Mass change Abadi calls to speed up the appointment of security ministers

6:14: 10/13/2014

Side of the bombings Kara Tepe
Khandan – Change parliamentary bloc condemned strongly the terrorist bombings that hit the hand Kara Tepe signed tens of martyrs and wounded, demand that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi expedite the appointment of security ministers to stop the wave of terrorism and improve the security situation throughout Iraq.

The mass change in a statement received “Khandan” a copy of it: “The criminal bombings that killed dozens of martyrs and wounded in the hand, Kara Tepe yesterday revealed again the true face of terrorism which Aemez between nationalism or religion or doctrine, Terrorists do not know only the language of killing, destruction and violation of privacy The looting of money and property. ”

The statement added: “The hand model Kara Tepe neighborhood of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence among its components, and its people will not allow principals to terrorists infiltrating their ranks, whatever sacrifices it cost them.”

She stressed the mass change in its statement on “the need to accelerate Dr. Abadi in the naming of security ministers to contribute to stop the wave of violence and terrorism and the promotion of the reality of the security in the whole of Iraq,” calling on political parties to “resolve the controversy over the security ministries as soon as possible and taking into account the exceptional circumstance that passes by Iraq and the region,” .

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