Alliance International: We have destroyed chemical weapons stores for “Daash” in Iraq


Khandan – a spokesman for the international coalition Steve Warren announced Monday that the airline international coalition destroyed affiliated sites to organize “Daash” terrorist in Iraq, believed to contain chemical weapons.

Warren said, if the sites to organize “Daash” terrorist in Iraq, which had been bombed by coalition aircraft last Thursday may be stores of chemical weapons.

Warren added: “In our opinion, and found there infrastructure for the manufacture of chemical weapons and we believe that its destruction is a very effective blow,” the news channel (RT) Russian.

The Pentagon announced earlier, quoting a US intelligence information to the international coalition raids have reduced capabilities “Daash” on chemical weapons production.


Abadi looking with an official in the Office of Khamenei , theimportance of unifying efforts to support Iraq


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Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, with Kamal Kharrazi, head of the Strategic Council for Foreign Relations in the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei’s office, the importance of the region to unite efforts to support Iraq in its war against terrorism.

Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement: “Tomorrow Press”, a copy of which received the “Abadi met in his office on Monday, Kamal Kharrazi, President of the Strategic Council for Foreign Relations in the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei’s office.”

The statement added that “the meeting was witnessed discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to promote them in various fields and the situation in the region in addition to the victories achieved by our heroine to the terrorist gangs, as well as the importance to unite the region’s efforts to support Iraq in its war against terrorism.”

Sadr calls for the distribution of oil revenues for the Iraqis


Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr (archive)

Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada alSadr (archive)

Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged authorities on Monday to give all Iraqis a direct share of the country’s oil revenues.

Sadr said, in a word containing proposals to eliminate corruption, improve public services and stimulate the economy should be a quota for each Iraqi citizen of crude revenues.

Sadr led protests demanding a government of experts to fight corruption.

The Iraqi, who owns some of the largest oil reserves in the world, ranked 161 among 168 countries on the Transparency International index on corruption.

And Friday, enables thousands of Sadr supporters rally at the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

His followers to start a sit-purpose pressure on the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to carry out political and economic reforms.

He called on the Shiite leader to the protest to pressure the government to install Abadi ministers technocrats of the caliber and experience, rather than partisan minister.

He declined chest, Thursday, responding to calls to cancel the sit-in , and say that the new Green Zone has become ” a hotbed of support for corruption.”

For economic / balances News /: liquid gas export a good attempt to supplement the financial budget



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Special – balances News

She said economist Antoine spokesman, on Monday, that the export of gas liquid good attempt to diversify its sources of Erdat and supplement the financial budget.

He said Antoine L / balance News /, “The decline in oil prices led to increase the budget deficit and the search for new sources to supplement the financial budget of the country”, stressing at the same time that the “liquid gas export is a good attempt to bridge the fiscal deficit.”

He called the economic expert, the Iraqi government to “develop gas export operations and find new markets.”

And completed the Basra Gas Company, preparations for the export of the first shipment to her, a few days ago, the gas condensate “Alkondnci” For the first time in the 29 Alarac.anthy

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Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki, listens to an opening speech during the Sarafiya bridge opening in Kadhimiya, Iraq.  (US Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jessica J. Wilkes)


US Treasury Department yesterday handed the Iraqi government a list of 156 names of Iraqi personalities who assumed senior positions, central implicated looted public money.


A source said in a press statement published by the media, that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi face of the formation of a joint committee comprising a number of military and security men experienced mission regulatory circuits performance monitoring to detect thieves and obtaining approvals to arrest them and bring them to justice.


Stressing that “there are cells formed to gather information on these characters to prevent her and Ahtjazha.hma and a security source said that at the forefront of the names involved with stealing public money Nouri al-Maliki and his son Ahmed Khalaf Abdul Samad Salah Abdul-Razzaq and leaders, officials Kparfai Iraqi state political blocs.


The source added that “the Iraqi government to await further lists from the American side

المالكي على رأس 156 اسماً متورطاً بنهب المال العام

US Marines ‘Temporary’ Deployment to IraqWill Last For As Long as Needed



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Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Steve Warren said that US marines deployed to a firebase in northern Iraq are supposed to be stationed there temporarily, but will stay as long as their capabilities are required.

This photo released on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 by the French Army Communications Audiovisual office (ECPAD) shows a French army Rafale fighter jet taking off from an undisclosed air base as part of France's Operation Chammal launched in September 2015 in support of the US-led coalition against Islamic State group.
US-Led Coalition Against Daesh Carries Out 11 Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US marines deployedto a firebase in northern Iraq are supposed to be stationed there temporarily, but will stay as long as their capabilities are required, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters on Monday.“These particular marines are here temporarily,” Warren stated. “As far as how long the marines are going to be there … the capability will certainly stay as long its required.”


Marines preparing to use artillery in supporting the Iraqi forces to liberate Mosul


US artillery in Iraq


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

US news site revealed on Tuesday, expectations for using artillery Marines to assign the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga forces operating near Mosul, saying the US forces to deploy its artillery at other bases in Iraq.

He Alforn Policy news US site in a report published and seen by (long-Presse), said that “it is expected that the Marines begin using artillery for the award of the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces stationed near Mosul, which is preparing to carry out an offensive prospective on the city which is still under the control of the organization Daash ago June 2014 “.

He said the site “The US troops have already publishes its artillery at other bases in Iraq, but the US artillery force in a drunken Base is the first US site known close to the front lines of combat operations has been established specifically to provide outsourcing gunner local Iraqi forces.”

