Iranian ambassador: the return of banking relations with Iraq within days


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Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan said Danaii fled the banking relations between Iran and Iraq will return to normal within days.
Iranian ambassador said that he met the governor of Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords on Sunday and discussed with him the issue of re – banking relations between the two countries restored, has confirmed Keywords during the meeting that the services and banking cooperation between the two countries will develop in the future. ”
He pointed out that” a delegation to visit the delegation from the Central Bank of Iran, Iraq , during thecoming days to discuss the development of banking relations between the two. ”

Keywords: We are working on the “update” the central bank services


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BAGHDAD / News Network

Iraq declared the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords, Sunday, that the Bank continues to reform politics and renovation work of the Iraqi Central Bank services Badarath all, and cooperation with the Union of Arab Banks on long scientific grounds Mady.ozkr a press statement issued by the General Secretariat of the Union Arab banks today:

“Keywords visited today, Union headquarters in Beirut, and held talks with the Secretary General of the Federation and Sam Hassan Fattouh in the presence of a member of the board of Directors of the Federation and a representative of Iraq’s Kazem fistula and senior managers in the Union, and has during the visit to discuss the development of Arab banking relations – Arab and Lebanese –

Alaracah.oodhav statement, that the “Keywords briefed on the strategic plan for the Secretariat to intensify mutual activities in the Arab world, especially in Iraq, with the imminent Iraq held economic forum in Baghdad organized by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Union of Arab banks and the Association of Iraqi private banks Iraqi government agencies concerned with the economy and investment “,

stressing Keywords according to the statement,” the Bank continues to reform politics and renovation work of the Iraqi Central Bank services Badarath all, and cooperation with the Union of Arab banks on long-term scientific basis “.

for his part, Secretary General of the Union stressed” the Union’s role in promoting inclusiveness financial in Iraq and other Arab countries in addition to the banking culture in general. “…7%D9%84%D9%85/

Minister “Daash” Chechen war in the state of clinical death


Khandan – entered the great leader of the organization “Daash” Chechen terrorist Abu Omar days ago in a state of clinical death, after being fired a US raid in northeastern Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday.

He said Syrian Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said that “the Chechen income of days ago in a state of clinical death, and could no longer breathe alone, but need to become artificial respirators.”

The US official is likely to be a Chechen, the leader of the organization “Daash” terrorist, was killed in the first week of this month in an air strike aircraft international coalition led by Washington during the battles with the democratic forces in Syria Shaddadi area in the countryside of southern Hasaka.

However, the Syrian Observatory confirmed that Chechnya was seriously injured was not killed and was taken to a hospital in the eastern countryside of Raqqa, where the terrorist organization called the physician specialist surgery veins of foreign nationality to cure it.

The Chechen, whose real name “Trechan Timorazovic Batirashvila” of Georgia, known beard ridges Sahba and is one of the top commanders in the “Daash”, if not the first military official.

The US administration has offered a reward of five million dollars to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest or kill him.

And he held several positions in the Chechen military leadership to organize “Daash” terrorist, including “Ministry of War,” according to the US Department of Defense, but experts in the file extremists, they said, “It is difficult to determine the actual rank.”

He led the Chechen several military operations of the terrorist organization in several Syrian cities, including Aleppo and Hasaka, Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa.

Jubouri: the return of the people of the liberated areas in Anbar during the next two days


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Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri said the return of the people of the liberated areas in Anbar will be the next two days after the completion of the necessary procedures.
According to his spokesman , Emad al – Khafaji , in a press statement that “al – Jubouri visited, after Sunday March 13 afternoon, the camp for displaced people in the 7 km in Anbar province , the area, and check outthe level of services provided to them, stressing that the return to the liberated areas will be during the next two days after the completion of the necessary procedures. ”
Jubouri said the displaced people to” secure the liberated areas in the process of completion of theprocedures and security leaders in the field and in the past those proceedings for the purpose of securing thereturn of those families and the safety of the glory. ”

Kerry confirms killing 600 militants in Syria Daash within 3 weeks


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BAGHDAD – observer news

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Sunday that al-Daash targeted by the international coalition led by the United States lost 600 fighters in the last three weeks in Syria.

