Angelina Jolie, the government and the people of Kurdistan message face to face

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A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government Sven Dziyi with the UN envoy for international refugees Angelina Jolie, the situation of displaced people and refugees in the region.

Jolie arrived in Duhok on Sunday to visit Syrian refugees and provide aid to them. After yesterday’s tour of old Mosul, where it stood on the disastrous situation of the destroyed city.

She praised the famous American actress and Goodwill Ambassador in the United Nations efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government, describing Kurdistan as a model for the hosting and protection of refugees during a press conference from Dohuk.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie is visiting Iraq for the fifth time and is her 61st field mission with the UN refugee agency since 2001.

A statement by the provincial government said Dzi and the special director of the Prime Minister’s Office had received Jolie and said his visit to Kurdistan was for a closer look at the situation of refugees and displaced persons.

He presented a summary of the situation of the current Kurdistan region, the crisis of refugees and displaced persons, humanitarian, financial and economic and its repercussions, and the impact of war on the various classes and segments, and the role played by the Peshmerga during the last four years during the war against Daqash and the humanitarian policy of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Between the regional government, UN agencies and the international community in supporting, assisting and providing services to affected civilians.

The government statement said that Jolie expressed thanks to the Kurdistan Regional Government and to the people of Kurdistan to host such a large number of refugees and assist them and valued this role for the Kurdistan Region high and reassured the Kurdistan Regional Government to continue to inform the international community about the suffering of the displaced and refugees to deliver aid to them and support the provincial government.

During the meeting, they exchanged views on means of enhancing cooperation and coordination between the KRG, the UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations in order to improve and reconstruct the lives of displaced persons and refugees before rebuilding the role and buildings.

The two sides also agreed to continue the talks for the purpose of finding advanced initiatives beyond the mere provision of material support and humanitarian assistance to the displaced and refugees, until things return to normal in their areas and return to their homes of pride and choice of them.

The province of Kurdistan 1.4 million displaced and refugees from inside Iraq and Syria, where 97% of Syrian refugees are in the province of Kurdistan, and 37% of them in nine camps and others distributed in cities and towns, and 40% of the displaced Iraqis in the province of Kurdistan, % Of them in cities and the rest live in 30 camps.


Al-Issawi: Parliament completed its previous failures in the election crisis

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Political Bureau of the National Wisdom Movement, Abbas al-Issawi, the House of Representatives, responsible for the current election crisis.

Al-Issawi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The Iraqi parliament has completed its previous failures by entering the country with a real crisis and this records them.”

“The losers had to accept the loss in a spirit of sport without trying to bring the country into a crisis,” he said, adding that “the loss of the people’s confidence in parliament is borne by you.

The House of Representatives voted in its extraordinary session held on June 6, on the proposed amendment to the Third Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 “with the aim of achieving transparency in the election results and maintain the democratic system of Iraq and protect the electoral process to ensure confidence in the integrity of the elections and fairness and The validity of the acceleration of electronic results and caused by the lack of real results and for the manual counting and counting in the whole of Iraq. ”

And appointed the Supreme Judicial Council, 18 judges to administer the offices of the Electoral Commission and supervise the process of counting and counting the results of the election under the amendment of the election law.

The head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, said during the Eid prayer on Saturday, “The House of Representatives met with an extraordinary session open some of its members (most of those who did not win the elections), and made a third amendment to the electoral law questionable constitutional and initiated arbitrary steps and shocking and sharply biased In the required treatment and instead of the Council to contribute to finding a solution to the crisis contributed to the complexity.

He pointed out that “the judicial institution was also involved in the electoral process and removed it from its supervisory role to an executive role, which risks jeopardizing its independence and to those who resort if the government becomes a rival and party to the current conflict.

” And the credibility of the judicial institution and shake credibility without regaining confidence in the electoral process, the loss will be doubled “calling” everyone to realize that there is no sense to win and electoral loss in the event of loss of the country and the collapse of the political system and go to the constitutional vacuum and enter the dark tunnel, Winners and non – winners of the responsibility to protect democracy and the country in these sensitive circumstances “.anthy

Iraqi military leaders meet with the highest international security authority

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Iraqi security and military leaders met with leaders of the International Coalition forces on the Iraqi-Syrian border west of Anbar province, 118 km west of the country, Iraqi security sources said on Sunday.

