Three European countries agree to receive Iraqi Airways planes

Friday 05-08-2016 | 1:42:49

One Iraqi Airways planes - XYZ


One Iraqi Airways planes – XYZ

Twilight News / navigational Iraqi official revealed on Friday that his country has received the approval of the British, Swedish and Danish authorities, for the reception of Iraqi Airways aircraft after a gap of more than a year has stopped.

Hassan al-Moussawi, a spokesman for the ministry said in a statement carried by Anatolia, and seen by Twilight News, said that “Iraqi Airways received yesterday evening the approval of the British, Swedish and Danish authorities to receive and overflights of Iraqi Airways planes above the atmosphere of these countries and airports.”

He added that “the plane scheduled to take off from Baghdad International Airport, next Sunday, the direction of Denmark, will carry 170 passengers on board.”

He pointed out that “the resumption of flights to Denmark will be followed by the resumption of flights to European airports, a step towards the lifting of the ban imposed by the European Organization for the Safety of Aviation.”

The EU announced on January 11, 2015, the inclusion of Iraqi Airways to the list of prevention of conduct for Europe flights, citing the decision to execute Iraq’s commitment to implementing safety requirements accredited to the Union.


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