The Sadrists promise to announce the “big block” soon

Monday, 25 June 2018

Source: Capital Agencies


Announced the Sadrist movement in Iraq, that the largest bloc that will be charged with forming the government will be announced soon.

Hours after the announcement of an alliance between the coalition «victory», led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and ranked third in the parliamentary elections, and the coalition «Sauron» led by Muqtada al-Sadr, which was ranked first.

The spokesman for the current Jaafar al-Moussawi said in a statement that «all previous agreements announced and valid and window, and completed by the step of the alliance victory and others. “The doors open to those who believe in reform, and will be announced the largest bloc soon to form the next government.”

For his part, said the coalition victory that his alliance with «Suron» culminated in the dialogues and endeavors and deep understandings, expressing the hope that the coalition is a solid nucleus of the largest bloc within the parliament. The coalition spokesman Hussain al-Adly said in a statement that the alliance between Al-Nasr and Suron was agreed on the parameters and foundations of the next phase, pointing out that openness and dialogue exists with all blocs to crystallize the final formulations of the foundations and structures of the political stage, including the management of the state files.

On the other hand, the parliamentary fact-finding committee considered the problem to investigate the violations of the elections that the continuation of parliament’s work until the ratification of the results of the election is “completely different” from the extension of its work, stressing that it will not allow those who bet »the end of the life of parliament to falsify the results of counting and sorting by hand.

The Chairman of the Committee, MP Adel Nuri said yesterday that «the House of Representatives was in front of three options, what is happening on the political arena are: either accept the status quo and yield to the pressures of counterfeiters and manipulation, or the extension of the work of the House of Representatives, or the continuation of the work of the Council until the end of counting and sorting and the ratification of the results» . Nuri added that «the House of Representatives went on to continue its work until the ratification of the results, which is permissible and differs from the extension and its goal to maintain the integrity of manual counting and counting and ensure transparency and oversight of the work of independent bodies and the government».

Iraqi Human Rights Watch said Iraqi army soldiers arbitrarily banned a group of displaced families at two checkpoints in Anbar province from returning home, in what appeared to be “collective punishment.”


High security meeting headed by Abadi discusses plans to secure roads and eliminate terrorist cells (expanded)

Release date: 2018/6/25 0:20

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi met with leaders of the security and military and intelligence services, and discussed during the meeting the security situation in the country and plans to secure the methods and intelligence effort to eliminate terrorist cells.

“There are quick measures and qualitative operations to eliminate these terrorist cells that are trying to carry out some terrorist acts outside the cities after our intelligence efforts succeeded in tracking a large number of them and arresting them,” Abbadi said during the meeting, according to a statement issued by his office.

He pointed out that “the painful blows directed at the leaders of the terrorists in Syria by our heroic forces made them resort to the operations of innocent bandits against civilians, but we have a lookout until the elimination of them in full.”

“The crises that are taking place in the country will not affect the strength and cohesion of the state, as we have overcome the challenge of terrorism and we can overcome any challenge we face.”

Urgent urges the blocs to reject any extension of the parliament and the orientation to form a government (expanded)

Release Date: 2018/6/24 23:05 • 125 times read

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called the stream of national wisdom, blocs and political forces, to reject any attempts to extend the life of the current parliament.

A member of the Political Bureau and the official spokesman of the National Wisdom Movement, Nofal Aburgiev, in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “a belief in the constitutional frameworks are consistent and consistent with the direction of our people with different titles and trends, and their desire to revive their long-standing reality, To a real change led by new blood, and based on this conviction firmly established, the National Wisdom Movement declares its full rejection of all calls, proposals and ideas that seek to extend the life of the current parliament, which ends its functions on July 1 this year.

He added that “our movement calls on all parties and political blocs to pursue a clear and sound approach in the pivotal national positions, especially in such delicate and delicate circumstances of the life of our country, and reject any attempts to delay and prolong the period beyond the Constitution, On the principle of the peaceful transfer of power without any compromises or special arguments or insults, and to preserve God Iraq and its people Saber, it is the guardian of success.