The sources said that “the coalition forces held a meeting at the Iraqi-Syrian border in the presence of the commander of the island operations in Anbar, Major General Qasim al-Mohammadi with military leaders of the Anbar border guards the second area and a number of army leaders deployed in the cities of Anbar.”

The sources did not reveal further details of the meeting, but said it was the first of its kind since the liberation of the Anbar areas from the control of the Daedash organization last year.


Deputy for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (Basneoz): This is what we will discuss in Baghdad after the feast

“We did not make the decision to join the alliance of Suron – Fatah after” …

Mohammed al-Baghdadi

17/06/2018 – 19:55


A representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, the most prominent files to be discussed by the Kurdish delegation, who will visit the capital Baghdad, after the end of the holiday.

“Our negotiations in Baghdad will focus on the constants and objectives of the Kurdistan representation and the preservation of Kurdish gains in the next government,” MP Shakhwan Abdullah told Basnews.

He added, “We will try during the visit also bring the views on the issues of disagreement between Baghdad and Erbil, with regard to the disputed areas and the need to come out with positive views to end the differences.”

Deputy Shakhwan Abdullah

“The accession of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to the alliance of (Suron-Fatah) has not been resolved to this moment,” Abdullah said. “The accession depends on the dialogues that we will conduct in Baghdad after the end of the Eid holiday.”

The official of the Electoral Foundation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Khosro Goran, revealed Friday (Basneoz), that «after the end of the holiday holiday will go a Kurdish delegation including the Democratic and national Kurds to Baghdad to discuss the formation of the largest bloc with the political forces in the capital», noting, : «We are now seeking to send a Kurdish delegation brings together all Kurdish political forces winning the elections».

The Kurdistan Democratic Party has issued the results of the Iraqi legislative elections in the Kurdistan region with 25 seats, while the Kurdish National Party was replaced by the second 18 seats.

He added the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic, that «talk about the democratic and national integration of the Kurdistan Alliance, which includes others and opening, is not accurate, we to the moment did not decide in particular, and the decision is after going to Baghdad and know the results of dialogues».

The Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan welcomed the alliance between  al-Sadr and al-Amiri and considered it  a positive but insufficient step.

Change welcomes Abadi’s initiative for a comprehensive meeting and emphasizes: our decisions after re-counting and sorting

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The parliamentary bloc of change announced on Sunday the full welcome of the initiative of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to hold a comprehensive meeting of political forces in the country.

“We appreciate Abadi’s efforts and his recent initiative to hold a comprehensive national meeting that brings together all political parties to discuss the crises facing Iraq, especially with regard to the status of the elections,” said head of the bloc Amin Bakr. Law”.

He stressed that “the law must take its natural course according to the correct frameworks,” stressing that “the movement did not clear her vision only after the recount and manual counting and announcement of the final results of the elections, so it will not take any political decision.”

He stressed the “end of the procedure of re-counting and sorting as soon as possible.”

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider Abadi called earlier, to a meeting of political forces after the Eid al-Fitr on the crises facing the country.


Abadi talks about the armory of the state


Sunday 17 June 2018 1:00 pm

BAGHDAD – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday stressed the importance of maintaining the neutrality of the armed forces and keeping them away from political differences and conflicts, pointing out that work is under way to limit weapons to the state.

“We faced an existential challenge, but we came out stronger and more united,” Abadi said during a meeting with security and military leaders at the headquarters of joint operations and exchanging congratulations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

“Any weapon outside this framework is a weapon of war and chaos,” Abbadi said.

“The second battle is with corruption, and the security establishment must be removed from any aspect of corruption and remain fair and above suspicions,” Abbadi said, adding that “the investigation is being carried out in any suspicion.”

He stressed “the importance of the intelligence effort and its very important role during the next phase and the pursuit of terrorist cells.” Finished 2


Afghan president extends truce with Taliban


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(International: al-Furat News) Afghan President Ashraf Ghani extended on Sunday a unilateral ceasefire with Taliban fighters for 10 days.
The truce was due to expire on Wednesday.
“Afghan security forces can defend themselves against any attack,” presidential spokesman Durrani Vaziri told Reuters