Extraordinary meeting in focused on finishing the job in & and combatting networks in . Nearly $90M in contributions for stabilization. Two new members (now 77 total). United in common purpose. Readout:


The Iraqi National Wisdom Current reveals a near-five-alliance declaration

BAGHDAD, June 27 (KUNA) – The Iraqi National Wisdom Movement, led by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, announced on Tuesday the imminent announcement of a five-nation coalition that includes coalitions, victory, wisdom, Fatah and patriotism over the next few days.

“The principles that brought together the five-party coalition is the leadership of the Iraqi state on logical bases, foremost of which is the political, administrative and judicial reform and the rejection of quotas,” the Iraqi news agency Asrar Media reported.

Pointing out that ‘has not been nominated for prime minister so far’.

“We will go to dialogue on the three presidencies after the accession of the Kurds to this alliance to become a coalition of seven.

The Iraqi political coalitions, winning in the last elections since the announcement of the results of the elections, political moves Marathon to form the largest bloc in the new Iraqi parliament, which will be charged with naming the new prime minister.

According to article 76 of the Iraqi constitution in its first paragraph, the president-elect elects the candidate of the most parliamentary bloc, the formation of the Council of Ministers, within fifteen days of the election of the President of the Republic.

The article also stipulates in its second paragraph that the Prime Minister-designate shall designate the members of his ministry within a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of the commissioning.

In the Iraqi parliament, which includes 329 seats, requires the largest bloc to collect a number of seats not less than 165 to ensure the ratification of the parliament on the new government formation.


The Kurds and Sunnis are comfortable with Sadr’s alliances and want to join him

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The alliance of Sowron, backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, that the latter will form the government with the forces affiliated with him, noting that the parties Kurdish and Sunni reassuring of his alliance and wants to join him.

“The coalition of Sadr with the victory coalition led by Haider al-Abadi, and the stream of national wisdom led by Ammar al-Hakim, is not new, but there were agreements before the elections on the formation of a cross-sectarian alliance includes All components of the Iraqi people after the elections. ”

“Al-Shammari said that” the alliance of Sadr and Abadi, Hakim, Amiri and some other forces will take over the task of forming the next government, “pointing out that” Kurdish blocs want to join the alliance. ”

“The Kurds feel more comfortable and reassured when they see a Shiite bloc that includes several parties,” he said, adding that “the coalition is the focus of attraction and interest of Sunni blocs as well.”

And locked the political blocs winning in the legislative elections according to the results of counting and sorting, “e”, negotiations to form the next government.

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr and the Prime Minister of the leader of the coalition of victory Haider Abadi, we announced, Saturday (June 23, 2018), a political alliance between the list of “victory” and “Sarun” according to eight political principles.

A source close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, has revealed, last Saturday, to (Baghdad today), that the pillars of the largest bloc was completed by joining Abadi to the alliance of Sadr and Amiri and Allawi and Hakim, away from the coalition of the rule of law led by al-Maliki.


Basra Council: next week will support the operational budget of 111 billion dinars

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Basra Governorate Council announced on Tuesday that it will pass the project to support the operational budget of the province during the next week more than 111 billion dinars, indicating that it is dedicated to support incurable diseases and municipal projects and contract salaries and others.

The Chairman of the Legal Committee in the Council, Ahmed Abdul Hussein, said that “the Council discussed the draft law to support the operational budget of the province of Basra and the doors allocated to it more than 50% of petrodollar allocations.”

He added that “the project to support the budget will be more than 111 billion dinars,” noting that “51 billion dinars, which is intended to support municipal projects and other sections of the intractable diseases and the file of water and salaries of contracts and others.”

He explained that “there is agreement on most of the doors of the budget and the talk and understanding on the other doors and debate on them for the purpose of passing during next week’s session.”


Abadi: the extension of the life of parliament is contrary to the Constitution and the government did not fail in the elections [expanded]

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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, extended the life of the House of Representatives “contrary to the Constitution,” asserting that “the government did not fail in the elections and its mission ended by securing the polling day.”
“The lives and safety of our citizens is our mission,” Abadi said at a weekly press conference on Tuesday, warning that “the media and social communication not to publish any news for the safety of the kidnappers of Karbala,” noting that “the terrorists used the night and the rugged mountains in the kidnapping on the road to Baghdad and Kirkuk The area is difficult and full of explosive devices and mines. ”
He pointed out that “the holding of two security meetings recently to meet this challenge by terrorism,” noting that “the terrorists have no mercy in their hearts and deal with them difficult,” stressing “to save them and eliminate them and bring them to justice.”
“We do not want to hope so much because we are dealing with terrorist murderers,” he said.
“We discussed the border situation with Turkey and its recent escalation in the northern mountain of Qandil, which is located in a difficult border area, and we are looking for the redeployment of our border forces,” he said. Iraqi authority and sovereignty is important. ”
“There is a series of attacks that take place once, including security violations and electoral violations and sometimes sound bombs and once amplify the crimes and once promoted and intimidation and dissemination of lies,” adding that “we will not allow the vassals to kill, smuggling and kidnapping.”
He stressed that “the insistence on inviting political blocs to the national meeting,” adding that “the government is working with all its powers and continue to the last day of its mandate and duty to protect citizens, and we will work to communicate and coordination with non-OPEC countries to prevent any decline in oil prices.”
He added that “the directors of education in the provinces, unfortunately, are subject to quotas and therefore leaks to the questions of the exam, and they are divided at night to some districts, there is a leak to the questions,” noting that “there is follow-up to the subject and try to use modern techniques to evaluate the student process and prevent violation of leakage of questions, Ministerial examinations in the hands of the federal government and not in the provinces. ”
He said that “the diversion was behind an organized group and not the money, and published it in a quick and wide way no one could control.”
On the Electoral Commission and the extension of the life of parliament, Abadi said that “the Electoral Commission came with a quota of excellence, the government is not a reason for the failure of the election and its mission ended with the security of polling day,” they “extended the life of parliament contrary to the Constitution in accordance with the decision of the Federal Court.”
However, “the House of Representatives is part of the violations of the choice of this commission, as well as the Electoral Commission bear part of the crisis because of the lack of electronic polling devices.”


