Iraq increases US Treasury bond holdings

2019/08/16 09:06:48

The acquisition of the State of Iraq of US Treasury bonds during the month of June 2019, by 30.94%, year on year.

According to Treasury data, Iraq’s holdings of US bonds increased to $ 34.7 billion, up from $ 26.5 billion in June 2018.

Iraq bought US $ 300 million in June.

On a monthly basis, Iraq’s ownership of US bonds rose marginally by 0.87% in June 2019, compared to the $ 34.4 billion in May of the same year.

The ownership of Iraq has increased US bonds since the beginning of this year, about $ 100 million; compared to its ownership at the end of 2018, which was $ 34.6 billion.

Iraq ranked 31st globally among the holders of US Treasury bonds and the fourth in the Arab world, after Saudi Arabia, which ranks 11 globally and first Arab at $ 179.6 billion, the United Arab Emirates ranked 22 globally and the second Arab at $ 51.5 billion, and Kuwait ranked 27 globally and third $ 44.4 billion.

The reversal of the US bond yield curve raised fears of a US recession as government debt yields fell for 30 years to an all-time low.

Globally, Japan took the top spot with US $ 1.122 trillion in bonds, followed by China with $ 1.112 trillion and the UK with $ 341.1 billion.

The world’s total holdings of US Treasury bonds in June were $ 6.636 trillion, compared with $ 6.539 trillion in May.


Parliamentary finance reveals to “Al-Ahd News” on the rise of the balance of the Central Bank during this year

By ahad5 16/08/2019 12:49 PM

  Ahd News – Baghdad

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives on the rise of the financial balance of the Central Bank during the year, which confirms that the financial situation in the country is OK.

Committee Chairman Ahmed al-Saffar told “Al-Ahd News”, that the economic and financial situation of Iraq is fine at the moment, as we find that there is a rise in the financial balance of the Central Bank, in addition to high oil prices than planned in the budget this year.

He pointed out that there is a defect only in the investment budget, which the government must address within the budget next year. Finished 2,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhj6LlhepJAmlIXQ69uzguNVIOvwyw

Baghdad sends the salaries of employees of the region and determine the date of disbursement

Release date:: 2019/8/16 11:41

(Baghdad: Aflat News) A source in the Federal Ministry of Finance, on the resumption of the payment of salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region on Sunday.

The source explained in a press statement, on Friday, that “the distribution of salaries of the region’s employees for the month of May, resumes on Sunday, and that the distribution of salaries of the Council of the judiciary in Kurdistan.”

He added, “The federal government will send on Monday the salaries of employees to the region, which accelerates the distribution of salaries of all ministries that did not receive before Eid al-Adha,” stressing that “all ministries will receive their salaries during the next week.”