Announcement naming the ministers of defense and interior within 48 hours

10/14/2014 0:00

Decisiveness in Thursday’s session

BAGHDAD – Alaa al-Tai

Will reveal the next 48 hours revealed the names of candidates and the defense and interior ministries, which reduces the line-up so far, a hushed and kept large by the commanders on the display names despite assurances compatibility on them, while continuing consultations between the parliamentary blocs to work on the success of the session next Thursday, voting to grant confidence for the two names Mnha.ourgem prime minister pledged decisively file interior and defense portfolios as soon as possible, but the political blocs and the House of Representatives did not Anvkoa claim of urgency in completing the line-up and not to repeat the experience of the previous government to leave the positions and the agency, especially with live country to put a security risk extends to the entire region requires discharge figures efficient and with considerable experience in dealing with Alammer.oukal national Alliance MP Khalid al-Asadi told the “morning”: that the political blocs continue its consultations on the names of candidates to take over the security ministries, adding that the next 48 hours will see an agreement on two names from among the names forged a consensus of parliamentary blocs for a vote in the House of Representatives end Alasbua.oshdd Asadi in his speech on the need to be done to resolve the file security ministries and naming ministers of interior and defense, stressing the seriousness of the parties in the coalition and the rest of the blocks to end the matter, noting that the differences simple about forged names should not stop then, waving the support of the majority of the blocks to take the head of the Badr Hadi al-Amiri office of the Ministry of the Interior, with the possibility of cross-compatibility on Khalid al-Obeidi as defense minister from the coalition forces. In turn, the MP for the coalition united for reform were part of the coalition forces Iraqi Khalid al-Obeidi, that the coalition has no objection to the candidate of the Badr Organization parliamentary Hadi al-Amiri to the inner bag. He said al-Obeidi’s “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network”: “The Congress coalition united not have objection to Ameri portfolio of the Ministry of Interior, “asserting that” the job itself is like the National Alliance. “He added that” in the case of al-Amiri as a candidate for the National Alliance to fill the Interior Ministry will meet the approval of the political blocs in the parliament. “The MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Mohammed Karbouli said earlier that one of the best personalities to fill the post of interior minister is Hadi al-Amiri, but it is independent and has a military organization, noting that the political blocs agreed with the independence of the Abadi holds interior and defense portfolios.

Despite the talk about a lot of names, but the decisions of Parliament confirmed the non-receipt of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives the names of any candidates to fill the posts of defense and interior, noting that today’s meeting will be called where the presidencies of committees.

Said Niazi Aoglul “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network”: “The file naming security minister may be delayed until after the hearing on Tuesday,” stressing that the session may witness Hosting Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to view what happened in external conferences and decisions taken. ”

Despite what he’s talking by some of the existence of a consensus, but the MP for the Liberal bloc Yasser Mohammed, denied this, saying that the political blocs did not correspond yet to figure the ministers of security, but that the blocks determined to end the absence of the two ministers for security events taking place in the provinces of the country.

He also explained in a press statement, that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, has a set of names that attended to fill the ministries of interior and defense, but he did not wish to disclose when approaching a vote on the candidates.”

The head of the parliamentary bloc of the National Reform Sahlani Hilal on Sunday, the political blocs to make concessions and to expedite the resolution of my budget and security ministers, as he emphasized that the country’s circumstances need to not procrastinate or delay in these two cases.

And confirms the National Alliance MP Ali Alak said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi within a week will be able to resolve the selection of ministers of security.

The relationship between in a press statement, said that “al-Abadi, unable to get out of the House of Representatives within a week, and he has to earn the trust of the candidates for the position of the ministries of interior and defense.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, had confirmed in a session assignment he would present the names to take over the defense and interior portfolios during a maximum period of one week, and did not impair the names offered by Abadi, to take over the functions of the ministries approval of the House of Representatives, which led to the rejection of Abadi determine the duration of time for the submission of names of candidates for the security ministries.

Maliki refusing to hand over the presidential plane: Iran donated to me and not to the state

October 13, 2014, 19:29

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

Refusal of Vice President Nouri al-Maliki delivered the presidential plane for the Prime Minister to Mattabrha Haider al-Abadi, a gift to him by Iran and not the state.

