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With an economy poised for resurgence, abundant numbers of educated and talented people immediately available and an attractive pro-business fiscal environment, Iraq has much to offer.

Top Ten Reason to Invest in Iraq

Why Iraq

Superb strategic location – a gateway to the region

Numerous green and brownfield opportunities across multiple sectors

Unmet needs of a diverse domestic market

Increasing middle class creating demand for new products and services

Educated, talented and available workforce

Competitive wages and operating costs

Strong investment incentives, tax exemptions and guarantees offered

Low corporate tax rates

Ample opportunity for local partnerships

Abundant and untapped natural resources

After continuing to work actively and determination
City Basmajh new features are reflected to the onlookers


The new city project Basmajh first and largest development project in the history of Iraq, where the city is located Basmajh to the south-east of the city of Baghdad and lies about 10 km from the city limits of Baghdad on the international road link between Baghdad Cote. And on an area of ​​1.830 hectares, it is hoped to accommodate about 600,000 thousand people, and the total number of housing units is 100,000 thousand units. It also will establish a network of infrastructure such as electricity, water and main streets, in addition to public facilities that will be developed by the Government of Iraq, including the religious and educational facilities, recreational and commercial, as well as water treatment plants and sewage treatment. Will fill the city Basmajh new life 600,000 thousand Iraqis happy and will be one of the most recognizable cities in Iraq and the Middle East region and the first giant project of the National Housing Projects program.

About the National Investment Commission

Iraq is moving at a rapid pace towards change … and what that life is returning to normal, as is the case for economic activity. The country has ENTERED A NEW PHASE POSITIVE. The demand for goods and services continues to increase, as the country proves day after day why he thought one of the most attractive markets for the world. Where that Iraq provides unparalleled opportunities for cooperation and INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT. At the same time,IRAQ CAN FINALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN THE ECONOMY. That the needs of Iraq and wide, and include all sectors, including construction projects railways, ports, housing and infrastructure Althtih, and power plants, and refineries, and hotels, and the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure-these are examples of the many investment opportunities available in Iraq.

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Council decides to open Baghdad’s Karrada main street

Council decides to open Baghdad's Karrada main street

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. decided to Baghdad provincial council, Wednesday, opening the main street of Karrada, back and forth.

A member of the provincial council, Ghalib’s Zamili / Baghdadi News /, that “the provincial council held an emergency meeting this morning,” noting that “the security aspect in the capital was leading the session, and especially the recent events in the Karrada district.”

He added, “The provincial council decided to open the main streets of the Karrada back and forth,” pointing out that “the decisions of the meeting dealt with that there will be a joint coordination between the provincial council and the security services.”

He continued, Zamili “These decisions came to control the security file in all respects throughout the province,” adding, “especially the country on the verge of forming a new government.”

Accents and security authorities have shut down earlier in the month of July, Karrada Street, this is a great discontent born by the people of Karrada Ended 21 / P

IMF expects deflation Iraqi economy this year

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 19:23
IMF expects deflation Iraqi economy this year

Baghdad / Baghdad Uz..aaln the International Monetary Fund, said on Tuesday that the Iraqi economy will shrink this year instead of growing as expected in the past.

The International Monetary Fund said in its report on the prospects for the global economy in October and I followed / Baghdadi News /, that “it is expected to drop GDP Iraqi by 2.7 percent this year instead of growing by 5.9 percent as the International Monetary Fund forecast in April the past. ”

He added that “the reasons for the contraction of the Iraqi economy back to the deteriorating security situation and control the organization of the Islamic State” Daash “large areas of Iraq.”

It is noted that economists warned earlier in the impact of the difficult security conditions experienced by Iraq on the economy Alaraca.anthy 21 / j

Hamid al-Mutlaq’s «Quds Al-Arabi»: occupancy and the defense and interior ministries is needed to speed the resolution of

