Arab League delegation is keen on Iraq’s unity and territorial sovereignty

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Said the Arab League delegation, headed by the Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil keen on Arab countries to support Iraq in the face of terrorism.

He said Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari in a joint conference held with the Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi and the foreign minister of Kuwait Sabah Khalid Al Hamad Al-Sabah and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mauritania Ahmed Ould Teguedi, in Baghdad that “the completion of the government and the choice of ministers of security is an important issue occupied the attention of internal affairs and international.” He explained: “We deliberated with the Arab delegation in the affairs of different about the situation in Iraq in the region, and Iraq did not ask the Arab states or foreign any ground troops, but we asked the countries of the international coalition providing air cover and assigning Iraqi forces in training and armament, and are ready to resolve all our disputes with neighboring Kuwait “. While Bush’s secretary-general of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi said: “Today we live stage thinking sterile is not correct with the 21st century,” noting that “Iraq surpassed the neck of the bottle as he walked forward,” adding that “the challenges facing the responsibility of all countries,” he said, adding “The Arab League against any prejudice to the sovereignty of Arab countries,” noting that “most countries have contributed with the international coalition against terrorist gangs Daash and agreed to strikes against these gangs.”For his part, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah “We are very happy the presence of an Arab delegation representative in Kuwait to convey a message of support and solidarity with Iraq from the stability of Iraq mainstay in the security of the region and the Arab countries are keen on Iraq’s security, and a lengthy search with al-Jaafari and meet al-Jubouri After our meeting infallible and Abadi, “noting that he” will discuss our visit and the situation in Iraq to the Arab foreign ministers at the first meeting is coming to them, “he said, adding Sabah said that” the international coalition against Daash terrorist Kan Arabic and we will work together to counter terrorist threats, “stressing” the keenness of the Arab countries Iraq’s unity and territorial sovereignty, “adding,” We have evolved over the past two years, Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, and we will have to meet before the end of this year that the High Joint Committee held in Baghdad. “ Foreign Minister Mortani Ahmed Ould Teguedi discussed with the Iraqi government, security issues and what can be provided by the Arab League to Iraq and came to express solidarity with him, “He explained that” Iraq is a mainstay in the Arab world and should help him at this stage and take it out of the crisis. “


Abadi up to Tehran, accompanied by ministers of finance, oil and electricity

21-10-2014 01:22 AM
Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, to Mehrabad Airport, west of Tehran, is accompanied on his visit Abadi, Iran’s Minister of Finance, oil, electricity and some deputies of the parliament, where will discuss with Iranian officials to develop bilateral relations on the political and economic levels.
The media quoted earlier Abadi as saying that his visit will focus on developments in the region, and discuss ways of cooperation to guide the anti-regulation ‘Islamic state’ (Daash) in Iraq.
After formally greeted this morning (Tuesday), will meet with First Vice-Abadi, the Iranian president, Isaac Jhankiri, as well as another meeting Sijmah President of the Shura Council, Ali Larijani, in addition to the meetings will bring together Iraqi ministers accompanying him Iranian counterparts.
Iran has confirmed several times on the lips of political and military officials to support the Iraqi government and counseling necessary to help the Iraqi army in its war against ‘Daash’, as well as the bilateral economic relations between Baghdad and Tehran have achieved the highest levels where the estimated size of the joint ventures existing between the two countries in four billion and 200 million dollars.

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Aajl..alebadi up to Iran

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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Monday evening to Iran on an official visit is his first official visit carried out.

The visit of al-Abadi, who heads a delegation of members of his government, including ministers of oil and water resources, electricity and trade one day.

The prime minister had announced on Monday morning in Najaf, said his visit to Iran “to discuss with the leaders and officials on bilateral cooperation in various areas of what binds us with a solid economic relations and trade, military, and this is important to develop a relationship.”

For her part, a spokeswoman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry satisfactory grander that “Tehran attaches special importance to the visit Abadi” considering “future prospects for Iran and Iraq, it is the stability and calm and to strengthen regional relations.”

She pointed out that “Abadi will hold talks with senior Iranian officials on the latest regional and mechanisms of action to settle the existing problems” Ended

Aajl..cil Cabinet approves the recommendation and review of contracts for the Ministry of Oil in the drilling of 30 wells


The cabinet also approved in the first day sat his full squad recommendation of a committee to review the tenders and contracts in the central Ministry of Oil and tender them a contract drilling 30 wells Naftyh..itba

Washington welcomes Turkey By allowing fighters to Iraqi Kurds to cross the border

(AFP) – The United States welcomed Turkey’s decision Monday to allow fighters to Iraqi Kurds crossed the border to defend the city Kobanî (northern Syria), which is encircled by militants to organize the Islamic state.

The spokeswoman said the State Department said in a statement Marie Harff “We welcome the statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Turkish)”.

Parliament Act reads “expression of opinion”

21/10/2014 (00:01 pm)

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Raised the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Monday, to its next Tuesday, after Parliament read the first reading of the draft law of freedom of expression.

