The formation of a new operations command headed by “Anonymous” in southern Iraq



Dhi Qar


Sumer Operations Command

2020-09-05 16:21

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Shafaq News / An informed security source said, on Saturday, that a decision had been issued to form a new operations command to take charge of three governorates in the south of the country.

The source told Shafaq News that it had been decided to “form (Sumer) Operations Command to take over responsibility for Dhi Qar, Maysan and Muthanna provinces.”

The source added that “the headquarters of Sumer Operations Command will be at Imam Ali Air Base in Dhi Qar,” indicating that Major General Imad Majhoul has been assigned the duties of Sumer Operations Commander.

“The new operations command is linked to the leadership of the ground forces in all respects, and all the defense and interior ministries and other security services operating in the aforementioned governorates will be under their command in terms of operations, except for the Counter-Terrorism Service,” he explained.

The source added that it was also decided to “cancel the command headquarters of the 19 commandos division, and to exempt the infantry brigade to Jawad Abbas from the duties of the commander of the 19 commandos division, and to assign him the duties of deputy commander of Sumer operations.”


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