Fadel al-Badrani

Baghdad « Jerusalem Arab »said Hamid al-Mutlaq deputy« National Coalition »for« Jerusalem Arab », said the occupancy and defense and interior ministries is needed to resolve the speed with accuracy in the selection of the importance of the security file.
The bloc «coalition of national» nominated five names to choose someone to fill the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense, and they both Qais Cdhir and Ahmed al-Jubouri, and Hamid al-Mutlaq and Salem Daly and Abdul Karim al-Samarrai, also nominated three parliamentary blocs in Iraq a number of names to fill the bags security and complete reshuffle of the government Haider Abadi and treatment security file, what would be the vote after the holiday of Eid al-Adha.
And forced security breaches faced by Iraq at the present time given the parliamentary blocs on the subject of defense and interior ministries of paramount importance and resorting to accelerate the selection of ministers responsible for security risks.
The «National Alliance coalition» restored earlier, Riad Ghraib nomination for a second time to take over the Interior Ministry insists that despite pressure by a coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki to choose the head of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri.
It was re-nomination Riad Ghraib again to be the minister of the interior for the existence of quasi-unanimity upon to fill this bag ministerial mission and will be submitted to parliament for a vote after the end of Eid al-Adha holiday, according to a source.
The source added that the leaders of the political blocs to feel the importance of these two ministries to resolve the file as soon as possible because of the deteriorating security realities and challenges faced by the country.
The failed candidate of the National Alliance Riad Ghraib in getting the confidence of the parliament during its 14th session in September 16 / September after he voted in favor, 117 deputies out of 251, while also failed to vote on a candidate to defend Jaber al-Jabri.
The MP Jaber Al-Jabri is the most prominent among the group names a candidate to fill the bag and the Department of Defense within the coalition, the Union of Iraqi forces.
The MP said Taha Knight, said Jabri is the most admissibility in the coalition, as there are other names such as Khaled al-Obeidi, a professional and Hassani, while denied the coalition are united under the leadership of Vice President Osama Najafi and the nomination of former Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi to take over the defense portfolio.
A statement issued by Najafi, al-Issawi that he did not nominate for this position, and that there are other names are traded within the coalition, the Union of Iraqi forces is the most prominent Jaber Khaled al-Obeidi, al-Jabri and to assume the post of defense minister.
The country has security challenges caused by violent explosions and violence they face every day, as well as the challenges of organizing «Daash» in control of a number of major cities in the west and north of the country nine months ago.
A series of violent explosions hit Baghdad in the most powerful message of defiance to the Government of Haider al-Abadi, described by some as a message meaningful internal political link him abroad nothing to do with the organization «Daash» where.
The total proceeds of the bombings more than 80 dead and wounded included Baghdad and cities in southern Iraq, including Basra, Karbala, Babil, and got a car bomb explosions, rockets and mortar shells targeted the civilian population.
He said Iraqi political source who requested anonymity, said the government contend Abadi, this period is resorted to violence to thwart the efforts of the government and parliament, which appeared uniform and have the support of everyone inside and outside Iraq.
And experiencing the support of the army battles Army Aviation and Flight of the international coalition led by the United States in responding to creep organization «Daash» which took trying to get closer to the edge of the capital Baghdad from the west, especially of Amiriyat Falluja, a stronghold of armed groups.
In trying to keep the risk of «Daash» for Army forces took Baghdad continues to advance on the border of Anbar, the support of the Air Force and the Army Aviation and Aviation and volunteers from the American tribes to cleared of gangs «Daash».

Fadel al-Badrani

Exclusive: American explains why he’s fighting ISIL


DERIKE, Syria — Like many Americans, Jordan Matson is outraged by the brutality of the Islamic State. But unlike virtually every other American, he decided to take on the militants head-on.

Now, the 28-year-old Racine, Wis., man is recovering in a hospital here in northeastern Syria from a shrapnel wound in his foot, the result of a mortar attack by Islamic State fighters in Jazaa, along the Iraqi border.

Tall with slightly graying hair, Matson conceded that people back home might call him crazy for joining Kurdish forces three weeks ago to help end the Islamic State’s reign of terror.

“I couldn’t just sit and watch Christians being slaughtered anymore,” he said in an interview with USA TODAY. “I got sick of giving online sympathy. Five minutes of lip service does nothing. These people are fighting for their homes, for everything they have.”

Matson was critical of the United States for being slow to launch air attacks on the Islamic State militants, who have been fighting in Syria for three years and seized large portions of Iraq earlier this year.

“It wasn’t until an American was beheaded did we do anything,” he said of the execution of journalist James Foley in August. “We just let the monster grow and grow.

“For the U.S. government, it’s not about human life. It’s about how they look in the opinion polls,” added Matson, who was wearing a military uniform and a traditional Kurdish black and white scarf across his shoulders.

Matson, who now goes by the name Sadar, served in the U.S. Army as an infantryman from May 2006 until November 2007, attaining the rank of private first class, according to Army Human Resources Command.

His record does not indicate why he left the Army after less than two years, but he said in the interview that he was discharged because of an injury and did not deploy overseas.