A parliamentary source said early in the interview (range Press), “The House of Representatives Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, adjourn the meeting of the 23 of the first legislative term of the legislative year, the first parliamentary session third, to be held next Tuesday, a brief summary (28 from the month of October current).”
The source, who requested anonymity, that “the meeting saw the first reading of the draft law on freedom of expression, as has been postponed read three laws to future meetings.”
The source continued that “the House of Representatives voted through its membership on the health of the majority of MPs star Lahibi Wyman Hamid Ali.”
The Council of Representatives of Iraq, on Monday, its the 23 of the first legislative term of the legislative year, the first parliamentary session, the first under the chairmanship of its President Saleem al-Jubouri and the presence of 205 Nwab.okan scheduled to be presented during the hearing the report of the Committee temporary displacement and the first reading of the draft law on freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration peaceful, and the second reading of a bill establishing civil federal health institutions, and the second reading of the draft law of the Ministry of Health, in addition to the second reading of the draft law on the fight against drugs and psychotropic substances.

Pictures: Dr. Haider Abadi visiting the shrine of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib after his visit Sistani

Monday, 20 October 2014 – 10:44

Oversees the Iraqi Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi visited the shrine accompanied by Tahir upper Najaf governor Adnan al-Zurfi, where he was received by the Secretary General of the upper threshold of the sacred and the members of the Board of Directors and a number of heads of departments and the people working in them.
And the transfer of the official website of the upper threshold and I followed and that the agency N. Abadi, briefed his performance after the ceremony visit on the set of projects being undertaken by the General Secretariat of the threshold of the Holy accomplished valued service for visitors.
The Prime Minister listened to a detailed explanation by the Secretary General of the threshold of the sacred and the members of the Board of Directors on the expansion works are completed and accomplished.
Ebadi said after the conclusion of his visit, “honored to visit the shrine of the faithful peace be upon him, and we met graciously Mr. Sistani visit us and we support the threshold of the Holy everything we can, as well as the city of Najaf, we saw the expansion projects which ambitious projects for practical and realistic, and God willing they get all the support from us.”
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France carried out its third raid in Iraq .. and Russia offers assistance

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French aircraft destroyed, on Sunday, two carriages to organize Daash through “to assign the task to Iraqi forces on the ground,” as announced by the French defense ministry said Monday on its website.

She is the third French air strike since joining France on September 19 last to the international coalition air campaign led by an American in Iraq.
The ministry said, “in the October 19 and through the task of assigning to Iraqi forces on the ground, struck two cars, two Rafale Francetan + pickup + for Daash terrorist group and devastated.” She said: “This strike is part of the support of the International Alliance of Iraqi armed forces in the area of ​​Baiji-Tikrit.”
It did not say whether the raid, which was used laser-guided bombs resulted in the victims. And controlled organization Daash fighters on the city of Tikrit, 160 km north of Baghdad, since more than four months. And Friday, Iraqi forces launched, backed by aerial bombing of the international coalition led by the United States, an offensive to retake areas in the north of the city.
The raid took place prior to the French aircraft in Iraq in September 25 last and targeted the old barracks for the army, about 15 kilometers east of Fallujah, west of Baghdad. While the first air strikes took place in September 19 in northeastern Iraq near Mosul and destroyed during which “ammunition depot” for Daash also contains vehicles and large quantities of fuel.
Since October 5 Current use of French troops in the raids, which starts from a base in the United Arab Emirates nine French Rafale plane and train and plane C-135 maritime patrol aircraft Atlantique 2.
Iraqi forces are facing difficulty in regaining land lost in the face of the Islamic state fighters who have achieved many successes in the Sunni province of Anbar (west), which control 80% of the area.
In a related context, said the Russian Foreign Ministry, on Monday, for the continuation of Moscow to provide aid to Iraq and Syria in their war against “terrorism”, and while confirming that aid equipment includes a wide range of weapons and military equipment to double their fighting capability of the two countries, called for concerted international efforts to counter the threat of international terrorism goal of the organization (Daash).
He said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in remarks carried by the agency Rianovosty (RIA NOVOSTI Russian and seen by the (long-Presse), “We are continuing our support for the governments of Iraq and Syria, as well as other countries in the region in their war against insurgents extremists who seek to extend their influence in the region.”
Lavrov added that “aid include support those governments friendly wide range of weapons and military equipment, which aims to double the combat abilities,” pointing out that “Moscow also called for concerted international efforts to counter the threat of international terrorism.”

Aajl..fa first cabinet session full squad constitute a committee to re-prioritize the budget


The form of the Council of Ministers in its meeting on Monday, a ministerial committee headed by the finance minister [Hoshyar Zebari] The re-prioritize the federal budget for 2014 .. This is the first meeting of the Council of Ministers follows the full squad

OPEC crude output in September reaches highest point since 2013 summer