Nechirvan Barzani discussed with the US ambassador the political process in Iraq

Emphasis on the need to remove obstacles in the way of forming a new government …

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10/06/2018 – 03:37

News / Kurdistan

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Najirvan Barzani, on Saturday night, the political process in Iraq and the decisions of the Iraqi Council of Representatives last, with the US ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman and his delegation, was stressed the need to solve the emerging problems in the formation of the new government.

Nechirvan Barzani was received by US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman, US Consul General in Iraq Arbil, and the accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, the delegation highlighted the latest developments in the electoral process and the decisions made by the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the results of the elections.

In this regard, the two sides stressed the need to unite the word between all parties to make the political process in Iraq a success, and expressed the hope to solve the problems that have arisen so as not to constitute an obstacle to the formation of a new Iraqi government.

In this context, Barzani reiterated that the Kurdistan Regional Government and political parties are working for the unified and serious participation in the next Iraqi government, so as to ensure the political and economic stability of Iraq.

The two sides also exchanged views and views on a number of issues related to the situation in the region, on the other side of the meeting.


We are heading to form the largest bloc in agreement with these parties and our electoral size is greater than the results showed

Policy  2018/06/10 00:11  838  Editor: hr

Baghdad today – follow-up

Qahtan al-Jubouri, a spokesman for the Saron coalition, supported by Sadr’s leader Moqtada al-Sadr, said that what has been signed so far are preliminary understandings between “wisdom” and “patriotism” and ” For this alliance as the largest winning list, pointing out that this convergence tends to form the largest bloc.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted Jubouri as saying that “the three blocs that signed this document of understanding confirm their openness to all those who believe in this program, which included clear and specific points that will also result in the government program. Citizens without exception “.

“If counting and counting can affect these understandings,” al-Jubouri said. “Counting and counting if it has an impact on us would have a positive effect, because we know our audience well.”

He continued: “If there is justice and fairness, the size of the election is greater than we got, and therefore any political understandings will not be affected by what the House of Representatives.”

The political sources reported, last Thursday, the signing of an agreement between the leaders of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr and the stream of wisdom Ammar al-Hakim and the National Coalition Iyad Allawi, to form the largest bloc in preparation for the formation of the government.

Those sources said that “the alliance has already been concluded between the alliance of Surson and the stream of wisdom and the National Coalition by the three leaders, to include more than 100 deputies.”

This comes a day after a crucial parliamentary decision to re-count the results of the elections manually, and to cancel the results of the elections of the displaced and abroad, which may significantly affect the election results, according to specialists.

The alliance of Sowron, backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement has won the legislative elections according to the results announced by the Electoral Commission, which was suspended from work, depending on the results of counting and counting electronic 54, while the stream of wisdom 19 seats and the National Coalition 21 seats.

Towards meaningful economic information

Author: Yasser Metwally

10/6/2018 12:00 AM

In order for the building to be solid, its pillars must be strong. One of the most important pillars of sound economic construction is the availability of solid economic information. It has the ability to analyze economic phenomena and to address its effects and provide solutions to them through experts’ visions to reduce the impact of this phenomenon.

I drew attention to the effectiveness carried out by the Association of Iraqi private banks in cooperation with the College of Information University of Baghdad organized a training course focused on economic media for a group of grades ended in the Faculty of Information.

This session comes after the Association sensed the importance of this aspect after receiving a few media statements by some of those who do not have the experience and knowledge of economic affairs and the tendency of some media outlets behind these dangerous statements on the national economy, which distorted the image and the role of banks.

The morning, since the change in 2003, warns of the danger of media statements to non-specialists, and that Arshifi filled with my own in this regard and the calls of our colleagues not to follow the statements harmful to the national economy by non-specialists.

The idea adopted by the association found a deep resonance among the specialists as well as academics and economic media professionals who attended the ceremony of distributing certificates of appreciation among the graduates of this course, which is the core of building a solid economic media base.

The celebration hall witnessed a strong movement towards embracing the young energies and directing them towards specialization in the field of economic media. The Association went even further when it announced the adoption of this specialization to strengthen the media departments in all banks, thus providing jobs for this important specialization. This occasion was an opportunity to share ideas presented during the ceremony, which were contributed by Dean of the Faculty of Information Dr. Hashim Hassan and Editor-in-Chief colleague Abbas Abboud Salem and the spokesman of the Central Bank d. Bassem Al-Brahimi and the President of the Association, Eng. Wadih Al-Hanalal, and reached several important proposals and ideas on the way to strengthen the task of preparing specialized media cadres in the field of economics and reflected the interest and care of the youth sector as future leaders in all specialties.

