Mass change Abadi calls to speed up the appointment of security ministers

6:14: 10/13/2014

Side of the bombings Kara Tepe
Khandan – Change parliamentary bloc condemned strongly the terrorist bombings that hit the hand Kara Tepe signed tens of martyrs and wounded, demand that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi expedite the appointment of security ministers to stop the wave of terrorism and improve the security situation throughout Iraq.

The mass change in a statement received “Khandan” a copy of it: “The criminal bombings that killed dozens of martyrs and wounded in the hand, Kara Tepe yesterday revealed again the true face of terrorism which Aemez between nationalism or religion or doctrine, Terrorists do not know only the language of killing, destruction and violation of privacy The looting of money and property. ”

The statement added: “The hand model Kara Tepe neighborhood of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence among its components, and its people will not allow principals to terrorists infiltrating their ranks, whatever sacrifices it cost them.”

She stressed the mass change in its statement on “the need to accelerate Dr. Abadi in the naming of security ministers to contribute to stop the wave of violence and terrorism and the promotion of the reality of the security in the whole of Iraq,” calling on political parties to “resolve the controversy over the security ministries as soon as possible and taking into account the exceptional circumstance that passes by Iraq and the region,” .

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“The law” is likely to re-nominate strange and Jabri interior and defense and “dialogue” claims reveal the names of specific external positions

Session of parliament voted to give the confidence to the new Iraqi government Photography (Mahmoud Raouf)
“The law” is likely to re-nominate strange and Jabri interior and defense and “dialogue” claims reveal the names of specific external positions
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10/12/2014 23:13
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Seemed a coalition of state law and confident that the prime minister will submit the names of candidates for interior and defense to the House of Representatives to vote on them next Saturday, and stated that Haider al-Abadi told the leaders of the National Alliance in the last meeting of the bloc, was characterized by his re-nomination Jaber al-Jabri and Riad Ghraib after being granted the green light by the legal advisers Inside the House of Representatives, that there is no constitutional barrier hinders this nomination.

The House of Representatives has rejected (the 17th of September 2014), giving confidence to the candidates for prime minister, the defense and interior ministries, Jaber al-Jabri and Riad Ghraib, the former is the first of its kind after the year 2003 and the ills of Shiite legislators, however, that the Minister of Municipalities former, Riad Ghraib , was part of a team Nuri al-Maliki, and advocate for policies and “do not fit” the obligations of political reform in the current stage.

Meanwhile, the alliance of the Iraqi forces, it “has not been decided,” the name of the personal will and the Defense Ministry, noting that the United States and some regional countries’ demands to provide specific figures to fill the posts of defense and interior. “

The MP said the coalition of state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, in an interview to the newspaper (range), “The leaders of the National Alliance held on Saturday evening, (the 11th of October 2014 Current), held a meeting to discuss the naming candidates for interior and defense and the possibility of submission to Parliament during the current week , “pointing out that” the best prime minister of the National Alliance leaders during the meeting, between the resolution of naming ministers of security by granting full powers of the selection, or to resort to a points system which distributed whereby ministries between the blocks. “

The Minister of Youth and Sports, the former, that “Abadi expressed during the meeting its commitment to re-nominate Jaber al-Jabri for the defense portfolio and Riad Ghraib interior basket and submit one vote on them in the House of Representatives.”

It seems that al-Abadi, “did not find any disabled legal preclude re-nomination Jabri and strange positions,” according to Jaafar, who confirmed that “the legal committee within the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the legal advisers to the House of Representatives, told Abadi that there is no legal impediment and constitutional prevents re-nomination Jabri and strange again. “

The head of the government had commissioned earlier in one of his legal advisers to discuss with the legal advisers to the House of Representatives, on finding a legal mechanism to re-vote on candidates for interior and defense after the rejection by Parliament.

He predicted Jaafar, the “Head of Government presents candidates of Defense and Interior to vote them to the House of Representatives next Thursday or Saturday, because of travel of the President to the House of Representatives out of Iraq now.”

And on the way out the legal, which allows for the prime minister re-nomination Jabri and strange again, ruled the former minister, “there is no legal justification or constitutional prevents Abadi from that,” explaining that “if there is questioning of the minister or any official, has been through the withdrawal of confidence only, not can be returned again by the prime minister to parliament to vote. “

And position within the National Alliance, said Jaafar, that “the subject is very similar to a game of chess because whenever lift a stone you need to last, where most of the coalition parties would oppose the trends Abadi,” pointing out that “the yacht’s interior and defense did not Tkhaddaa to a points system like other ministries and, therefore, the Ministry of Interior is not the share of mass Badr. “

He predicted the former minister, to “get Jabri kinky confidence in Parliament if the submitted one basket.”

