Saleem al-Jubouri to the US ambassador: The resolution of the battle with IS requires the largest support to the clans

29/10/2014 22:40:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Speaker of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri confirmed on Wednesday, during a meeting with US Ambassador Stuart Jones, that to resolve the battle with the IS requires greater support for the clans.

A statement by the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives today said that al-Jubouri, received this evening the US ambassador in Iraq, and discussed with him the latest developments of the security situation in the country and ways of cooperation between Iraq and the international coalition led by the United States in the war against the IS.

Al-Jubouri said that “the political process is going smoothly and that he has a clear vision of security and social complexities in provinces experiencing the presence of terrorists, and that these complications need to minute plan to deal with it.

For his part, Jones said that his country wants that the tribes should take a greater role in fighting the IS, and that there is a tribal forces formed in Anbar and Salah al-Din, and we are serious about supporting the tribes in the hot provinces and we know that security will not be achieved without these tribes, according to the statement. / End


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