My conclusion and my impression on this initiative is “how the private sector thinks” of managing the economic file in the right way.

Therefore, civil society organizations with other economic issues are also called upon to adopt initiatives aimed at supporting and promoting economic construction and advocacy connected to the economic and public sectors in the public and private sectors to adopt media outputs. Economic future and a sincere invitation to the College of Information and Dean of the profession and age to seek the opening of a special section of economic flags to complement the task.

Call for increased confidence in private financial institutions

10/6/2018 12:00 am

In order to encourage the reality of work

Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara

The banking system in Iraq, and despite the importance of its institutions, but it was unable to create an atmosphere conducive to the revitalization of the private sector because of the constraints and procedures followed in these financial institutions as they were following the instructions and policies of the state; where we find that 90 percent of banking activity back to government banks at a time when absent The role of its own counterpart in supporting the economic activities of the private sector.

Small investors

academic economist , Dr. Ahmed Omar al- Rawi said the “morning” that most of the activity of government banks was intended to finance the public sector , which was characterized by centralism in its institutions manage the case without the benefit of those financial allocations by the private sector to invest in successful activities. ”

He added “The banking system continues to rely on complex mechanisms in its financing activities, where it is difficult for the private sector to meet the conditions required to obtain funding, so the small investors, the majority, did not benefit from the funding required for their investment activities, not because of interest rates despite the high rates but because B difficult conditions lending , which was followed by government banks. ”

He noted that” the banking system in Iraq has been unable to finance major investments for its inability, it continued its activities confined to the short and medium loans, which prevented the possibility of a significant investment by the private sector . ” ” The  resources of the banking system in Iraq consists of about 70 banks, including 7 government, and has seen the expansion of the Islamic banking business, which has become the harmony of the tendencies of a wide segment of the public He continued to narrate the need to adopt reform policies because of the large imbalances that resulted from the poor Resource Management Under the direction of the International Monetary Fund, most developing countries, including Iraq, adopted reform policies that would direct resources towards the goals that maximize benefits for society. The first of these policies was the distribution of resources according to the market mechanism and openness to the outside world, especially in the field of  investment. The private sector in turn between the academic economist Dr. Amr Hisham that “the Iraqi economy, after the circumstances of the loss of its components and infrastructure, now in dire need to adopt reform policies to restore normal activity.” “The call to encourage the private sector was the first policy to be adopted to contribute to building the Iraqi economy,” he said. He added that “to achieve this call, the necessary legislative and institutional frameworks should be issued to encourage and attract private national investments, especially national smuggled funds.” Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and its amendments is a fundamental step in building and creating an appropriate investment climate. The Iraqi economy on a modern basis, and rebalancing the economic sectors by giving a greater role to the private sector in  economic activities . ” Attracting investments and said Hisham ” the need to carry out a series of economic and legal policies that help to create an investment environment that encourages national and foreign investor, and give full confidence to ensure their rights through measures the most important of the existence of a national framework of laws and conventions that form the ground to attract Alasttmart.  And the importance of ” the existence of a national framework of institutional To receive and encourage the movement of investments in Iraq and the support of local or expatriate investor, and provide all forms of support required for the development of investment, and to make reforms on investment activities because of the multiplicity of investment departments in the ministries of the state that often intersect Sia Adtha towards the promotion of investment, as well as to revive the national capital markets and to raise awareness of the importance of investment in securities and  financial. ”

Massarur Barzani: Kurdistan Region does not mind the manual counting and counting of votes Saying the abolition of the special vote in the region «a political step hostile» …

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09/06/2018 – 20:59

News / Kurdistan

The adviser of the Security Council of the Kurdistan Region, pleased Barzani, that the region does not mind the process of counting and sorting the hands of the votes of voters, saying at the same time, the abolition of the special recommendation in the region «political hatred hostile» for the region.

Barzani welcomed on Saturday, Gen. Bradley Baker, the official of the Security Coordination Office at the US Embassy in Iraq, who visited Kurdistan on the occasion of the end of his duties and to introduce his deputy, General Sean Jenkins to the relevant authorities in the Kurdistan Region.

The meeting discussed the long-term program of training, rehabilitation and provision of military supplies to the Peshmerga forces.

The talk of the legislative elections that took place in Iraq on 12 May last, and in this regard, the Kurdish leader to the importance of forming a coalition of Kurdistan includes all components of Kurdistan, declaring that the presence of a bloc allied to Kurdistan will ensure greater ability to defend the rights of the Kurdistan Region and its people .

