The cabinet approves a number of decisions

The cabinet approves a number of decisions

2019/05/21 09:16:18

The Cabinet held its weekly meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and discussed several issues prepared for its agenda and issued a number of resolutions.

The Council of Ministers decided to approve the priorities of draft conventions and recommend to the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the further legislation of draft laws on the conventions No. (26).

The Council also decided to amend the Council of Ministers’ decrees (287) for the year 2015 and (2) for the year 2017 on the validity of renting (kiosks) for people with special needs.

 The Council of Ministers approved the decisions of the Ministerial Council on Energy taken at the 18th meeting on the settlement agreement for the contract No. (EFP10-10200) between LEIGHTON OFFSHORE    and Basra Oil Company .

 And voted the Council of Ministers to determine the date of holding provincial elections after the completion of the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission and the House of Representatives.

The council also decided to withdraw the hand of the employees referred to the court in one or more cases.

 The Council of Ministers has authorized the Minister of Education to deal with emergency matters related to the students’ time and needs.

The council voted to grant the families covered by the Social Protection Law an amount of one hundred thousand dinars per family.

The council decided to include the students of the College of Industrial and Oil Management at Al-Nokhba channel.

The Cabinet approved the donation of (6) ambulances from Najaf health department to the holy upper threshold, in addition to approving the replacement of old vehicles used in our embassies abroad.

The Cabinet also voted to exempt German loan projects from local product protection fees.


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