Parliament Speaker: What will be agreed upon regarding the various departments in the election law will be presented next Thursday

22 minutes ago


The Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, confirmed today, Saturday, that there are several visions put forward regarding the various departments in the election law and the visions that are agreed upon will be presented to the political forces next Thursday, indicating that it is not logical for many ministries to be devoid of the representation of components that may be represented Of one color only, some of which represent a few and marginal components.

Al-Halbousi said in an interview on Al-Hadath TV, “Today the parliament started its sessions in a new chapter. We have a number of matters in the forefront of which are the electoral districts and the federal wisdom law, and it is considered one of the important laws. Our soul completes the law and there are ongoing dialogues and many governorates have decided to name their departments, but there are some areas that need a technical vision and political understanding, and it is difficult to pass the law unanimously because there are different visions.

The Speaker of Parliament added, “The Kurdish side was clear of their desire to know the nature of the constituencies, and they are with the departments that preserve the representation of the components. There are continuous and intensive meetings until Thursday. Parliamentary law does not bear the burden of the law alone, rather political forces must bear part of the burden to achieve consensus, and what It will be reached during the dialogues on what will be presented visions until Thursday, and it will be presented next Thursday, and it is the right of any party to submit the amendment to the law, whether it is from the parliament or a government party and we did not want anything, and in any case, the amendment will not be until after the law is published in the official newspaper.

And he continued, “The first task entrusted to the government is to prepare the atmosphere for early elections, which was proposed by the prime minister. There are mechanisms that determine the date of elections, whether normal or coupled with early elections, and the current mechanism for the current situation in Iraq and the desire to hold early elections, is to submit a request from the prime ministers and the prime minister.” The Republic and Parliament vote to dissolve itself two months before the elections.

He explained, “Parliament needs to create the atmosphere related to it, which is the completion of the multiple departments with the election law and the completion of the Federal Court law in which there are many disagreements and we reached the second reading of the new law, but the differences forced us to go to the amendment, and if we were not able to pass the original law by two thirds, then we will go to vote on the amendment.” , Pointing out that “the political forces have adopted the option of multiple districts, unlike the previous one, which was based on electoral lists and was previously formed on it that it may not come with personalities representing the will of the voters, but the electoral districts and multiple constituencies will adopt the highest votes in representation, and the law will come out of the womb of the legislative institution and the law will pass According to the will of the masses.

Al-Halbousi affirmed, “Parliament must complete the legislative aspect to prepare for the elections and the rest of the procedures from the government, including controlling the weapons, imposing the prestige of the state, and for citizens to be comfortable and reassured to cast their vote. Conservative in a state of chaos, and it is not possible to compare between the explosive weapon and the weapon of terrorism because the weapon of terror is the weapon of the enemy and not a weapon that challenges the will of the state, and there is a weapon that used to fight terrorism, but today there is a fear of where this weapon will go and how to reassure a citizen in the absence of a police station or a court near it to protect it, The law governs everyone. ”

He pointed out that “there was no frustration between me and the prime minister and throughout his tenure in office, the contact was perhaps between us on a daily basis or maybe my phone, and during this period due to concerns, communication between us decreased, and today we speak frankly. It is not logical that many ministries are devoid of the representation of components that are of color One and some of them represent the rest of the components are few and marginal, and there are those who are not fair to them in the current situation, the lack of justice and justice, everyone must do justice, and we know that the legacy is heavy and that one day is difficult to deal with, but we have to start reform and treatment and everyone feels that this is their country and their institutions without feeling the distinction between one color and another “.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives asserted that “I was and still is, and my predecessor is an Iraqi and an Arab, and we seek to keep our relationship strong with everyone, but Iraq is Arab and its extension is Arab, and we seek to be our Arab brothers, actors in supporting Iraq economically and investment. I was and my predecessor Iraqi identity and Arab affiliation.


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