On the law of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the results of the elections, the adviser of the Security Council of the Kurdistan Region that the Kurdistan Region does not mind the process of counting and counting of the hands of voters, expressing at the same time his condemnation of the abolition of the special vote in Kurdistan, considering that «a political step hostile to Kurdistan».

On the other hand, the two sides discussed the reform and restructuring programs in the Ministry of Peshmerga. General Baker confirmed that the Coordination Office will continue to provide support and provide a fair share of assistance to the Peshmerga forces within the strategic framework of regional security and supervision of their programs.

Office Masoum reveals the proceedings of the meeting that was with the masses rejecting the amendment of the election law

Media treasures / Baghdad ..

The office of President Fuad Masum revealed on Saturday the course of the meeting that was held with the opposition blocs to amend the election law.

The office said in a statement that “President Fuad Masoum held, today, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, a meeting that included a number of leaders of blocs and political parties and the presence of Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri and Vice-President of the Council.”

He added that “there were frank discussions on the circumstances and results of the recent legislative elections, and the legal amendments made by the House of Representatives and the subsequent procedures.”

The statement pointed out that “most of the attendees stressed the importance of acting responsibly and vigorously in order to contain any repercussions and maintain political and security stability, respect for the votes of voters, adherence to the Constitution and laws in force and strengthening the principle of separation of powers and the prevention of any constitutional vacuum.”

The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Saturday the reasons for not convening the meeting today and postponing it to another notice, in reference to the existence of political understandings between the blocs rejecting the amendment with the Presidency of the Republic,15700022,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700191,15700201&usg=ALkJrhjAiTKQaVqeVSdtUYAjaYViQ_ShTg

Learn about the time it takes to count and “manually”


Political situation

Saturday 9 June 2018 05:35 pm

Baghdad / .. The parliamentary legal committee, on Saturday, the time it will take counting and sorting “manual”, while warned of the end of the constitutional period to form a new government.

The Commission Rapporteur Zana Said for “Iraq’s News”, “The process of counting and sorting the hand takes more than twenty days,” warning that “the parliamentary results in the elections do not end before the constitutional date before 1/7 and enter into a constitutional vacuum and the Federal Court To deal with a decision from them. “

“There is manipulation in the votes of the candidates who did not win the elections,” Saeed said. “There is guidance in the areas where they were elected. The right votes will come back to them. After counting and sorting, each candidate who won his constitutional right will know.” Finished


Legal: Infallible authentication to amend the election law is worthless



Media treasures / Baghdad ..

The legal expert Tariq Harb, Saturday, that the ratification of President Fuad Masum on the third amendment to the election law is unnecessary and has no legal value, among that the law came into force after the vote in the House of Representatives.

He said war, “The ratification of infallible is not required to amend the election law voted by the House of Representatives,” noting that “the judges assigned to serve as members of the Board of Commission to oversee the process of counting and sorting by hand.”

He added that “the law came into force after the vote of members of the House of Representatives it,” explaining that “the law will be published in the official newspaper and became effective for the work.”

He said that “the Federal Court will be Faisal in the case of appeals filed unconstitutional amendment of the election law and the lack of quorum.”

The House of Representatives had voted during the session last Wednesday, to dismiss the Electoral Commission and the assignment of 9 judges for the counting and manual counting in all provinces, which was prepared by some blocks without the right and contrary to the Constitution,15700022,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700189,15700191,15700201,15700205


The office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Saturday, the continuation of the government, the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region.

Baghdad – Journal News


The spokesman for the office Saad al-Hadithi, “The federal government to send the salaries of staff of the region, regular and periodic, and the amounts sent regularly, according to the mechanism that has been adopted since the launch of the first batch of these amounts.”

Al-Hadithi pointed out that “the current federal government is committed to sending these amounts to the Kurdistan region, periodically, but talk about the continuation of the formation of the next government, an interview premature, and do not know the directions of the next government in this regard, but the current government on its part committed to release these amounts Regular “.

Basra electricity is witnessing an increase in energy processing during the coming hours

Date of release: 2018/6/9 18:18 • 128 times read
The Electricity Department in Basra, on Saturday, that the province will witness an increase in the number of hours of electricity after contact with the Iranian side.
“There is a defect in the processing of electricity to Basra by the Iranian line, which fell to 200 megawatts,” the department said in a statement. “There are discussions with the Iranian side to address the issue of the rise in production level Within the next few hours. ”
He pointed out that “the increase of hours of electricity supply from 200 to 270 megawatts after contact with the Iranian side,” noting that “the processing of electricity will improve in the coming hours.”
He added that “random excesses affect the instability of electricity supply as well as unstable voltages that affect the processing of electricity to the citizen.”

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