Defense: Iraqi forces in full control of Baghdad

Baghdad / follow-up justice – 10/13/2014 – 17:07 | Hits: 18

The Minister of Defense American, Chuck Hagel, The Iraqi security forces are in full control of the capital, Baghdad, adding, “It’s to help them continue to air strikes.”

= Hegel said at a press conference in the Chilean capital of Santiago, “We are doing what we can of our strikes through the air to help repel gangs Daash In fact there has been some progress in that area.”
With regard to the area of ​​the eye Arabs Kobanî {} “It is a very difficult problem.”
The Hegel tour in South America may take six days and include the three countries.

Hegel stressed that “the battle against terrorist gangs Daash long-term process.”

On the situation in Iraq, stressed that “the Iraqi security forces are in full control of Baghdad and continue to strengthen their positions there,” he said, adding that “We are continuing our assistance and air strikes Bmsaeidina and Bmscharina.”
Chen Saraya security forces backing the popular crowd, and battles with wide Daash terrorist gangs, which has been able to achieve success on the ground and clearing some areas of terrorists.


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