Religious Authority calls security forces to be aware of terrorist attack during Muharam Hijri Month

Karbala (AIN) –The Religious Authority called the security forces to be aware of the terrorist attacks that would target the citizens during Muharam Hijri Month. /End/


Abadi and religious authority calling to unify the ranks to confront terrorism

Posted: Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Huda Jassim (Baghdad)

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, yesterday, to unite and inspire lessons from the march of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him in the victory over the enemies of the nation and Islam in the country who are wreaking havoc and underdevelopment.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office, for Abadi as saying on the occasion of the new Hijra year, that Iraq is undergoing a serious require everyone to unite their efforts, and unite to achieve victory over our common enemy, which is represented by the organization (Daash) terrorist and other terrorist organizations, pointing out that the history repeats itself, it is fought and fought Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, they themselves are killing Iraqis from all sects and disbelieve today, backed agendas do not want Iraq and its people, good security and stability.

And between Abadi «While we pass, we start the new Hijra year, it is necessary to have everyone on the extent of liability, but not this month, the real beginning of the expulsion of the terrorist organizations in Iraq and to live in peace and security and safety, and are heading for Reconstruction and construction for the welfare of the people of this country».He stressed the need to pay attention to the size of the Iraqi citizen, the devastation of these terrorist organizations and seriousness on Iraq and its people.

Furthermore, called the religious authority, the security agencies to caution during the month of Muharram of the target communities, calling on politicians to receive public Islamic honest souls, and stressing the need to continue to support the fighters fighting fronts.

The representative of the reference Ahmad Safi during a Friday sermon «hoped politicians would benefit than in the past, and prepare souls honest with others, love for their people and seeking to bring good to him, exerting all her time to resolve outstanding problems, including the one hand and the problems suffered by the Iraqi people, on the other hand». He added that «despite the security challenges faced by the country, there are other challenges on the level of services must be available, and on all sides invest the country’s resources in agriculture, industry and policy-making development and clear, check the aspirations of the people who are still struggling in the hope the end of the problems».

Head movement solution congratulates the Iraqi people by the Islamic new year

25-10-2014 03:58 AM

Solution –

Congratulated Dr. Jamal Karbouli head of the solution and member of the leadership of the Union of Iraqi forces, the Iraqi people on the occasion of Islamic new year began. Dr. Karbouli and pray to the Almighty to preserve Iraq and its people and unites the word their politicians and national forces to meet the challenges of the nation and the survival of Iraq united and one on her head and militias terrorize Daash. The head of the movement of the solution of all national forces to unite and investment interest in the international and regional efforts to support the building of the Iraqi state and the promotion and his people and his land alone.

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim: Post nations of the world exhibition in Baghdad further evidence on the ability of Iraq

Opened wing of the Syrian and German
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Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq that the participation of many countries of the world and the Arab and international companies in the Baghdad International Fair, further evidence on the ability of Iraq to rise up and development,

Thanks to its energies and potentials and great riches to qualify for the high status it deserves among the nations of the world. According to a statement of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council that “Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, visited Baghdad International Fair and look at the exhibits of countries and companies participating in the current session of the gallery.” The statement added that “al-Hakim opened wing of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Baghdad International Fair in the presence of the Syrian ambassador in Baghdad Aldndh Stam, also opened a wing of the German exhibition in the presence of the German ambassador Eckhard prominence in Iraq.” He stressed that the participation of many countries of the world and the Arab and international companies in the Baghdad International Fair additional proof to Iraq’s ability to advance the development of what is owned by the energies and potentials and great riches to qualify for the high status it deserves among the nations of the world. And set off on Monday Baghdad International Exhibition Bdorth the {41} {20} with the participation of the state.

Washington announces for the first time: The Lion, Turkey and the Kurds are buying oil «Daash»

Arab and international

24-10-2014 07:57 PM
Washington revealed for the first time that the Syrian regime buys oil from organizing Daash. The David Cohen, the Treasury undersecretary for counter-terrorism and financial intelligence, that the organization got the wealth at an unprecedented pace and composition of the sources of revenue apart from many other organizations such as Al Qaeda, pointing out that «Daash» does not depend on funds from donors across the border, but it gets the vast majority of its revenue through criminal and terrorist activities local.
Cohen said «(Daash) has a deep-rooted relations dealers on the black market in the region, and the extraction of oil and sell it to smugglers who pass it in a small-sized containers across a diverse network of roads. According to our information, the (Daash) sell oil at very low prices for a variety of mediators, including Turkey (which re-sell it), and to the Kurds, who re-sell in Turkey, and also it seems that the Syrian government make arrangements for the purchase of oil from (Daash) which is another indicator corruption of the Assad regime ».
The agent said the Treasury Department, which they say in Washington that «Batman funds», that the only way to thwart terrorist attacks are depriving terrorist organizations of the funds in cooperation with foreign partners, the private sector and improve financial transparency. And accept Cohen, during a seminar at the Institute of Carnegie yesterday morning, Daash capabilities to get the funds, estimated at tens of millions of dollars a month through the sale of oil, and the ransom kidnapping of the victims, in addition to theft and extortion of citizens in the areas they control.

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Operations Babylon announcing the end of the first page of the operations of the rock cliff and start the second phase tomorrow

Editor Hussein gesture – Friday 24 October 2014 21:55

Alsumaria News / Babylon
Operations Command announced Babylon, on Friday, for the end of the first page of the operations on the rock cliff north of the province, noting that the second phase will begin tomorrow.

