By numbers, you know the “biggest” donor to Iraq

2019/08/19 05:50:54

The United States announced on Monday that it is the largest donor of humanitarian aid to Iraq.

The US Embassy in Baghdad issued a statement on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, saying the United States is proud to be the largest donor of humanitarian aid in Iraq. This year alone, the US government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of Population, Refugees, and Migration, has provided more than $ 730 million to support humanitarian projects in Iraq.

According to the embassy, the assistance was as follows:

• Immunized 28,700 children against measles and polio.

• 117,400 people received clean drinking water.

• Provided 306,000 people with emergency food assistance.

• 4,800 people have safer streets and water infrastructure.


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