools that it kind of has to bring along with it.”

That idea is not unique . What’s more noteworthy is Prince’s unchanged attitude about the inevitable superiority of private military companies. The day before Prince spoke to Foreign Policy by phone, a US jury convicted four former Blackwater guards of killing 14 Iraqi civilians and injuring another 17 when they opened fire in 2007 in downtown Baghdad’s Nisour Square. Prince himself has managed to avoid serious legal consequences from the misdeeds of his company, which made more than $ 1 billion from contracts in Iraq alone.

The bloody Nisour Square incident soured relations between the United States and Iraq and permanently blackened the public image of a company already tainted by complaints of impunity for violent behavior. Journalist Jeremy Scahill Reported in in 2009 That in sworn Statements Authorities Investigating given to the company, a former is Blackwater employee claimed Prince “views Himself as a Christian crusader tasked with Eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,” That and his business “Encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life. “

In his book Civilian Warriors, as well as in a Relatively rare interview ahead of its paperback release Tuesday, Prince Vehemently rejected color: such claims and Argued That Blackwater was Scapegoated by vindictive Democrats and a State Department and Pentagon That could not come to terms with the government’s growing dependence on private contractors.“I’m no hero. The world knows all too well about my mistakes. But I was never meant to play the villain,” he wrote in his book. “Seeing the company I’d built torn down for no reason was almost too much to bear.”

But the independence that Prince now touts as military contractors’ primary advantage in fighting scourges such as Ebola and the Islamic State is arguably what got Blackwater in trouble in the first place.

As the Defense analyst Peter W. Singer has the noted , Blackwater was very good at Protecting people, but its single-minded focus on security to the Detriment of winning “hearts and minds” Undermined the Credibility of the Broader US operation in Iraq, as seen in the fallout over Blackwater’s 2007 Baghdad shootings. “If they push traffic off the roads or if they shoot up a car that looks suspicious, whatever it may be, they may be operating within their contract – to the detriment of the mission, which is to bring the people over to your side , “the counter insurgency expert Army Col. Peter Mansoor said in 2007.

Prince acknowledges in his book that Blackwater’s “approach earned us no friends among Iraqi civilians, or the emergent government agencies representing them.” And indeed, he Struggled to free Blackwater from its own track record, Which includes charges of arms smuggling as well as Unwarranted Violence. He changed the firm’s name to Xe in 2009 and sold it in 2010 to a group of shareholders, who have since reconstituted the company as Academi and tried to distance it from Prince.

The writer Robert Young Pelton , who Helped Develop Prince and pitch his book and is Currently Embroiled in a legal battle with him over the contract, thinks Prince’s current PR push is “really about legacy.”

“Prince’s greatest dilemma is as Libertarian he has made most of his money from working for the government,” Pelton said via email. “He wants people after the Dems are out of office to believe he was pilloried by politics.”

Prince’s proposal for an anti-Ebola ship also appears to be a reimagining of his past in which his problems disappear. In 2006, Blackwater bought a 183-foot US ocean survey vessel, the McArthur, for a Broad range of provisioning, Humanitarian, and security uses. It turned out the ship was too slow for many Missions, and after Allegations of abuse Crewmate and a Dearth of Commissions, the company put the vessel up for sale in 2 010.

Touting his new Ebola-fighting proposal, however, Prince told Foreign Policythe costs would be low because “we were going to use a kind of mid- to later-life vessel, and we did not have to sail around the world efficiently anymore . It just had to float, move at 23 knots when we wanted it to go. “ Such a ship would address challenges NGOs face in quickly moving supplies to respond to crises, he said, helping out wherever “the balloon goes up – whether it’s a typhoon that hits the Philippines or a tsunami that hits Japan or an earthquake that hits Pakistan , or Ebola that hits West Africa. “

Though pitching himself as a humanitarian, Prince remains cagey about his more recent activities. While the hardcover’s book jacket says he splits his time between Abu Dhabi and Virginia, Prince said on Thursday that, “unfortunately, I kind of split between Virginia and living in an airplane. I travel a lot.” He heads Currently Frontier Services Group, a Chinese-backed firm That Provides logistics Assistance in Africa.

Regarding claims That he assisted in standing up a group of Mercenaries to fight Somali pirates and Terrorist groups in the country, Prince Responded, “My Role, Since I sold the business, Blackwater – it’s Been Strategic limited to some ideas.”

Despite reports That Trainees for the anti-pirate “police force” Had Been abandoned by backers in hwy two thousand and twelve, Prince Insisted That the-effort actually Had Succeeded in Eliminating piracy. “There was no successful pirate attacks in 2013, and I do not believe this year either,” Prince said. “Something worked, so I do not know how the media missed that.”

For Pelton, Prince remains “an interesting guy that gets away with murder … literally” and “is somewhat immune from self-examination and truth.”

Asked about his Involvement in the UAE project , Prince Signalled That the interview was at an end: “I’ve said everything I’m going to say on piracy, and the UAE, and all the rest.”