After meeting with Kerry, the French and German counterparts and the British and Italian on Syria, said: “In Syria Daash lost 3,000 square kilometers and has 600 fighters in the last three weeks, the pressure will intensify.”

Kerry Damascus and its allies also warned including Russia from exploiting the truce to achieve their goals in Syria.
Kerry said during Almatmrasahafa in Paris “If the regime and its allies think they are able to test our patience, or act in a manner raises questions about its commitments without that would leave dire consequences for the progress we have made, they must be dreaming.”
In Allepie regard, he stressed, “Kerry’s” support for the accord and urged the Libyan government on the need to move to Tripoli.
Speaking about Iran, Kerry saw that the Iranian missile test violation of international resolutions in this regard.
Pedroh, he confirmed the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, the need to respect the truce in Syria, and the transfer of humanitarian aid to ensure the credibility of the negotiations between the Syrians, which resume Monday in Geneva.
He Aareault “to ensure the credibility of the negotiations should respect the truce and the transfer of humanitarian aid Ouakabbat without restrictions,” adding that the Geneva negotiations will be “tough” but it will deal with the “genuine political process” in Syria.

Lebanese banks are expanding in Iraq


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Iraqi banking sources predicted increase in the number of branches of Lebanese banks operating in Iraq at the end of this year to 50 banks, belonging to ten Lebanese banks, it entered the Iraqi banking market five years ago to add a significant presence attracted circles wide audience, among them businessmen, investors , Iraqi and Lebanese and Arabs residents in Iraq.

He said banking expert Iraqi high Nasser Hussain in a statement to «life», said Lebanese banks which are distributed branch offices in Baghdad, Basra and Erbil and other Iraqi cities «have the history and experience of banking comprehensive compared to the banks of countries in the region, which is keen to provide banking products and services in a manner deals with the customer in a manner different from what was approved by theIraqi banks, making the Lebanese banks attract more Iraqi businessmen ».

He pointed out that Lebanese banks «entered the Iraqi market , taking advantage of future prospects, help her to activate the competition with banks from other countries at the forefront of Turkey and Iran.»

The banks «Byblos» and «Antrcntnal Lebanon» and «Beirut and the Arab Countries», had its first initiative to open branches in Baghdad, Erbil and Basra and Sulaymaniyah, and then followed by a «Mediterranean Bank» and «Lebanese bank – the French» and «Credit Libanais» and then «BLOM Bank» and « the Middle East and North Africa Bank» and «Fransabank» Finally «Bank Audi».

The Iraqi staff working in Lebanese banks, they are «fighting a new experience different from what was the case in Iraqi banks, in terms of the adoption of flexibility in dealing with the need to anticipate the risks, given the specificity of the Iraqi market and which is characterized by exceptional.»

Hussein pointed out that the Central Bank of Iraq «select operating capital for branches of Lebanese banks $ 7 million, and track management in Lebanon , which increases the capital of any of them on a billion dollars.»

He explained that «Central» Iraqi request of the foreign banks in Iraq, including the Lebanese to increase its capital to $ 70 million, to be able to increase the size of its activities, especially as the amount of capital in the Iraqi private banks select a ceiling of at least 250 billion Iraqi dinars , or about 215 Million dollars”.

Hussein noted «increase in the size of the Iraqis deal with the Lebanese banks, and businessmen Iraqis began receiving« Visa »cards issued by these banks to its weight globally by banking, and the availability of branches of international banking relationships and many».

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The withdrawal of foreign leaders Daash Hit and leap


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Special – balances News

Revealed Provincial Council member Mohammed Farhan Al-Anbar, on Sunday, for the withdrawal of the leaders of the terrorist organization Daash foreign leap of Hit, Anbar.

Anti-terror apparatus, the day troops opened, safe corridors for the families out after entering the area Alaگbh in Anbar.

Said Mohammed’s / balances News /, that ” the ongoing liberalization of Hit spend hand leap and western regions of the control of the organization Daash terrorist military operations , ” stressing that ” the leaders of terrorist Daash foreign withdrew from theHeat and leap toward the border.”
He added, ” The lack of editing Hit and leap because there are large numbers of families who Daash used as human shields. ”

The device was able to fight terrorism, Sunday, at the intersection of control Aekbh Anbar province .anthy 29

From: Haidar Almitm