He said the site, “he did not know until now the number of Marines who are at the base, while the refrain defense officials to comment on the subject of whether it will send new troops to increase the number of US troops deployed in the country and with a strength of up to 3,800 troops now.”

After the attack Saturday that killed one Marines, the United States sent reinforcements from other Marine forces to Iraq to bolster security there.

The Pentagon officials have said in earlier times that the liberation of Nineveh operations center located near the drunk will end up approximately 4,500 Iraqi soldiers who will be at the forefront of the attacking force to liberate Mosul.

These include al-Qaida a new leadership for the band 15 from the center of the Iraqi armed forces, which passed last year, ahead of a training program under the supervision of American forces.


Find out what he has to say Moqtada al-Sadr in his speech today



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Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: detecting the Liberal Bloc member Fawzi Akram Tarzi, on Monday, that the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr will announce in a speech this evening, ending the sit – ins begun by his supporters last Friday at the gate to the Green Zone. A tailor in apress statement seen by “tomorrow Press”, said that “Mr. Muqtada al – Sadr will deliver aspeech to the Iraqi people at seven o’clock Baghdad time announcing an end to the sit –ins , ” noting that ” al- Sadr decided to end the sit – ins after negotiations with Iraq ‘s three presidencies ( the Republic and the Cabinet and parliament).” Tarzi denied “be Muqtada al – Sadr withdraw from the protests out of fear of clashes with US troops that arrived today to Iraq , ” stressing that “sit – ins achieved the goal which put pressure on the political blocs to expedite the reform and change process.” declared Iraqi officials, on Saturday evening, the three presidencies agreement, Republic and the Cabinet and parliament, aswell as leaders of political blocs to form a committee of blocks shall negotiate with sit – ins called her Moqtada al – Sadr in Baghdad ‘s leaders. the monument sitters more than 300 tents near the entrances to the green Zone and used loudspeakers to broadcast songs blaring “salutes the protesters and warns corrupt revolution the people. “

The arrival of a thousand US troops to “green”


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Tomorrow Press / BAGHDAD: Around a thousand US troops, on Sunday night, to thecapital of Baghdad, while settled at the Green Zone , home to the US embassy, ​​prior totheir departure to their camps for outside Baghdad. The political source revealed from inside the Green Zone for “tomorrow ‘s Press,” that “nearly a thousand soldiers arrived last night to the Muthanna airport, and then went to the green Zone by helicopter”, pointing out that they “went after their stay in the green to their own camps outside the capital.”the source , who preferred to hide his identity, said that “indications are the existence of an agreement between Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and the US embassy in Baghdad to secure the perimeter of the green Zone on the back of the insistence of the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr ordering his supporters broke into the green Zone. ” the source pointed out , that” he did not stand so far no details on the subject, but the US embassy announced on Sunday no worries of breaking into the protestors embassy. ” he explained,” the American soldiers were supposed to travel to Mosul after its liberation plan is complete, and there are no US intentions or Iraqi repositioning Marines in any of the areas of Baghdad. ”

Source: leave more than 220 Iraqi officials and parliamentarians during the past two days



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Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

A source in the Iraqi Airways, on Sunday, to leave more than 220 Iraqi officials and parliamentarians across the three airports during the past two days, coinciding with calls to close the Green Zone or canceled.

An officer in the Iraqi Immigration Department, in a statement to “toss News” and I followed “Tomorrow Press”, “The majority of bookings on the Iraqi lines and other lines, were to Iraqi officials and their families and those close to them, who went to the Jordanian capital, Amman, and Istanbul, Turkey, as well as reservations to Dubai in the UAE. ”

According to the source, who declined to be named, the “more than 350 families, numbering reached about 1,400 people, including women and children, have left Iraq in recent days, all of them relatives of officials and Iraqi lawmakers.”

Meanwhile, a senior official said, in one of the service departments, the Green Zone where the government headquarters, said that “more than 120 houses and luxury apartment inhabited by officials and parliamentarians, have become free inside the Green Zone, having abandoned its inhabitants, finally.”

He added, Anwar al-Tamimi, an employee in the Green Zone, “Most of the residential units and recreational areas, prepared for the accommodation of politicians, had been emptied of its residents who left to the capitals out of the country, while representatives left some lawmakers to their provinces and tribal areas.”

Political sources spoke on the state of “panic” hit the Iraqi politicians and parliamentarians, with the escalation of the protests carried out by followers of the Sadrist movement and civilians allied with them in the vicinity of the area of ​​enhanced security, threatened Bagthamha.

The look of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, free movement of politicians who usually moved within the huge convoys of armored cars, as well as a cooling media activity and confined to statements write them on their pages on networking sites.

Iraqi officials and warns of a “soft coup” carried out by the Shiite leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, to some extent be likened Khomeini’s revolution against the rule of the Shah of Iran in 1979.

The limited presence in the Green Zone, which isolated the Americans with their occupation of Iraq in 2003, the security elements and some foreign embassies operating in Iraq staff, as quoted Iraqi sources from within the security box accommodation of the ruling political elite.

The news coincides with calls launched by MPs and politicians to abolish the Green Zone, the fortified headquarters of the politicians or closed.

It does not appear the features of saving the current political process possible only the intervention of the reference Sistani, or through international intervention by the most prominent players on the Iraqi theater and two controlled Iranian regime, and the White House compressor.