Sources in the prime minister Monday that al-Maliki refused to hand over private plane trips Prime Minister of the outside to the custody of the new government being, according to his special gift to him, pointing out that the presidential plane of the type Airbus and was donated to him as the President of the Government of Iraq, not as a person by Iran, to facilitate his movements in a time when Iraq did not have aircraft travel where he used in his travels abroad.

The sources indicated that “al-Maliki, who is currently the vice president returned to the hobby acquisition fluently as refusal period before handing the seat of government to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a far refused to hand over the plane, which is considered one of the properties and funds of the Iraqi state.

It showed that “al-Maliki and through his own office as a vice president refused to transfer registration of the aircraft to the office of Al-Abbadi, which drew murmurs and discomfort in the circles close to the al-Abadi.”

It is noteworthy that the plane is currently located at Baghdad International Airport with a crew dedicated to the leadership of the Iranian plane.

Note that the plane provided by Tehran as a gift to the Iraqi government, and not someone Maliki, who is now the only honorific and does not need a private jet.

The issuance of an arrest warrant against director general of the Rafidain Bank, the former Zia Alckheon

Fallujah News / Baghdad … According to a source familiar with, the issuance of an arrest warrant against director general of the Rafidain Bank, the former Zia Alckheon.
The source said that ‘arrest warrant was issued on Monday, against the general manager of the Rafidain Bank and former adviser to the Minister of Finance for banks Zia Alckheon’, adding that ‘the memo was issued against the backdrop of corruption charges’.
The Alckheon who held various posts in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, including the post of Adviser to the Minister of Finance for the banks and the post of Director of the Rafidain Bank, one of the most prominent figures who are suspected of corruption, has contributed, according to sources, in the deterioration of the work of banks in Iraq and the deterioration of the currency before 2003, according to observers.

The distribution of salaries of employees and police officers Nineveh

توزيع رواتب منتسبي وضباط شرطة نينوى

The distribution of salaries of employees and police officers Nineveh

Source said a police official in Nineveh, on Monday, the distribution of salaries of employees and officers of the Interior Ministry in the province of Nineveh, who joined the training centers.

The source said that “the Interior Ministry and distributed salaries’s (4500) officer and a member of enrollment in special training centers to fight the elements of organizing Daash, on the outskirts of the provinces of Arbil and Dohuk.”

The source noted that the Ministry of the Interior, has agreed to distribute the salaries of associate and officers from attending training centers exclusively “calling on all officers and employees of the Interior of the people of Nineveh province to” join the training camps to receive their salaries.

He noted that the Ministry of Defense, will be awarded, in the coming days, the salaries of its members and officers who joined the training camps as well. “

Speech “important” for the Iraqi president next Wednesday

Under section: political Dated: October 13, 2014
Baghdad / Iraq network news source

in the presidency, the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, will deliver a historic speech on Wednesday Almqubl.oukal Source:

“The president will deliver a speech infallible historically separates the political and security issues in the case with all of the country, adding that this speech will come after convene a meeting of the international coalition at the request of President George Park Obama. orgeh source,

that the president will talk about the infallible bring foreign troops into Iraq to fight al “Daash” is noteworthy that the international coalition will discuss his meeting tomorrow on the issue of entry of foreign troops into Iraq.

UN calls on Kurdish Min’s to Return to Govt

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Nickolay Mladenov held meetings on Sunday with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq’s Parliament.
The meeting focused on the continuous cooperation between the KR-I and the central government, as well as on the current humanitarian burden on the KR-I. He received a copy of the report that the Kurdistan Regional Parliament on the terrible situation in Kobane, Syria.
Mr. Mladenov commented:
“In my meeting with the Kurdistan Region’s leadership, I urged them to take without delay their rightful place in the government and to discuss their outstanding differences within the Council of Ministers.
“Iraq is facing many political, humanitarian and security challenges that require all components to work together.
“At this critical time, Iraq’s unity is of paramount importance to save all Iraqis from their scourge of terrorism.”
The SRSG reiterated that UNAMI stands ready as always to assist the process of dialogue.


Iraq not to be alone in facing ISIL, says Hammond

Monday, 13 October 2014 18:42 |

Baghdad (AIN) –The British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond said “Iraq will not be a lone in facing the Islamic State of Iraqand Levant terrorists and we will keep on our support to the Iraqi Security Forces.” /End/