Harb: Abadi’s government continues with full powers despite the assignment of Abdul Mahdi

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Harb: Abadi’s government continues with full powers despite the assignment of Abdul Mahdi

The legal expert, Tarek Harb, said on Wednesday that the current government headed by Haider al-Abadi, continuing full powers and is not a caretaker government, despite the assignment of Adel Abdul Mahdi, by President Barham Saleh.

Harb said in press statements that “the current government, constitutionally and legally is not a caretaker government, but a reality must avoid the signing of treaties, contracts and important documents, as there is a president in charge of forming a government.”

“The current government has to wait on a lot of issues and leave it to the next government.”

Harb explained that “the mission of the government of Abadi will end when the House of Representatives votes on the ministerial curriculum and the cabinet to be formed by Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul Mahdi.”

The President of the Republic elected by the House of Representatives, Barham Saleh, was officially assigned on Tuesday, former Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to form a new government.

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World Bank warns Iraq: You crossed the red line!

BAGHDAD / .. Alliance MP Sairoun Mohammed, said on Saturday that the World Bank informed the Iraqi government to exceed the red line of the level of consumption within the federal budgets.

Mohammed said in a press statement that “the World Bank informed the government to exceed the red line of the level of consumption within the federal budgets,” pointing out that “consumption rate exceeded 25% and this is a serious indicator of the financial situation of the country.”

He added that “raising the percentage of consumption in the budget poses great risks in terms of the inability of the government to recruit and implement projects,” noting that “reducing that proportion needs to activate the private sector and the transfer of budgets from consumer to investment.”


The Office of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Saturday, the completion of the first phase of the lifting of concrete blocks from Baghdad Airport Street, confirming the opening of tomorrow.

Abdul Mahdi Office announces the completion of the first phase of lifting blocks from Airport Road

“The first stage of lifting the concrete blocks from Baghdad Airport Road has been completed,” Prime Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamid al-Bayati said in an interview with Alsumaria News.
He added that “579 blocks have been lifted and we reached the light barrier,” stressing that “tomorrow will open the airport road.”


A high Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad by this date .. 5 files on the table with Abdul Mahdi

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

A source familiar with the Kurdistan region, on Saturday, the intention of a Kurdish delegation to visit the capital Baghdad, after the Eid al-Adha holiday, to complete the talks on the outstanding files between the Center and the region.

The source said, in an interview (Baghdad today), that “a high-level delegation from the Kurdistan region, including ministers of Peshmerga, finance and planning and a number of advisors, will visit the capital Baghdad immediately after the Eid al-Adha holiday,” noting that “the delegation will discuss five files to complete what the government delegation discussed Federal during his recent visit to Erbil. “

According to the source, who asked not to be named, the files to be discussed by the delegation in Baghdad are:

– Deliver 250,000 barrels of oil to Baghdad daily and put it in the accounts of SOMO.

– Increase the region’s share of the amounts allocated to salaries.

– The region’s share of the budget for 2020.

– The future of Kirkuk, especially with the approval of the election law.

– Restructuring the joint operations room between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army.

The Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has responded, on Friday (August 9, 2019), to accuse him of “preference” Kurdistan region over the rest of the provinces, while stressing the application of the budget law in all its sections.

In a joint press interview with a number of media, Abdul Mahdi denied accusing him of favoring the region over the rest of the country, saying: “All Iraqi provinces have equal rights, and we want all Iraqis to live well,” noting that “defending the rights of all our people.” It is the basis of the past and the present. “

The Prime Minister, that “the accountability of the Kurdistan region on oil revenues, is not through the salaries of employees,” stressing “apply the budget law in all its sections, which says if the region does not pay 250 thousand barrels of oil must be cut from this share.”

He continued, “The problem of exporting the Kurdistan region of more than 250 thousand barrels of oil must be resolved, and the budget did not address such a situation, and we need to discuss and dialogue with the region.”

A delegation from the federal government, which includes Finance Minister Fuad Hussein, Chairman of the Popular Mobilization Authority Faleh al-Fayyad, Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban, and Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Abu Jihad al-Hashemi, visited Erbil last week, and met with the Kurdistan Regional Government to discuss the solution of outstanding problems. between two sides.


US military adviser killed in Nineveh

Political | 06:38 – 10/08/2019

A US military adviser was killed on Saturday during a security operation by Iraqi forces against the Islamic State (IS) in Nineveh province. 
The international coalition said in a tweet on Twitter, that “the US military was killed while working and advising Iraqi forces.” 
The coalition did not say whether the soldier was killed by a landmine or a direct clash with ISIS militants.