But the Iraqi coalition forces, confirmed that he “has not been decided yet is its candidate for the defense portfolio,” noting that “Jaber al-Jabri is still one of his choices for the job.”

The MP said the meeting and pink, in a telephone interview with the newspaper (range), said that “any agreement within the alliance Iraqi forces did not result in the identification of candidate and the Department of Defense,” revealing “international intervention in the case of naming ministers of defense and interior.”

She added pink, that “the United States and some regional countries to interfere in naming candidates for the security ministries,” excluded the possibility “to provide the names of ministers of security to the House of Representatives during the current week.”

The MP for Anbar, that “Jaber Khaled al-Obeidi and Jabri, Rafie al-Issawi are still candidates alliance Iraqi forces,” noting that “foreign interference want specific names of the defense and interior portfolios.”

The parliament vote of confidence, in (the eighth of September 2014), the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, and 24 ministers in his booth with the exception of a number of ministries, notably interior and defense.

Defense: Iraqi forces in full control of Baghdad

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The Minister of Defense American, Chuck Hagel, The Iraqi security forces are in full control of the capital, Baghdad, adding, “It’s to help them continue to air strikes.”

= Hegel said at a press conference in the Chilean capital of Santiago, “We are doing what we can of our strikes through the air to help repel gangs Daash In fact there has been some progress in that area.”
With regard to the area of ​​the eye Arabs Kobanî {} “It is a very difficult problem.”
The Hegel tour in South America may take six days and include the three countries.

Hegel stressed that “the battle against terrorist gangs Daash long-term process.”

On the situation in Iraq, stressed that “the Iraqi security forces are in full control of Baghdad and continue to strengthen their positions there,” he said, adding that “We are continuing our assistance and air strikes Bmsaeidina and Bmscharina.”
Chen Saraya security forces backing the popular crowd, and battles with wide Daash terrorist gangs, which has been able to achieve success on the ground and clearing some areas of terrorists.

Experts: CBI made considerable progress in reforming the country’s banking system

Experts: CBI made considerable progress in reforming the country’s banking system

October 12, 2014 11:15

Experts - CBI made considerable progress in reforming the countrys banking systemSaid Director General of Statistics and research at the Central Bank of Iraq that the central made ​​considerable progress in reforming the banking system through the provision of legislative environment suitable for the development of its business and make way for the launch of its services commensurate with the requirements of the market economy and the provision of banking services to investorsIraqis and foreigners, especially that the country is on the verge of activating cooperation banking International service requirements of the development anticipated in the Iraqi economy, which is guaranteed by the government program of the new. technical requirements and between Walid Idi Abdul Nabi, according to the newspaper “morning” that create technical requirements help to practice his works and make payments and services its customers with ease as well as ordinances control commensurate with the regulatory standards International and in accordance with the best practices used in the central banks of advanced accompanied keep him out of the money is clean and finding institutions chock him to provide services is fast and safe and sophisticated. payments system and said Idi that the banking system will see during the next developments in concrete at the organizational and operational relationships and cooperation of the international banking service requirements development of prospective stressing quest central to the development of the payments system through the project of Payment retail and managing national distributor (National Switch) as well as seeking to revive the Centre for Banking Studies, pointing out that the central and since the year 2013 to prepare courses and training programs, workshops and lectures Chirfahfinancial, administrative, and economic, and information technology, and the development of language indicating that the number was (47) cycle and participation (1149), an employee of the employees of the central bank and the government and private banks. credit information and noted the Director-General of Statistics and Research at the Central Bank to the determination of the central activatingsystem, the exchange of credit information, similar to neighboring countries, pointing to the formation of Team work for the experience of the Bank of Lebanon and the preparation of the necessaryinstructions to this effect, revealing a group of companies specialized advanced to the completion of this project was choosing one for this purpose, referring to compel central banks approved the acquisition of the banking systems overall order to complete the calculations quickly and accurately and Sria.onoh obtaining more than ( 40) banks and foreign branches on this system leaving only government banks and some small private banks, which began studying the offers and contracted out, he said.

Source: British Foreign Minister to visit Baghdad on Monday

Sunday, 12 October 2014 23:58 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) –Reliable source revealed that “The British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond will visit the Iraqi Capital Baghdad on Monday.”

The source told AIN “The British Minister will meet high rank Iraqi leaders and officials to discuss mutual efforts for fighting terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant within the frame of the International coalition.”

