Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein announces Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII procedures (details)

215 Policy  2022/02/23 00:08 
Baghdad today – Baghdad
On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein announced that Iraq had exited from Chapter VII procedures.
Text of the Foreign Minister’s speech to the Security Council:
His Excellency Mr. Vasili, President of the Security Council
Your Excellencies the distinguished members of the Council
Peace, mercy and blessings of God …
I have the honor to begin my speech as a representative of my country, by congratulating the Russian Federation on its assumption of the presidency of the Security Council for the month of February, wishing the Permanent Representative of Russia success in this mission.
I also extend my thanks and gratitude to the Kingdom of Norway for assuming the duties of managing the presidency of the Security Council for the past month.

As well as thanks and gratitude for the briefing given by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Compensation Commission.

Mr president …
Iraq today turns an important page of its history that lasted more than thirty years, and a new page begins in Iraq’s diplomatic, political and economic history, a page that strengthens its regional and international role in proportion to its history and cultural weight on the map of the region and the world, as an effective state in harmony with the aspirations and goals of the international community, as it seeks Iraq to strengthen cooperation frameworks with the international community, led by the United Nations, considering that Iraq is one of the founders of this organization and the signatories to its charter on October 14, 1945, and in order to restore its role as an effective and responsible member of the international community.
Mr president …
According to the final report issued by the United Nations Compensation Commission, and the briefing given by the Chairman of the Committee’s Board of Directors, and the clear indications it contained on Iraq’s fulfillment of all its international obligations under the relevant Security Council resolutions, Iraq has paid the last payment in accordance with its financial obligations and paid in full. The amount of compensation owed by him, which is (fifty-two point four) billion dollars, through the United Nations Compensation Committee, which was distributed to (one point five million) claim from all categories of claims, and according to what was stated in that, and the wording of the paragraphs of the Council’s resolution was approved The security approved in this session, and as a reminder of all relevant Security Council resolutions, the Compensation Committee has fulfilled its mandate in full, and has completed consideration of any future claims on the issue of compensation, and Iraq is no longer required to pay any additional sums of money in the future, or deal with Chapter VII procedures.
In this context, my country’s government affirms that working with the United Nations Compensation Commission and your esteemed council has been a successful model for multilateral action, a model that enhances confidence in international mechanisms and procedures in settling the crises that have afflicted and afflicted our world until today, and through this international mechanism and out of respect Iraq has fulfilled its obligations under the relevant Security Council resolutions and fully assumed its responsibilities, Iraq continued to fulfill these obligations in full in accordance with the timetables and percentages approved by the Compensation Committee, despite the difficult circumstances that Iraq experienced in the previous years of bearing the burdens and economic costs of fighting terrorism and taking its role at the forefront of the countries of the world To address the terrorist gangs of ISIS and recover the cities from the organization’s control, the costs of the programs to return the internally displaced to their cities, the programs to restore stability, services, provide aid and reconstruction costs, which were accompanied by a significant decrease in the prices of oil salesGlobalism.


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