Iraq and Iran are considering removing the dollar from bilateral trade

Saturday, August 10, 2019 05:43 PM

Iraqi Ambassador to Iran Saad Jawad Qandil said his country and Iran are considering mechanisms to use local currencies in their bilateral trade to reduce dependence on the US dollar, the Mehr News Agency reported.

The ambassador noted that the two neighbors are in talks to find the best way to facilitate their financial transactions.

The Iraqi diplomat reiterated his government’s clear position on unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran, saying that these restrictions contravene international rules and regulations.

Noting that bilateral trade between Iran and Iraq was not affected by the sanctions last year, Qandil expressed his country’s readiness to increase the level of cooperation with Iran in various economic fields.

Iraq is currently Iran’s largest trading partner, and the two countries have taken important steps to improve their mutual trade over the past few years.

In early February, the central banks of Iran and Iraq reached an agreement to establish a payment mechanism to facilitate banking relations and promote trade between the two countries.

During the meeting, Iran’s Central Bank Governor Abdul Nasser Hemmati, who visited Iraq to discuss the expansion of banking relations, expressed the hope that the trade balance between the two neighboring countries will increase further.

In early May, officials from the two countries held a meeting in Tehran to discuss the establishment of a trade commission between Iran and Iraq.

According to the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization ( TPO ), the two sides discussed at the meeting several issues including joint investment and establishment of industrial zones, facilitating the transit of goods, facilitating business trips, organizing pilgrimage and health tourism, as well as solving current problems related to mutual trade.

Iran’s exports to Iraq increased by 37 in the last Iranian calendar year (ending March 20) and neighbors are on the agenda to boost their trade to $ 20 billion by 2021.



The Ministry of Oil denies the exclusion of Exxon Mobil on the project of southern Iraq integrated

Release date:: 2019/10/10 10:52 
The Ministry of Oil confirmed the continuation of its negotiations with the US company Exxon Mobil on the integrated project in southern Iraq, and that the failure to reach an agreement or conclude a contract between the parties, does not mean the end of negotiations or {exclude} Exxon Mobil from this project, as quoted And circulated by some news agencies for unnamed officials!
The ministry said in a statement received by the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of the day “As for the reported on the conclusion of the ministry or the Basra Oil Company for contracts with the British companies Bp and Italian Eni, and they are part of the above project, the ministry denies this news and refuses to manipulate information and facts by Some journalists would like to clarify that the contracts with BP and ENI were limited to supplying materials for two offshore oil pipelines for the purpose of qualifying them to ensure the transport of crude oil and export it through the southern export system, as part of the ministry’s plans to increase the treasury and export capacity which aim to achieve a high and smooth flow. Oil Crude from oil fields to export ports and stability, in accordance with its obligations and contracts with international companies within the interim and future plans, in addition to ensuring the financial revenues of the Federal Treasury.
“ Finally, the Ministry of Oil stresses that large strategic projects require more time, research, negotiation, technical, financial, legal and other studies, and in the interest of the parties concerned, and that the government and the ministry aim to achieve the highest financial and economic benefit of these projects as required by the national interest. ” 
It is noteworthy that the integrated South project includes a number of vital projects including (development of the fields of Omar bin Artawi, and the project of joint sea water supply, expansion and development of storage system, transport and export, as well as the construction of two units for processing and manufacturing associated gas).


Saleh: We look forward to the reconstruction and the elimination of corruption for our upcoming holidays


Release date:: 2019/10/10 17:12 
(Baghdad: Euphrates News) Congratulated President Barham Saleh, on Saturday, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.
Saleh said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “I offer you the highest blessings on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, and we remember together the martyrs of the homeland and look forward to the reconstruction and the elimination of corruption, and provide jobs and services, our next holidays, by protecting victory against terrorism and the achievement of reform and good governance, Every year, you and the family a thousand good. ” is over

Parliamentary wisdom: the reference sent the last warning to the government of Abdul-Mahdi and will make a surprise decision

15:41 – 10/08/2019


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Jassem al-Bukhati, a member of the Wisdom Movement, said on Saturday that the religious authority’s speech on Friday was the last warning to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government to correct its course and provide services to citizens.

Bukhati said in a statement to the information, that the boycott of the religious authority of the current government and politicians is clear evidence of its dissatisfaction with the government work and provide services to citizens, pointing out that “the reference will have a position during the next stage if the government remains on the perspective of quotas and corruption.” .

He added that “the sermon of the religious authority yesterday is the last warning to the government of Abdul-Mahdi to correct its course and provide services to citizens,” noting that “the reference is not satisfied with the work of Abdul-Mahdi and his steps are still tangible in the implementation of the government program.”

The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority in the city of Karbala, on Friday, a series of questions to the decision-makers in the country, stressing that the focus of these questions that “the citizen feels unfair,” wondering, “Is there a horizon to solve our problems and a time limit for them.”