Urgent .. Aldenbos sworn substitute for Allawi in Parliament

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Tuesday, November 1 / Okrudolf 28, 2014 11:45

Leading candidate for the National Coalition Adnan Aldenbos, was sworn in on Tuesday.

A parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that “Aldenbos sworn substitute for Iyad Allawi, who took over the position of vice president in the House of Representatives seat.”

The House of Representatives has resumed its sessions today and acts to ensure the constitutional oath to the members of the House of Representatives who hold government positions and replacements for those who have held a ministerial or deputy prime Algmehoria.anthy 14 table positions


One thought on “Urgent .. Aldenbos sworn substitute for Allawi in Parliament

  1. I saw some comments and confusion about this article earlier…
    But I think it just pretty straight forward… Allawi has given up his ministerial position in the Parliament, to become the vice pres. of the House of Repersentives… English government with the 2 houses..


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