Sources inside Mosul confirms the high morale of the population of the proximity of their liberation and the escalation of the resistance against al «state»

Mustafa al-Obeidi

Oct 19, 2016

Mosul «Quds Al-Arabi»: Mosul residents said the contacts with their relatives, said the morale of Mosul’s population increased with the start of the process of liberalization of their city, at a time when resistance cells activated to hunt members of the organization, in conjunction with the executions against her sons campaigns.
The MP for Nineveh Sheikh Mohiuddin Mezouari for «Al Quds Al Arabi» situation in the city of Mosul, a very Palmzari with the growing crowds of Iraqi forces around the city, due to increased pressure from elements of the organization «State» against the population and harassment through stringent measures, such as a campaign of mass arrests for officers in the former army, youth and executed a lot of them and prevent the use of telephony and satellite services of all kinds and to punish the offenders, the organization has also dug trenches and filled with oil in many of the city’s neighborhoods and block the streets and bridges of concrete blocks.
Mezouari He stressed that the morale of the people of the city high, especially among young people of the proximity of salvation from the nightmare of the terrorist organization and there are moves by some young people who have been encouraged by crowds of troops around Mosul, and wanting revenge of organization members who were killed by members of their families and seek to prevent them from escaping outside the city. Resistance cells also stepped up its activity in target elements of the organization.
And the role of the provincial council, during and after the battle, he stressed that efforts are focused on creating reception expected exit from the city’s refugee camps, where they were preparing 13 camp for displaced people, with the provision of basic supplies and food for the reception of displaced persons during the battle, noting that the local government has prepared a plan to deal with the situation after maintaining editorial focused on the return of displaced persons as soon as the provision of essential food items to help people, especially since there is a great shortage of food as a result of severe siege of the city and people stay in their homes for fear of shelling or detention at the hands of members of the organization.In turn, the spokesman for the power of the national crowd Zuhair al-Jubouri’s »Quds Al-Arabi» The National crowd was define its role in the battle while fighting under the command of the Iraqi army and will be at the center of his yard Alkwyr and Mosul.
And that a state of joy permeated the people of Mosul to the proximity of their liberation from the oppressive regulation, with a state of anxiety and fear that a bombardment of the city by Iraqi and international forces inaccurate and cause civilian casualties.
He said al-Jubouri said the morale of members of the organization collapsed, especially after the restoration of Qayyarah him and the escalation of violent bombardment of its positions in the city, where the organization to execute large numbers of elements who have tried to get out of the city and appointed called Qrbah Ihsanoglu ruler of Mosul after the execution of former governor who tried to flee.
And that of the National mobilizing battalions of Mosul, increased activity by catching elements Daesh dramatically despite the feet of the organization to the arrest of many officers, military and executed to intimidate the population.
He Jubouri that telecommunications companies have set up towers above a mountainous area near Mosul to strengthen communications and allocated free lines to provide an opportunity for the people who keep iPods Mobiles to communicate with their relatives outside the city, stressing that contacts were continuing with the locals in Mosul to follow Aodahm and reassuring them.
The MP for Nineveh Nora Albjara for «Al Quds Al Arabi» that the conditions of the inhabitants of Mosul tragic because of the pressure exercised by the terrorist their organization, but morale is high among the people trapped in the city, especially after the liberation of Qayyarah and Sharqat recently, where people before it lost all hope liberation of their city from the organization , noting that the people Asttbhron entry of Iraqi forces, calling on the Iraqi government to the regular army and federal police forces are to be entering the city to reassure the people and encourage them to cooperate with the security forces. Albjara confirmed that contacts from within the city even if it is weak, but refers to the upsurge in activity by Resistance Brigades against elements of the organization, as news reports that elements of the organization and morale collapsed trying to flee.
Albjara pointed to the elements of the organization campaigns inspect the houses with his number of women and they searched the house thoroughly search of telecommunications equipment and mobiles and devices satellite and weapons, where they confiscated and impose heavy fines on the houses to be found where, as the organization of the execution of 17 civilians found him Mobiles , on charges of collaborating with the government security services.
She expressed hope for the liberation of Mosul, the terrorist organization and the speed of the return of IDPs to their areas before the onset of winter.
The battle to liberate Mosul, a decisive battle between Iraqi forces and the joint between the state organization, which seized the city since June 2014, and the city will recover from his control strike blow to its presence in Iraq.



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