Prince did respond to a final question about his relationship with religion as a professedly devout Roman Catholic, however.

“I think faith gives us a structure around which to try to organize our lives,” he said. “I’m also a big believer, and very thankful that there’s forgiveness.”

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Pentagon: Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga are making progress on Daash

Pentagon: Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga are making progress on Daash

US Department of Defense announces the decline of radical Islamist forces in Amiriyat al-Fallujah and south-west of Baghdad and expelled from the nearby town of Mosul Zammar in record time.
WASHINGTON: The US Department of Defense (Pentagon), the Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga, the organization has made progress against the Islamic state, “Daash” in several parts of Iraq.

The spokesman for the US Department of Defense, Gen. John Kirby, during a press conference on Tuesday: “We have seen the Iraqi security forces and other anti-Daash Peshmerga forces such as gains in several parts of Iraq.”

He explained, “Kirby” that: “in central Iraq, saw the Iraqi security forces operations to expand the territory controlled by the beyond oil refinery in Baiji progress.”

He added that the Iraqi security forces were able to make progress against the “Daash” in Amiriyat Fallujah air strikes with the help of the international coalition led by Washington, also fared well in the face of “Daash” fighters in the south-west of Baghdad.

“Kirby” He also said that the Kurdish Peshmerga forces managed to restore the town Alsatr Zammar (60 kilometers south west of Mosul) and surrounding areas within the scope of time zone, which has been planned, even though it was supposed to take a week.

US General stressed that the restoration process is the fourth Zammar that Kurdish forces succeeded in restoring a site controlled by Daash after the Mosul Dam and Mount Sinjar and Rabia crossing. “

ISX jumps 3.15%

28 October 2014 04:10 PM Last update : 28 October 2014 04:10 PM Source: Mubasher Exclusive

The Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) closed on Tuesday at 93.99 points, gaining 3.15% or around 2.9 points.

Trading volume reached approximately 274.96 million shares, at a turnover of IQD 406.08 billion, traded through 164 transactions by 47 companies, of which 30 gained, four dropped and 13 remained unchanged.

The top three gainers were: Al Ameen Real Estate Investment Co by 20%, Al Ameen for Financial Investment Co by 19% and Middle East Producing and Marketing Fish by 10%. While, the top three decliners were: Fallujah for Construction Materials Co by 10%, Sumer Commercial Bank by 10% and North Bank for Finance and Investment by 1.8%.

Source: Mubasher Exclusive…-#.VFA5WGfLKG8

Tigris operations: the killing of five of the most prominent leaders of the first line to “Daash”

28/10/2014 21:37

Diyala / obelisk: Tigris Operations Command announced, on Tuesday, for the killing of five of the most prominent leaders of the organization of the first grade, “Daash” in the province.

The commander of the Tigris Operations Lieutenant-General, Abdul Ameer al-Zaidi said in a statement, seen by “obelisk”, “The forces of security from the police and the army-backed popular crowd carried out during the past two weeks, a series of quality operations in the northern district of Muqdadiya, 35 km northeast of Baquba, swimming Mansuriya areas 40 km east of Baquba and succeeded in killing five of the most prominent leaders of the first line in the organization Daash including three foreigners and Iraqi and Arabic.”

“The hunt for the first line to regulate the quality of operations Daash leaders is very important achievements in terms of the positive impact of breaking extremism and terrorism and promote stability and tranquility rates.”…25B9%25D9%2582

For the first time in Iraq, the use of a smart card to refuel

لاول مرة في العراق استعمال البطاقة الذكيه للتزود بالوقود


Declared petroleum products company in Maysan, on Tuesday, about to embrace the use of advance electronic card payment to refuel, to be the first Iraqi governorate in the application of the system, usually it guarantees the right of the owner of the vehicle and knows the real price of fuel, while the citizens of counting that the system contributes to the reduction of “corruption and manipulation” at gas stations.

The director of the company, matshar Qasim Qasim, in a press statement that “the company began using the pre-electronic card payment system for refueling in the province,” returned to “sing system for vehicle owners to deal with the problems of the employees of government fuel stations.” He denominator, that “Maysan first province Iraqi that system applied using a smart card, achieving a quantum leap in this area,” noting that “the company will supply the government gas stations all cards pre-payment, which guarantees the right of the citizen vehicle owner and learned the real price of fuel.”

The Director of petroleum products company in Maysan, that “serious system allows vehicle owners who use the electronic card, the company’s review between now and then to get to detect the product and the amounts Srvoha movement,” calling on citizens to “use the system as a civilized and cultural phenomenon spread throughout the world.” . Qassem added, that there is “huge demand on the system by government departments and citizens to ease and prevent manipulation of supplied fuel quantity or price,” pointing out that “the developed countries rely on the joints on the e-governance system which facilitates the completion of the work of the citizen without human intervention.”


Council of Ministers approves arming volunteers who fight ISIL in Anbar


Baghdad (AIN) –The Council of Minister decided approves arming and organizing the volunteers who fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant terrorists in Anbar. /End/