Halbousi, US Ambassador discuss cooperation in the security field

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Baghdad today _ Baghdad

Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi, on Sunday (18 August 2019), discussed with the US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller, cooperation in the field of security.

“The Speaker of the Parliament received today US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller, during which they discussed relations between Baghdad and Washington, cooperation in the security field and regional and international political situations,” Al-Halbousi’s media office said in a statement received.

The President of the House of Representatives, according to the statement, “the importance of expanding the horizons of cooperation between the two friendly countries in the field of security and intelligence; to combat terrorism, eliminate IS cells, and maintain victory.”

The statement added, “They also reviewed the latest regional and international political developments, stressing the need to ease tension in the region, and the importance of dialogue to resolve outstanding problems, avoid crises and maintain stability.”

For his part, the Ambassador of the United States of America on the “commitment of his country to support Iraq in the fight against terrorism, and support the security forces in coordination with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”



For lovers of life and music .. Dance parties return to Baghdad


concerts in Baghdad

2019/08/18 15:10:56

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Members of rival motorcycle teams in Iraq, dressed in leather and black hats, took part in semi-circles with a dancing party and waved shiny illuminated sticks as they raised their tattooed arms.

The Mughal Motorcycle Club was one of several circles with a summer festival organized by the Reutter Gear Company held at the stadium in central Baghdad.

The scene was completely different from the images the media used to relay from the city of violence and chaos. But nearly two years after Iraq declared total victory over ISIS, the Iraqi capital is quietly restructuring.

Since the removal of the fences surrounding the so-called Green Zone in Baghdad, a feature of the city since the US-led invasion in 2003 that toppled Saddam Hussein, the city has regained its normal life.

Arshad Hibet, 30, a film director and founder of the company, which organizes the concerts, said the company organized the ceremony so that people know that Iraq has this culture and people who love life and music.

RIOT GEAR has previously held similar concerts in Iraq before, but Friday’s concert was the first open to the public.

The ceremony began with young people showing off their modified imported cars and motorcycles. By nightfall, the event turned into a dance.

The Iraqi hip-hop team, Trib of Monsters, played a mix of different music as young men danced and swayed amid strong lights and smoke-emitting devices and broadcast their concert live on Snapchat and Instagram sites.

The ceremony was a great mix of booming subcultures in Baghdad, bringing together drivers, players and others. What was most common was that they had never attended such a ceremony in Iraq before.

“I mean, we are surprised and hilarious,” said a 21-year-old man from the audience.

Despite the predominance of young men at the ceremony, many girls attended and danced near the main stage and seemed to be very enjoyable. The organizers were keen to have a “family section” so that groups of women, families and couples could dance together away from the enthusiastic crowd.

Among those who attended the ceremony was a girl who said her first name was appointed, who declined to give her last name. “Of course, this whole party is very happy.


The President of the Republic discusses with the US Ambassador regional and international political developments

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

President Barham Saleh on Sunday discussed with the US ambassador political developments at the regional and international levels, stressing the need for dialogue to solve problems.

In a statement received by Al-Ghad Press, the Presidential Information Office said that Saleh received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Thioller. For common interests. ”

He pointed out that “the latest political developments were reviewed on the regional and international arenas, stressing the need to ease tensions, adopt constructive dialogue and enhance joint security cooperation to end crises in the region and contribute to the consolidation of international peace and security.”


Iraq increases its domestic production of gas oil and gasoline


Factor in an oil field. “Internet”

Economy News – Baghdad

Iraq has increased its domestic production of gas oil and gasoline in 2019, the Oil Ministry said in a statement.

The current rate of gasoline production is 14.29 million liters per day, up from an average of 11.485 million liters in 2018.

Gas oil production rose to 11.23 million liters per day from 7.84 million liters in 2018.

The statement said the increase was largely due to steps to increase the production of Iraqi refineries, some of which were rebuilt after being destroyed by armed factions.

Iraq uses most of the fuel it produces for domestic consumption, the statement said.


A delegation from the regional government visits Baghdad over the weekend to resolve outstanding issues

Release date:: 2019/8/18 16:01

BAGHDAD: The talks between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will resume this weekend, with several committees set up for this purpose.

According to the information, “the Kurdistan Regional Government identified its members in the legal and technical committees concerned with the negotiation with the federal government, and completed preparations to visit Baghdad this week for a dialogue on the settlement of differences between the two sides.”

“A delegation from the Kurdistan region is scheduled to visit Baghdad this week,” said Fares Issa, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Baghdad.

During the previous meetings between Baghdad and Erbil, it was decided to form two committees, one legal and the other technical to negotiate between the two sides, and is scheduled to hold the first round of talks in Baghdad.

At the first meeting of the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers held in mid-July, emphasis was placed on improving relations with Baghdad.

A senior delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Masroor Barzani, visited Baghdad on July 16, where he met with the three Iraqi presidencies.


Kurdish delegation visits Baghdad to resolve the budget and oil

2019/08/18 14:50

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BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Bakhtiar Shaways, on Sunday, the two most important files to be carried by the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to Baghdad, which will visit in the coming days.

Shaways said in a press statement that “the two main files are, the oil differences between Baghdad and Erbil, and the draft budget 2020,” noting that “work is continuing to calm and agreement and find an appropriate solution to these two files and other files, because the two parties agreed earlier to settle the differences instead of Deepening them. ”

He added: “In the coming days before us a round of negotiations and the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad in order to reach a solution to the differences, and I think that the views between the parties are close.”

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