A government delegation from Baghdad will visit Kurdistan next week


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Khandan –

The Director of Customs in the Kurdistan region said Tuesday that a high delegation of the federal government will visit the region early next week to discuss a number of files.

“In the framework of the agreement reached between the regional government and the federal government to standardize customs work, a delegation from Baghdad will visit the Kurdistan region,” said Samal Abdulrahman, director of customs in the Kurdistan region.

He added that the meeting to be held between the two sides is the second of its kind regarding the customs file, where he had already visited a delegation from the Kurdistan region, Baghdad to discuss the same file.

The Director of Customs of the region, the delegation of the federal government will visit the Kurdistan region early next week, and will hold a series of meetings in order to reach satisfactory results.


KI is preparing the development of payments in Iraq as a key to economic advancement


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[K ] has confirmed its direction to adopt the best payment systems globally and facilitate financial transactions and give them more flexibility and security.
“The development of the reality of payments in Iraq has become urgent in the light of the major directions to activate the national economy and a key to economic development, pointing out that the volume of future work in Iraq in dire need of Developing the reality of payments and adopting the best global technologies. ”
He noted that “[K] fully aware that flexibility in the realization of financial transactions are the most important requirements for the flow of business and its continuation as specified by the referral bodies.”
He pointed out that ”
The Ki family in Iraq has touched 7 million beneficiaries, making it the largest family whose products are harmonized with all segments of society.
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the Supreme Council declares its position on extending the life of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

The Supreme Council announces its position on extending the life of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
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The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Hammam Hamoudi on Tuesday extended the work of the Iraqi parliament in its current role, considering it a dangerous precedent and a clear violation of the Constitution, which will have a negative impact on the overall political situation in the country.

Hamoudi said during his speech at the forum of the members of the Supreme Council on Tuesday, the need to re-process the counting and counting of the results of the election to preserve the democratic experiment and protect the votes of voters in the country, demanding the opening of at least 10% of the ballot boxes and if proven fraud in large proportions Re-count for all election results.

He pointed out that “the Federal Court opened the election funds, which received doubts about fraud, which do not exceed the 1800 electoral fund, ignoring the rest of the ballot boxes in all of Iraq, especially in the capital Baghdad, which has the heaviest weight in the electoral process.”

Hamoudi pointed out that “the committee formed by the Council of Ministers on the results of the elections, confirmed that the rigging in the elections is blatant and influential and can not be tolerated,” pointing out that the current parliament is determined to reveal the size of fraud in the elections, to get the next parliament respect and confidence of the international community as well as confidence the Iraqian people”.

He pointed out that the Supreme Council put forward before the elections an initiative to prepare a comprehensive government program to address all the problems facing citizens, including “lack of” services, health, education, electricity, housing and unemployment.

On the political alliances, Dr. Hamoudi said that “the political blocs and winning lists are conducting meetings and understandings for the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc for the purpose of forming a new government, pointing out that” the Supreme Council with the “national space” in the formation of the largest bloc, To deal with outstanding issues and without the tutelage of one party on the other. “



Barzani tells US forces the need for joint management of conflict areas and requests support for the Peshmerga

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The adviser of the Security Council of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani on Tuesday on the need for joint management of the Peshmerga forces and Iraqi forces of the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad.

A statement issued by the Security Council of Kurdistan that Barzani met today commander of the Central Command of US forces Joseph Fotil and his delegation.

Barzani stressed during the meeting on the importance of normalization of conditions in the Kurdistan regions outside the administrative borders of the Kurdistan Region, and provide support and support for the Peshmerga forces to counter the movements and risks of terrorism, stressing the need to be administered Kurdish areas outside the administration of the region in coordination with all parties.

For his part, the continuation of the international coalition in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces in the field of training and provide the necessary support and support.



Barzani and Kubis call for the rapid formation of the Iraqi government with the participation of all

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The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, the special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Iraq, Jan Kubic on Tuesday to accelerate the formation of the new federal government in Iraq.

This came in a meeting gathered in Erbil, according to a statement issued by the Government of the Territory.

The two sides discussed during the meeting the latest developments in the political situation in Iraq and the election process. The two sides stressed the rapid re-counting of votes in the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to dispel doubts about the results of the parties.

The statement pointed out that the two sides agreed in another part of the meeting to accelerate the formation of the new Iraqi government and with the participation of all parties and components of Iraq, so that the new government has a strong program to ensure the solution of all problems.