“Hammond will also discuss the latest political and security developments,” the source concluded. /End/

Al-Jubouri and Head of the German parliament discuss the relations between Iraq and Germany and ways of strengthening them

12/10/2014 21:57:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salim al-Jubouri discussed at his residence in Geneva on Sunday with the Head of the German Parliament, Norbert Lammert the relations between Iraq and Germany and ways of enhancing them to serve the interests of both countries.

al-Jubouri stressed, during the meeting, according to a statement by his press office, “his keenness to develop relations with the German side.

He praised Germany for the humanitarian aid to the displaced people and their positions on the political support to Iraq, expressing his satisfaction with the formation of joint committees of friendship and cooperation between the Iraqi House of Representatives and the German Parliament.

For his part, Lammert congratulated al-Jubouri for his new post as Speaker of the House, adding that he is aware of the size of the responsibility borne by al-Jubouri, in light of the circumstances and the challenges Iraq is facing, stressing his country’s keenness to support and to strengthen relations between Iraq and Germany in all areas. / End

Masum and Najafi discuss the stages of implementation of the political agreement and the situation in Anbar

12/10/2014 22:28:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / h President Fuad Masum discussed on Sunday with his deputy, Osama Nujaifi the political and security situation in the country.

A statement by the media Office of Najafi said that Masum and Nujaifi discussed during the meeting, the subject of the political agreement, under which the new government was formed, and the stages of implementation, and the need to expedite the application of the government program.

They also discussed the issue of holding a meeting for the political leaders under the auspices of President Masum to discuss the challenges of the stage and the required measures to protect Iraq and its people, and activation of the meetings of the three presidencies, and give great momentum to the political process.

The statement noted that he discussed the mistakes of some militias, and the need for treatment and scrutiny so as terrorism can not benefit from illegal and irresponsible acts by these militias, in addition to discussing the situation in the province of Nineveh, and the need to build local police.

During the meeting they also discuss the security situation in Anbar and supporting efforts to address terrorist gangs through the development of arming the armed forces, in addition to discussing the subject of the National Guard and the efforts of law and order to prepare legislation to take in a range of application.

They also discussed the subject of detainees and the need to release the innocent, with a review of previous provisions, and to ensure the accuracy of the judgments and after effects whatsoever. / End

Hamoudi preside over Tuesday’s session and re-vote on the Minister Kurds Almstbdelan

By: Iraq electronic newspaper | Date: Monday 10/13/2014 3:53

The decision of the House of Representatives on Sunday, the first deputy chairman of the Council of Representatives bloc member Ammar al-Hakim, will chair the session on Tuesday due to travel next President of the Council of Switzerland to attend the meetings of the International Parliament.

He added that Imad Youkhana Yako Hamoudi will chair the session of parliament on Tuesday to attend a casting session for the Kurds minister on Tuesday or Thursday next.

And on the Kurds Minister Youkhana said there was a replacement in my Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and will be re-vote on them in the parliament session and then swearing them.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives has set next Tuesday as the date for the resumption of parliament sessions after the end of Eid al-Adha holiday.

It is said that the parliament voted on the Kurdish minister in the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Aban vote on the cabinet reshuffle on the eighth of September last year, while the remaining ministers of the Kurdistan Alliance lag attend meetings of the Council of Ministers until the settlement of disputes between the province and the federal government.
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United Nations calls on the Minister of the Kurds to determine their position on the government Abadi

Erbil – Iraq Press – October 12 / October: called Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations by the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq to go to Baghdad and direct their work tasks and solving with respect to the salaries of the staff of the province.

Said Nikolai Miladinov, at a news conference with the head of the regional parliament, Joseph Curran, followed by a meeting with the parliamentary committees to discuss the situation Kobanî, “the Minister of the Kurds to go to Baghdad and work just like any other minister and specifically the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister to resolve with respect to the salaries of employees.”
It is said that the salaries of the staff of the Kurdistan region cut off since the beginning of this year, by order of the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, has raised the ire of the citizens and officials of the province and has increased the size of the tension between Baghdad and Erbil. ”
Miladinov added that “the positions relate to the financial affairs, and the Kurds to determine their position in the final of the government, Haider al-Abadi.” Admiral ended

Source: Abadi to uproot corrupted officials from governmental institutions

Sunday, 12 October 2014 19:19 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) -Source close to the Prime Minister, Hayder Al-Abadi revealed that the government has started a campaign to root out the corrupt elements at the state departments along with forming commissions to detect the abuses against the public money.

The source told All Iraq News Agency (AIN) “The Prime Minister has started a campaign to eradicate the rogue employees who are suspected of manipulating the public money.”
Ebadi is determined to eliminate the financial and administrative corruption at the state foundations, according to the source. end/