Top Homeland Security official: ISIS has not crossed border into US By Eric Bradner, CNN updated 9:02 PM EDT, Wed October 8, 2014

Washington (CNN) – Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson blasted Rep. Duncan Hunter’s suggestion that ISIS fighters have crossed the United States’ southern border into Texas.
“Let’s not unduly create fear and anxiety in the public by passing on speculation and rumor,” Johnson said Wednesday on CNN’s “Situation Room.”
Hunter, a California Republican, claimed on Fox News on Tuesday night that he’d learned from Border Patrol officers that at least 10 ISIS fighters had been caught trying to cross the Mexican border – and that “you know there’s going to be dozens more that did not get caught by the Border Patrol. ”
Johnson said those claims are not supported by “credible, specific intelligence to that effect.” He said public officials should “be responsible in what we decide to share with the American public, so that the public is informed.”
His comments came after a Homeland Security spokeswoman called Hunter’s statement “categorically false.”
“I look at the intelligence reports from overseas, from our southern border, from our intelligence community virtually every day, numerous times a day, to be on the lookout for something of that nature,” Johnson said.
US winning fight against ISIS recruiting, official says
“So what I would say to the American public is, we’re vigilant in looking out for individuals of suspicion that may be crossing our border, and we have no specific intelligence that ISIL is planning to come into the US through our southern border, “he said, using another acronym for ISIS.
Hunter spokesman Joe Kasper said the congressman stands by his comments.
“A high level source informed the congressman – it was also said that DHS is actively discouraging any talk of IS on the border,” Kasper said.
“The congressman was conveying what he knows – and what he was told,” he said. “And as for DHS ‘statement, it makes sense that the left hand of DHS does not know what the right hand is doing – it’s been that way for a long time and we do not expect that to change. No surprise there . ”

Security forces stormed the two regions east of Fallujah and is heading to the vine

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One dead in Fallujah organization Daash

10/08/2014 16:50

Awan / Anbar

A source in the Anbar Operations Command, on Wednesday, that a number of elements of the organization Daash, were killed during the storming of two areas east of Fallujah (62 km) west of Baghdad, as pointed out that the clashes are still continuing.

The source told “Awan”, “The joint forces of the army and police and the gold band stormed, this afternoon, the regions of the bridge thunders and the island of vine-east of Fallujah, and clashed with elements of al Daash, killing and wounding a number of militants did not know how many yet,” noting that “the process has the support of Army Aviation.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said that “those forces now advancing toward the center of the vine,” adding that “the clashes are still continuing between the two parties.”

Peshmerga hand Zammar liberated villages west of Mosul, killing dozens of Aldoaash

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10/08/2014 15:11

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: A source in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, Wednesday, that a special task force of the Peshmerga managed to free irrigation project in hand Zammar island west of Mosul, killing and wounding dozens of Aldoaash.

The source told “tomorrow Press”, “The particular strength of the Peshmerga launched, today, a broad attack on the outskirts of hand Zammar which managed to liberate the island irrigation project in hand along the piper (30 km west of Mosul).”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “The attack also resulted in the liberation of a number of surrounding villages aspect, including the destruction of villages and ruined hay adored and other small villages.” The source added that “the operation that killed more than 20 terrorists from Daash and wounding dozens of them were seriously injured as a result of the severity of the attack,” pointing out that “it was the arrest of seven of the injured Aldoaash in addition to the destruction of a number of mechanisms and wheels regulation during the battles that lasted for more than 14 hours continuous. “

Abbadi.. Refer the most prominent leaders “Maliki” military trial. .. For selling army weapons to organize daash!!

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Date: Wednesday, 08-10-2014 08: 32 am

According to the research organization American arms conflict, nearly half of the weapons and ammunition used by the Organization in Syria and terrorist daash Iraq, American and Chinese industry, and they pose with weapons originating in the Russian Federation and Serbia, 80 percent of the weapons used by the organization.

It said on the track in the field of battle, and funded by the European Union, said that samples of weapons and ammunition which has examined and studied, intended primarily to support the security forces in the region to fight regulation.

“The indications are that the munitions that have moved to Syria and Iraq to help stabilize the Governments there, instead, moved across to the jihadists, which helped the rise of the Islamic State Organization and efficiency of combat.”

The study revealed that “Organization of most of its ammunition comes daash battles against Iraqi army and through the purchase of military commanders who traffic in weapons the Iraqi army.”

For his part, an informed source said that “Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, began a campaign to purge State institutions of suspicious transactions linked with the previous phase have been reinstated by the former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, or their children and cost the Treasury billions of dollars”, indicating that they “are accused of several charges including arms trading, and deals with management assigned to the army of hundreds of victims.”

The source confirmed that “decisions to be issued after the Eid al-Adha on the referral of three senior officers to the rank of team to retire from their posts between the Defense Ministry and his articulates the Office of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and assignment of 130 officers to retire and investigate the background of military events that accompanied the fall of Mosul, Tikrit and parts of the western regions”, indicating that he was prevented from travelling or moving and custody during these days that precede the decision after the feast “.

“The Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi is the prevention of a senior’s son in Iraq from entering the green zone because manipulating Government contracts and bad control and cycle control the work contracts of Iraqi ministries and receiving information about the arrival of the so-called Bank portfolio in banks and the Iraqi and Western banks to $ 3 billion and is not excluded judgment against the son for corruption charges”.