The House of Representatives, has ended on Sunday, after the resumption of the special session under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the discussion of the proposed amendment to the Fourth Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013, which provides for the extension of the work of Parliament “until the end of the process of counting and sorting the results of the election.” is over

Nechervan Barzani discussed with a US delegation the role of Kurds in the efforts to form the next government

By Roudao 31 minutes ago


Side of the meeting


Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, on Sunday, June 24, 2018, with an American delegation led by the commander of the Central Command of US forces Joseph Fotil, the security and political situation and the role of Kurds in the efforts to form the next Iraqi government.

According to a statement by the Kurdistan Regional Government that on Sunday afternoon, June 24, 2018, Mr. Nezirvan Barzani received “Mr. Joseph Fotill, commander of the Central Command of US forces, and Mr. Ken Gross, US Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, and a military delegation accompanying them.”

He added that “during the meeting between the two sides discussed the security and political situation in the region and Iraq, and highlight the efforts and steps that followed the Iraqi parliamentary elections, which aims to form a new Iraqi government, and the impact and role of Kurds in this process.”

The statement added: “The two sides agreed on the need for military coordination between the allies and Iraq and the Peshmerga, especially in the field of hunting remnants and the continuation of their movements and the elimination of recent movements in the region In this regard was valued coordination between allies and Peshmerga high, and was emphasized the continuation of US military assistance to the Peshmerga “He said.

“On the other side of the meeting, we discussed the latest developments in Syria and stressed that the only solution to the Syrian situation is a political solution that guarantees the rights of all components in that country.”

He pointed out that “the meeting was attended by Dr. Fouad Hussein, President of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, Karim Sinjari Minister of Interior and Minister of Peshmerga Agency, and military commanders Sheikh Jaafar and Najat Ali.”

The Ministerial Council for National Security discusses the Turkish violations of Iraqi airspace and territory

– 6/24/2018 7:09:00 AM

Khandan –

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday chaired a meeting of the National Security Council.

“There was an extensive discussion of Turkish violations of Iraq’s airspace and territory,” Ebadi’s press office said.

“A detailed explanation has been presented by the movements of the Ministry of Defense, the Border Guard, the Air Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for these violations. A number of resolutions and directives have been adopted which protect the sovereignty of Iraq and reject any attack on Iraqi territory. And the use of diplomatic means to prevent any violation of Iraqi territory and the formation of a committee of the chief of staff of the army and joint operations and security and intelligence of the Ministry of Defense and border and interior forces and the National Security Adviser to raise its report and recommendations as soon as possible.

“The council also discussed measures to control borders and use modern technologies and secure them,” the statement said.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has also approved the visit of the Ministry of Justice.

The memorandum of understanding on joint cooperation between the Iraqi anti-terrorism agency and the Hungarian anti-terrorism center was approved.

The Ministerial Council for National Security renewed its assertion “to prevent the movement of vehicles without figures and to take legal action against the occupants and to confirm previous decisions and directives.”

the Iranian currency is down a record

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The Iranian parliament on Sunday held a closed session to discuss the continuing decline of the Iranian currency, and the resulting damage to the Iranian economy, today the decline reached its lowest levels.

Iranian parliamentarians will also discuss the worsening economic situation in the country amid calls for the resignation of President Hassan Rowhani and the holding of early elections.

Iranian activists have organized a wide-ranging campaign of popular demands, including President Hassan Rowhani, demanding the change of his economic team as soon as possible and the search for solutions to emerge from the crisis that began to appear and reflect on the living reality of the public.

The sharp fall of the Iranian currency against the dollar and other foreign currencies has led to a significant rise in the prices of cars, real estate and commodities, especially imported ones.

The exchange rate of the Iranian Toman today amounted to 8900 per US dollar, one of the lowest level. According to RT TV


Legal Expert: Manual counting and counting will be partially and includes complaints only

Release Date: 2018/6/24 18:31

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A legal expert confirmed that the manual counting and counting of electoral votes will be partially based on what was stated in the decision of the Federal Court.

The legal expert Jamal al-Asadi said in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “as we showed on the first day of the issuance of the Federal Court decision, the Electoral Commission judges assigned by an official statement, it was decided to be counting and sorting in part and includes only complaints.

