Jubouri issued a decision to cut the salaries of the Presidency and members of the House of Representatives


By Ziad alHaidari 22 minutes ago
مجلس النواب العراقي
Iraqi Council of Representatives


Roudao – Erbil

Issued House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, a decision to cut the salaries of the Presidency and members of the House of Representatives.

And it revealed a document issued by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the reduction of the salaries of members of the Board to 4 million dinars, in addition to the salaries of the Presidency in the Council members reduced.

The document issued on March 1, 2016, to reduce the salary of the President of the Council to 8 million dinars, “while a” salary of the Vice President of the Parliament under which six million only, in addition to reducing the salary of a member of parliament to 4 million dinars, and the same salary for the Secretary-General. “

The second part of the document dealt with as well, “provisions certified 100% of the nominal salary for those holding doctorates, and 75% of the salary of a campaign Masters, The Bachelor is added allocations by 45% of the nominal salary paid” in addition to “calculate the ratio of 25% the nominal allocations Alaratb campaign certificate of junior high. “

The third point of the document and pointed to the “Add allocations position of 50% of the nominal salary”, such that the implementation of Cabinet decisions referred to in Parliament command (21) in the February 22, 2016 from the date of entry into force, and private deduct percentages of salary as an advance on the Associate of the Board .



Source: resumption of the flow of oil from the Kurdistan region to the port of Ceyhan


Khandan – a source in the oil sector, said Friday, resuming the flow of oil from the Kurdistan region to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

The source told “Reuters”, he was to resume pumping oil from the Kurdistan region to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean Friday after a stopover three weeks.


Sadr demanded pay half the salaries of the three presidencies to thepoor for a year


03/11/2016 16:30

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

He demanded the cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the three presidencies will pay half their salaries to the poor and for the entire year.

Sadr said in a televised speech Tbath “Tomorrow’s Press,” that “the Abadi land looted by corrupt government distribution, the beneficiaries conditions and controls to ensure that it reaches them.”

“The government is required to strive to make free electricity for the poor and not to pay the money they are exhausted from here and there, the financial crisis is borne by a corrupt official is not the poor citizen.”

He continued, “have become more responsible Mtakomin salaries and incidentals and money Almsorkh It Almamul to reach the money to the poor, and so we call on those responsible to pay half the salaries of the three presidencies to the poor for a year.”


Pentagon confirms chemical weapons official arrested for “Daash” in Iraq


Khandan – The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) said Thursday it had captured chemical weapons officer in the organization, “Daash” terrorist in Iraq during an operation in February.

The Pentagon said in a statement, said that “Suleiman David Bakkar,” also known as “Abu Dawood,” families “removes an important leader of the organization of the battlefield.”

She said the US Department of Defense, that “Abu Daoud” was transferred to detention facilities run by the Iraqi government earlier in the day Thursday, according to “Reuters”.

The Pentagon said it knew of “Abu Daoud” Details about the facilities and the production of chemical weapons for “Daash” and concerned individuals to do so.

She said the US Defense Department, that information led coalition to guide the US-led several air strikes against al “Daash” terrorist.


Abadi Office: an independent committee of experts shall review the CVs of the candidates for new ministers



Since 03/11/2016 15:01 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Cabinet Office announced on Friday that it was the demand of the parliamentary blocs and various community events names for the portfolios have the integrity and professionalism of technocrats nomination and there’s openness to everyone in order to better government in the squad selection.

The office said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, he ” will take a commission appointed independent experts , the Prime Minister reviewed the resumes of the candidates will submit the names after theaudit and review to the Prime Minister , where there will be more than one name for each bag of technocrats to choose the most efficient and then displays it on Parliament”.

He added, that “where the Prime Minister is keen to implement the comprehensive reform plan and the formation of a harmonious government team to move forward with a road map and strategies developed for the development of all sectors.”

He pointed out, “is attached to the comprehensive reform plan with ten files relating to the fight against corruption and economic and financial and administrative principles and criteria and Reform choose competent people to government positions.” Ended 29 / D 24