Tomorrow.. the start of the tripartite summit in Baghdad

political| 08:01 – 06/26/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News

Tomorrow, Sunday, the capital, Baghdad, will host the tripartite summit between Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, after it was postponed twice due to emergency circumstances.

An official diplomatic source said, according to the official newspaper, that “Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will go to Baghdad to hold the tripartite summit, which includes King Abdullah II of Jordan and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.”
The source indicated that “the summit comes to activate all the agreements of the three countries that were signed during the last period, and that it will be held in Baghdad as a continuation of the previous two summits in Egypt and Jordan.”
In addition, the newspaper said that the Iraqi ambassador to Cairo and its permanent representative to the Arab League, Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi, arrived in Baghdad to participate in receiving the Egyptian and Jordanian official delegations.
And political sources had reported earlier that the tripartite summit between the leaders of Iraq, Egypt and Jordan would be held in Baghdad early this week, after the three countries had agreed on the date. Experts and analysts expect the “new Levant” joint project between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq to top the tripartite summit. It includes cooperation in the economic and investment fields between the three countries, in addition to the fact that it is a candidate for the annexation of other Arab countries.
In turn, Representative Yonadam Kanna considered Iraq’s hosting of the tripartite summit, which includes it, Jordan and Egypt, as a new Arab support for him.
In a press interview, he said: “The tripartite summit in Baghdad is a new emphasis on and promotion of common interests and a continuation of the previous two summits in Amman and Cairo.”
Kanna added, “Although the agenda has not been announced yet, but in my estimation, the previous proposal will be repeated and emphasized in terms of common interests, trade exchange, border security, electrical connection, and others.” Regarding the possibility of inviting Syria to join the three countries, he said: “The matter is It’s early due to international pressure.”
And Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said during his visit to Washington that he intends to enter into a strategic project called “The New Levant”, as he made it clear that it is an economic project on the European model that brings Baghdad to Cairo, and Amman joined it later. The project is not limited to these three countries, but rather a candidate for the inclusion of other Arab countries. And “The New Levant”, according to strategic experts, depends on the enormous oil wealth owned by Iraq, in exchange for the huge human mass of Egypt, and Jordan joins them due to its geographical location that links Iraq with Egypt.
Experts confirm that the idea of the “New Sham” project was established on the sidelines of several huge economic projects, foremost of which is the revitalization of an oil pipeline from Basra that connects to the Egyptian Sinai, through Jordanian territory. Iraq imports electricity from Egypt and Jordan, in addition to Baghdad’s attraction of investments from the two countries, cooperation in the field of small and medium enterprises, support for innovation and entrepreneurship, cooperation in the health and infrastructure sectors, as well as trade exchange.
It is expected that the project will witness significant progress at the summit that will bring together the leaders of the three countries, and wholesale gains. For Iraq, the project will cover part of its electricity needs through Egypt; This country is suffering from a severe energy crisis, in addition to that it will open the door to the flow of Egyptian investments in various fields, thus creating new job opportunities, and the possibility of establishing joint industrial and commercial cities, as well as opening the Egyptian and Jordanian markets to Iraqi products.
It will also enable Egypt to export electricity to Jordan and Iraq, as Egypt achieved a surplus in electricity production of more than 27,000 gigawatts, as part of the country’s efforts to sign electrical interconnection agreements as part of its plan to transform into a regional energy center.
The matter did not stop here for Egypt, as Egypt would get Iraqi oil for less than its price, in addition to opening the Iraqi and Jordanian market to Egyptian exports.
With regard to Jordan, the project will make it a regional logistical center for the exchange of oil, electricity and goods, in addition to reducing the oil import bill, as it will also obtain it at a lower price.


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