The Independent High Electoral Commission decided on Sunday to re-count and manually count according to the decision of the Federal Court and to instruct the transfer of ballot boxes with electronic verification devices in the governorates where complaints were lodged in Baghdad. Introduction to the Independent High Electoral Commission or official reports on suspicions of forgery only without others, whether at home or abroad, in respect of the will of the voter and his rights to participate in public affairs and not wasting his voice, which came without any violation.

The Supreme Federal Court has approved last Thursday the constitutionality of all the articles of the Third Amendment Law of the Electoral Law, which was legislated by the House of Representatives on June 6, and rejected the third article on the abolition of the votes of voters abroad and displaced and the movement of population in 4 provinces and the special vote in the Kurdistan region.

Baghdad and Washington discuss joint security coordination

Release date: 2018/6/24 18:04

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Defense Minister Irfan Al-Hayali discussed on Sunday with the US ambassador to Baghdad joint security cooperation and coordination.

A statement by the Ministry of Defense, received the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, “Minister Irfan Mahmoud Hayali, received in his office this morning the US ambassador in Baghdad, Douglas Silliman, and during the meeting discussed the latest security developments.

He also discussed “ways of cooperation and joint coordination in various fields,” noting that the meeting was attended by “Director of the Office of US security cooperation in Iraq, General Genghis.”

the Electoral Commission determines the centers covered by manual counting

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Shafaq News / The Electoral Commission announced the inclusion of the process of manual counting and counting of polling stations marked by cases of fraud or violations.

The spokesman for the Electoral Commission, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza, that the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned an extensive meeting this day, corresponding to 24/6/2018 and may examine the third amendment to the law of elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 Amended and in accordance with the decision of the Federal Supreme Court No. 99 / 104/106 / Media / 2018 on 21/6/2018 and included in one of its paragraphs if it is proven that there are irregularities in obtaining such votes as fraud and other irregularities affecting the freedom of elections and in the letter of the will of the voter is the manual counting and sorting process stipulated in Article (1) of the Third Amendment Act of the Law The elections of the House of Representatives for these votes only and without prejudice to the votes of voters that obtained the legal form of sound and without any irregularities did not respond to complaints or not mentioned in the official reports related to violations, there is no need for the process of counting and sorting manually by whether these votes within Iraq or Outside the application of the provisions contained in the Constitution in Articles 14, 20 and 38 / I of the Constitution in respect of the will of the voter)) and therefore decided the Board of Commissioners the following:

1 – the re-counting process manually according to the decision of the Federal Supreme Court mentioned above for the electoral centers received a complaint submitted to the Independent High Electoral Commission or the official reports on suspicions of forgery only without others, whether at home or abroad, in respect of the will of the voter and his rights to participate in Public affairs and not wasting his voice, which came without any comment, adding to the work of the principle that what was true under the law or in the text of the law remains Mariah .. This is confirmed by the Federal Court decision, and that the decision issued by the Commission is subject to challenge Federal Court of Cassation.

2. All electoral office directors (of the assigned judges) in the governorates that have complained at their polling stations and stations will be instructed to transfer their funds with electronic verification devices (Bar Cord) in coordination with the police command of the province and command of the operations and under strict guard to The designated places in the city of Baghdad and under the direct supervision of the Director of the Office (the judge appointed) will be determined at a later date and place to conduct a manual counting and sorting in the presence of representatives of the United Nations and political entities and agents of candidates.

Iraq ‘s achieves more than $ 7.5 billion in oil revenues in a month

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The Ministry of Oil announced the increase in the total quantities exported and revenues achieved for the month of May compared to the previous months of this year.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Oil Assem Jihad said that the total quantities exported crude oil for the month of May from the oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to (108) million and (175) thousand and (920) barrels, revenues amounted to (7) billion and (550) (777) thousand dollars, while the statistics did not record exports from Kirkuk fields.

He pointed out that the above quantities were loaded by 35 foreign companies of different nationality through the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and the monolithic buoys on the Gulf.

Jihad said the average price per barrel amounted to (69,801) dollars.