Central Bank of «Economy News»: The presence of international payment companies will reflect positively on the citizen

Director of Payments Department at the Central Bank, Souha Abdel-Karim «Economy News»

Economy News Baghdad:

The Central Bank of Iraq, signed an agreement with MasterCard International to support Iraqi banks and payment service providers licensed to work according to international best practices in this regard, adding that the presence of international companies inside Iraq will be reflected positively on the citizen because it will increase services and reduce prices .

“The Central Bank of Iraq signed an agreement with MasterCard International on the sidelines of the 2018 Arab Banking Summit in Paris to strengthen the regulatory framework for work in Iraq, which will be “The agreement includes several aspects, including training and financial education and contribute to the development of the national strategy of electronic payment to upgrade financial and banking services, which will be launched in the next phase and strengthen the d Exporters and collectors of electronic payment tools . “

She added that “the Central Bank stands one distance from international companies for the purpose of promoting professional competition and aims to reflect positively on services, prices, innovation and diversity of tools .”

“The Central Bank of Iraq is working to improve levels of financial coverage throughout Iraq through the existence of efficient and effective systems and access to the services provided through them “




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