Urgent policy .. Abadi and Sadr announce an alliance between “Suron” and “victory”

Twilight News

3 hours ago

The Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday evening for the alliance between the coalition, “victory” and the alliance, “Suron” to achieve the largest bloc in parliament in preparation for the formation of the new federal government.

“We announce a transient alliance of sectarianism and ethnicity to speed up the formation of the next government and agree on common points and principles to ensure the interest of the Iraqi people between (Saheron) and (Al-Nasr), which contributes to the formation of a strong government,” Sadr said in a joint press conference with Abadi. Serve the aspirations of our people in all fields. ”

“In light of these principles, we call on the blocs to hold a leadership meeting to agree on the next steps.”

Sadr reviewed points that he said were the foundations of the alliance, which are as follows:

First: A call to a cross-sectarian and ethnic alliance that includes all the components of the Iraqi people.

Second: Continuing to fight corruption, remove corrupt people from the positions of the state and the government, and provide those who have files of corruption against the Iraqi judiciary, as well as strengthen the role of regulatory institutions in the fight against corruption and censorship.

Third: forming a government of “technocrats” of competencies away from “narrow” quotas.

Fourth: To support and strengthen the army and the police, the security forces, and to limit the arms of the state, and maintain its prestige, and the achievements.

Fifth, a reform program to support the Iraqi economy in all sectors.

Sixth: To maintain a balanced relationship with all in the interests of Iraq and its sovereignty, independence, non-interference in the affairs of the state, and does not allow the interference of others in our affairs.

Seventh: Support the reform of the Iraqi judicial system and activate the role of the prosecution.

Eighth: Maintaining the unity of Iraq and the people, and emphasizing the peaceful transfer of power.

For his part, Abadi said during the conference, “I confirm that there was an agreement to form a coalition between the alliance (coalition) and (victory) in the light of those principles,” noting that “this alliance does not conflict with any alliance of the lists with the other blocs, but in the same direction , And the principles themselves. ”

He said that “on this basis we are keen to form this alliance and invite others to walk together, and call for a high-level leadership meeting of the political blocs in order to rid the country of the crisis it is going through, especially regarding the process of counting and sorting for the elections.”

“We want to speed up the political agreement in order to convey a positive message to the Iraqi people,” Abadi said, revealing dialogues with other political blocs “consistent with (s) and (victory) in the direction that goes back to him.”

Abadi leads the “victory” bloc, which won the third place in the recent legislative elections, while the block, “Sarun” backed by Sadr ranked first.


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