Baghdad Municipality held investment conference under the slogan (Baghdad make life defying terrorism)


Special / Economy News:
Baghdad Municipality held in cooperation with the Iraqi Investment Authority Economic Council on Monday its first conference to announce their own investment map.
And it participated in Almatmrrabotth Iraqi private banks, along with a number of investors and representatives of the private sector.
He began to Almatmrbaklmh Amina Baghdad Alloush memory of the investment plan of the Municipality for this year and the magnitude of the challenges faced by the service to promote the reality of the capital to coincide with the difficult economic situation that Iraq is going through reviewed.
She stressed the importance of completing projects Alaamarmn through the possibilities of self-honesty and orientation towards the private sector in this area.
For his part, head of the Baghdad Provincial Council Riad dentex that this conference presents an investment map for the Foundation’s mission is the Municipality of Baghdad, noting that it was the first time in which the Secretariat presents investment opportunities in this way smooth and transparent to investors.
He explained that the province demanded the Municipality of Baghdad that there is a time limit for investors in the implementation of projects and not to sell investment opportunities to prevent the phenomenon of corruption.
During Almatmrtkadim honesty investment plan for this year, in line with the government program, which refers to the need to shift towards the private sector and the development of scientific and practical steps to push the wheel of development and civilization Alasttmarottauferkhaddmat excellent quality and stop Altdhoralhoudra and access to health and a clean environment.

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