Matson said he knows one other American who has joined the fight against the militants, but did not give his name. “We met one hour before we were attacked and we were joking how funny it would be if we were attacked when we’d just met one another,” he said.

To get to the battlefield here, Matson said he worked as a delivery driver for a food service company for six months to save enough money for a flight and to support himself for the three years that he expects to be here.

“I was Googling the Syrian civil war looking for a military force fighting ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIL) that wasn’t a terrorist organization. I found the YPG (Kurdish People’s Protection Unit) on Facebook and saw it wasn’t a terrorist organization so I contacted them,” he said.

“They asked me a few questions to make sure I wasn’t pro ISIS and then they told me I could come. I just flew by the seat of my pants.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to discuss Matson for privacy reasons, and said she was unaware of any law barring a U.S. citizen fighting with the Kurds.

Matson flew from Chicago to Warsaw to Istanbul, and then drove to Diyarbakir in southeast Turkey. There he was picked up by a YPG member who drove him to Iraq, where he crossed the border into Syria pretending to be a doctor.

“They don’t pay me, but they treat me like family. If I need anything, they look after me,” he said.

Able to speak a few words of Kurdish and with the help of sign language, he manages to get his point across to his comrades and the doctors at the rundown hospital filled with wounded fighters in this largely desolate city.

Matson said the Kurdish forces are very young with no heavy weapons or body armor “Sometimes it’s just kids. That’s the way it is. I have a Kalashnikov (automatic rifle), that’s it.”

“In the dark, with no night vision goggles, we can’t see ISIS,” he said. “The other night 12 black figures walked towards our base and just starting shooting at us.”

He laughed as he recalled a young YPG fighter whose aim was so bad he wasn’t able to shoot a chicken for dinner one evening.

Despite his comrades’ shortcomings, he remains committed to the battle. “Once I can put a boot back on,” he said, “I’m back there.”

Contributing: The Army Times

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Abadi bless the people of the country and DHULUIYA Dujail

العبادي يبارك لاهالي الضلوعية وبلد والدجيل

Park Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, the steadfastness of the people and clans, “DHULUIYA and country and Dujail,” and the victories they have achieved on the gangs “Daash”, stressing the government’s support unlimited troops stationed in the fight against these gangs, while stressing the concerted efforts of the people and the families of Salah al-Din with the security forces and the crowd People for the expulsion of these bands from the province and Iraq.

The office said Abadi said in a statement that “the prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi received, today, the governor and members of the Board of Salah al-Din,” noting that “During the meeting, they discussed the security situation in the province and provide the necessary support to forces popular mobilization and clans for the Liberation of areas seized by gangs Daash terrorist acts in addition to the situation of displaced people from the province. “

He stressed Abadi, according to the statement, “the importance of the concerted efforts of the people of the province and the clans with the security forces and the crowd People’s Liberation Salahuddin province, and the expulsion of these bands from the province and from Iraq.”

Park and the Prime Minister “heroic steadfastness of the people and the families of the country and Dhuluiya and Dujail and the rest of the regions and the victories they have achieved on the gangs Daash and other terrorist groups,” stressing “the unlimited support of the government forces stationed in the fight against these criminal gangs.”

Abbadi said that “victory will be soon on these terrorist groups, as we all cooperate and unite for the security of the country and the safety of his children.”

Saw Salahuddin province on Tuesday, thwarting an attempt to “Daash” to blow up a bridge pontoon boat DHULUIYA booby-trapped south of Tikrit.

What remains most areas of the province of Salahuddin witnessing military operations, following the control of Nineveh province, gunmen on a fully since (June 10, 2014), were not as Anbar province in isolation from those events, as is also witnessing operations to fight the militants were deployed in some areas.

Abadi directs preparing for a military operation “wide” in Salah al-Din and approves the appointment of an element in the 4000 provincial police

Military operation prior to the Iraqi security forces in the areas between the provinces of Diyala and Salah al-Din
Abadi directs preparing for a military operation “wide” in Salah al-Din and approves the appointment of an element in the 4000 provincial police
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10/07/2014 22:50
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Long-Presse / Salahuddin

Council announced Salahuddin province, on Tuesday, for directing the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the armed forces to prepare for a major military operation to cleanse cities of the province from the control of the organization Daash, and confirmed his agreement to appoint 4000 a member of the police force and the formation of the National Guard, was rejected by the governor of Salahuddin idea of ​​forming region in the province.