A spokesman for the operations command of Babylon Colonel Kareem Jabr said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “the first page of editing operations on the rock cliff ended today, and tomorrow will start operations to dismantle IEDs remaining part of the second page.”

The governor of Karbala, Akil Turaihi announced on Friday (24 October 2014), that the terms of the rock cliff in northern Babil province are safe, as pointed out that liberation will be the beginning of the liberation of all the territory of Iraq and expel militants “Daash.”

He announced media advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense Mohammed al-Askari team, on Friday (24 October 2014), for enabling the Iraqi army and the support of the popular crowd restore full control over the terms of the rock cliff and Alroieih area north of Babylon.

He acknowledged the organization of the so-called “Islamic state” is known for short as “Daash”, conceded defeat in battles between security forces and elements of popular mobilization on the one hand and armed men on the other hand district rock cliff north of Babylon.

He said Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, today, on the one hand edit the rock cliff north of Babylon, “a key” to liberate every corner of Iraq, pointing out that the process and dealt a severe blow to the organization, “Daash.”

Interior Minister looking at Babylon operations rock cliff and calls for zero tolerance with Daash and eliminate them

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Search Interior Minister Salem Ghaban with security chiefs in the province of Babylon, where he arrived on Friday conduct of military operations ongoing in hand against the rock cliff Daash terrorist gangs.

The source said the reporter Agency all of Iraq [where] that “Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban discussed with the commander of Babylon Gen. Abdul-Hussein al-Baidhani and other military leaders at the headquarters of operations last military developments in the rock cliff and continued progress by the sectors of the army and the popular mobilization.”

He added that “Ghaban also briefed on the most important developments and the need to oblige all military units zero tolerance with the enemy and fighting soon resolve and prevent elements Daash escape and arrest or eliminate them.”

Meanwhile, the source noted that “the clashes are still inside is connected with some parts of the center on the rock cliff and Persian slave Lewis and Hujayr” stressing that “the occurrence of dozens of deaths in Daash and wounding a large number of them while others handed themselves some runs out of ammunition.”

The military operation was launched yesterday and was described as “large” in the rock cliff, according to a security source, who between it “aims to liberate the areas completely, especially after receiving information indicates the presence of significant weakness in the ranks of terrorist groups” Ended 20

Abadi to Jordan on an official visit next Sunday

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -24 October / October: Informed sources revealed on Friday that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, will visit Jordan on Sunday.”

The sources said, “The visit Abadi to the Jordanian capital Amman will be quick and takes only a few hours,” pointing out that “the Prime Minister will discuss with Jordanian officials, headed by King Abdullah II developments in the region and bilateral relations and ways of cooperation in eliminating terrorism.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has revealed last Monday after a meeting with religious authority Ali al-Sistani in Najaf intention to visit Jordan and Turkey soon after the visit of Iran, which concluded last Wednesday.

Ebadi said in a news conference from Najaf, “I will go to visit Jordan soon and there is an agreement with Turkey that the visiting Foreign Minister of Baghdad and then we visit Ankara,” he said, adding “We are working on a visit to Gulf states and say it frankly that he can not be for Iraq and the region to advance or evolve without the cooperation Mstrk.anthy (1)

United States establish a military base at the airport in Arbil Silk

24-10-2014 05:49 PM
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Orbit –
Follow-up revealed sources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Friday, for the determination of the United States transform silk airport located near the city of Arbil, a military air base affiliates.

The news agency Mehr quoted an official source, on condition of anonymity, as saying that “the provincial government began to unload the airport after they were informed of the American decision.”

The source pointed out that “the government will offload the airport within a week and that the subsidiaries of a foreign state will undertake to transport equipment to other areas of the airport.”

According to another official, the “delegation of leaders from the Ministry of Peshmerga, and the leadership of the American forces visited the place last September, and has subsequently inspected four visits to the airport.”

Kurdish official said that “the strategic importance of the region occupies being located near Turkey, Iran, and Syria,” adding “there is no intention for the United States to re-use the airport as a base for its troops.”

It is worth mentioning that the airport silk, which is a distance of 60 kilometers from the Iranian border., Was a military airfield in the last two decades of the last century and was used by American forces as a military, following the occupation of Iraq in 2003.

IMFÃ??s Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center Concludes Workshop on the Compilation of Financial Account and External Sector Position Statistics

Press Release No. 14/481

October 24, 2014

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center

(METAC) held a workshop on “Compilation of Financial Account and External Sector Position Statistics” in Beirut, Lebanon, from October 21−23, 2014. The workshop discussed in depth the compilation of financial account and external sector position statistics and focused on the use of the balance sheets to compile the external sector statistics, with emphases on compilation of the quarterly International Investment Position (IIP), Coordinated Direct Investment Survey (CDIS), Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS), Quarterly External Debt Statistics (QEDS), and Reserves Template. It also addressed data consistency issues across external sector datasets, as well as with related datasets.

The active discussions involved case studies and country presentations and focused on data consistency, sources, and the issues and challenges in the compiling economies represented.

In a final wrap-up session, participants were given the opportunity to identify potential areas for future METAC technical assistance support.

Officials from central banks involved in the compilation of balance of payments and international investment position statistics in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region attended the workshop. In total, 25 participants from 11 countries attended. The countries represented included: Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and West Bank and Gaza.

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