The Ibadi, while chairing a cabinet meeting that the mechanism used in the Interior and defence ministries for the past eight years has caused a loss of $ 100 billion Iraq from its public through a complex network of thieves and beneficiaries of public funds by source present at the meeting.

Arab banking summit – an American in New York

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10/07/2014 21:14:00

Oman / Nina / Union of Arab Banks hold a summit Arab Banking Dialogue – American cooperation with international destinationson 14 and 15 October in New York about the current topic: correspondent banks and in the headquarters of the Bank of New York.

The Secretary-General of the Federation and Sam Fattouh that the summit is gaining importance through international attention and Arab, and broad participation, and the nature and importance of the issues at hand, indicating that it will see wide participation by decision makers banking and financial Arab Research in banking relationships Arab – American, especially in my sanctions and anti-money laundering , and explain their position and point of view of many of the issues and the files in question.

He Fattouh in a press statement issued by the Union, which Beirut-based today to post a number of officials at theInternational Monetary Fund and the Ministry of the Treasury, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Reserve Bank in the work of American Summit.

He pointed out that the summit will discuss the launch of a serious dialogue between the Arab banking sector and the banking sector American addresses important topics including the future of correspondent banks in the regulatory environment variable and the changing role of correspondent banks, and building relationships between Arab banks in the Arab world and its banks messaging in the United States within the program effectively to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. / End,ctr:countryIQ

Security “Baghdadi” attack kills more than 80 Daashaa .

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Wednesday, Oct. 08 1 / Okrudolf 2014

Twilight News / early detection, a security source in Anbar, Wednesday, killed more than 80 of the terrorist organization “Daash” in the attack on al-Baghdadi Regiment emergency Walker for terrorists in one of the villages.

The source said “Twilight News”, said a joint force of the regiment emergency Baghdadi police Baghdadi attacked the nest to organize “Daash” terrorist in the village of Jabriyah affiliated to the area of the cupboard in Anbar province, noting that the attack resulted in the deaths of more than 80 terrorist elements of the organization, according to the commander Emergency Regiment Colonel Shaaban Barzan al-Baghdadi al-Obeidi.

And locked security forces in cooperation with the Army Aviation and Air Force and the support of the international airline alliance, fighting ongoing in order to cleanse the areas controlled by terrorists, “Daash” in Anbar province.—qq—-80–.html&usg=ALkJrhgyr2sRHTeMCdgawst91n273DZheQ

Projects exist only on paper. Where did the billions of dollars?

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08-10-2014 11:00 PM 08-10-2014 11:00 PM

Days after the last Outs cover, for the hidden and hidden from the terrors and calamities, the heavy legacy left by the Maliki government, the facts and the evidence compelling, and in the words of chief executive officer in the Iraqi state, Mr. Prime Minister, that this recognition blatant in wasting money the state treasury, to go into the pockets of whales corruption, it’s a political scandal and tragedy all its meanings and its horrors and the appalling consequences, which is located on the drain on the ordinary citizen, to be a victim to pay the price, it’s a major tragedy for the new Iraq.

Not only that it was the era of al-Maliki, as the disintegration and dissolution of the military and security services, which were represented leaders of military, entitled cowardice and capitulation and betrayal, which encouraged from the results terrible, control organization Daash offender, in committing crimes and committing massacres against the soldiers and the population of innocent people, and the occupation of large swathes of Iraq …. and not only in the dissolution of the state and the disintegration of the institutions and facilities vital, in the division of political and sectarian apocalyptic, which left wounds and fingerprinted for reeling him in every corner of Iraq … and not in a policy of random and floundering and hybrid and parasitic, the lack of political vision mature and conscious and responsible, which created a machine for the production and creating problems and crises, conflicts and disputes the serious political, and that can lead Iraq into the unknown fate …. and not only in the lack of exercise, simpler values ​​and principles of democracy, political action, which veered to the practice of prostitution and political bartering, buying and selling positions political, and the protection of corrupt penalty of law ….. and not only in the lack of a sense of responsibility and duty to the national fair, to the people, and by providing basic public services, needed by the citizens, which increased the effects of the devastation uncle Iraq, and in all state facilities vital, but the greatest misfortune and the grossest of all these terrors that slaughtered Iraq from the vena cava.

Has said Mr. Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister, in his address to the leaders of the National Alliance.

Frankly speaking, that (I have not received any integrated project of the previous government, despite the passage of 8 years on the management of the state, but received projects on paper, does not have a presence on the ground, and billions of dollars) this is the enormity of the new Iraq, and here comes the question of the project , Where did these billions of dollars?!

Is it possible to reveal the details of the people and the parliament?!

Will there be a legal accounting, crime in wasting people’s money, in the projects exist only on paper, and do not have a presence on the ground?

Is it possible to recover billions of looted and stolen from the side of the people to the state treasury, and taken from the pockets of corrupt and balances, or it would close in forgotten files, due to the lack of sufficient evidence, efficiency, and writes them to save only !!!!!!

This tragedy and scandal, major, must exploration and search for them in every nook and reveal details, even to the ICON Iraq, the country of corruption and corrupt, pillaging, theft, extortion, fraud.