A member of the provincial council Munir Hussein Ali said in an interview to the (long-Presse), “Prime Minister Haidaralebadi received a delegation from the provincial government headed by Governor Raed Ibrahim and discussed with him many of the files and the most prominent of the deteriorating security situation and exit of a number of administrative units in the province for the control of the government,” He pointed out that the face of al-Abadi preparing for a major military operation in Salahuddin fully cleared. “

He added that “the delegation demanded to approve the formation of the National Guard in Salah al-Din,” noting that “al-Abadi agreed to the request and confirmed that the application is subject to approval of the Iraqi parliament.”

He pointed to that “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi gave a green light to accept volunteer 4000 item on the police force,” following up “The delegation proposed the idea of ​​a referral management displaced people of the province to a person of her sons and giving us greater powers to alleviate their suffering and address the situation of the students before the beginning of the the school year, and interest in the health status of displaced persons. “

He said a member of the Board of Salahuddin province that “Abadi promised to study the proposals made by the Council to maintain and develop effective solutions to them.”

For his part, the governor of Salahuddin Raed Ibrahim in a press statement after the meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that “the provincial government categorically rejects the idea of ​​the regions, especially that of the national project, which we have observed in the district of Dhuluiya where fighting all Iraqis, to organize Daash terrorist, on the cover of one, returned “The experience that we have observed in the attitude of the people and the crowd DHULUIYA popular makes us stick to the unity of Iraq and do not accept projects divisive.”

It is noteworthy that the organization (Daash) imposed in (the 11th of June 2014), his control fully on the city of Tikrit, and eliminate the role, east of the city, the hometown of Izzat al-Duri, without a fight, and spend Sharqat, (120 kilometers north of Tikrit), while income After negotiating hand knowledge of the population, and the police forces were able to expel them from the tribes of Dhuluiya spend, then extends to the province of Kirkuk and parts of Diyala.

Reference Alasfi rejects American intervention and confirms Iraq’s ability to defeat “Daash”

BAGHDAD / obelisk: religious authority, announced Mohammad Mehdi Alasfi, on Tuesday, rejected any American intervention in Iraq, while stressing on the ability of the resistance factions to defeat the “Daash.”

Said Alasfi for “obelisk”, “The organization Daash terrorist financing from Saudi Arabia and planning his apprenticeship America and Turkey,” announcing “his rejection of any American intervention in Iraqi affairs.”

He Alasfi during his speech, that “the resistance factions in Iraq is able to defeat al Daash terrorist.”

Abadi underlines to the governor and members of the Council of Salah al-Din on the importance of concerting efforts of its people and clans with the security forces to expel the IS gangs

07/10/2014 20:43:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi received on Tuesday the governor and members of the Council of Salah al-Din province.

A statement by the Information Office of the Prime Minister said that they discussed , during the meeting, the security situation in the province and provide the necessary support for the popular mobilization forces and clans for the liberation of areas seized by the IS gangs in addition to the conditions of the displaced people of the province.

Dr. Abadi stressed the importance of concerting efforts of the people of the province and the clans with the security forces and the popular mobilization to liberate Salah al-Din province, and the expulsion of these gangs from the province and from Iraq./ End

Abdul-Mahdi and the American ambassador discuss political developments and the expansion of investment cooperation in the field of oil

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Search Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in his office in Baghdad on Tuesday with the new American ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones and his entourage of bilateral relations, and ways to find a joint cooperation between the two countries.

A statement by the Ministry of Oil Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was that “the minister, Abdul-Mahdi stressed during the meeting the importance of strengthening and developing ways of cooperation at various levels in order to serve the general interests of the Iraqi people, stressing the need to post the American companies in the reconstruction of Iraq and the expansion of investment activity especially in the field of oil. “

The statement pointed out that “both parties valuable progress as well as the difficulties and obstacles, especially in the field of oil, and agreed to Tires joint work according to existing memorandum of understanding between the two countries in these areas.”

For his part, “the American ambassador to explain his country’s role in the security file and said that the American and international support came at the request of the Iraqi government and to fight Daash It is not aimed at any other country, and that the duties defined in terms of tasks and time periods.”

Search as oil minister, and ambassador of the Iraqi political situation and regional investment and the importance of the existing momentum to resolve the crisis inside Iraq and regionally. “

The American ambassador, according to the statement, “the Government of his country’s keenness to strengthen cooperation with Iraq in various fields.”

The statement pointed out that “the oil minister congratulated Jones to receive his duties as ambassador to the United States in Iraq also made ​​the last congratulations and blessings on the occasion of Eid al-Adha and on the occasion of receiving the minister of his duties” Ended