Urgent alliance meeting to be attended Abadi al – Jaafari and al – Hakim and al – Sadr and al – Khuzai and others

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[Oan- Karbala] 

An informed source said the National Alliance , a meeting attended by a number of leaders of the coalition , along with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi.

The source told all of Iraq [where] that ” the attendance of the meeting , along with al – Abadi each of the alliance president Ibrahim Jaafari, head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al – Hakim , the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr; and Khodair al, and on the Keywords, and Hashem al – Hashemi, and Hussain al – Shahristani, and Abdul – Karim al – Ansari” . 

the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , arrived this afternoon to the city of Karbala and announced that he will present in his visit closely integrated and comprehensive road map for reform and the fight against corruption and the ministerial amendment. ”



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