Political moves to keep the “old guard” for the leadership of the National Alliance


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Political moves to keep the "old guard" for the leadership of the National Alliance

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. informed sources revealed, that there is grumbling wide prevail large number of members of the National Alliance and the party base after the great failure of the Gulf coalition leaders and especially with regard to government performance for members of the government cabin belonging to a coalition headed by the Prime Minister.

The sources told / Baghdadi News / “A group of members of the coalition have started a movement to explore the possibility of repairing the performance of the national political alliance, but they were shocked persistently coalition leaders to proceed with the current performance, and their unwillingness to give up their positions and privileges even if it came against the interest of the country the expense of the reputation of the National Alliance which is a symbol of Shiite political performance. ”

He added that “this group and after seeing the reaction of leaders of blocs within the coalition, they began a movement in order to keep these leaders for the leadership of the Alliance platform to save what can be saved of the reputation of the Shiite political performance, giving Shiite governance model.”

The sources indicated that “this group is found in the mobility of cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a way to keep these leaders or the so called (the old guard) from the helm of the alliance, but they are preparing the dimensions of these is the beginning of true and real way to reform and reconciliation with the grass-roots parties of the National Alliance.”

She said, “would push the old guard to end the ongoing controversy Thirteen years ago on the subordination of some parties of the National Alliance for the regional party or another international party, and thus keep a bad image of the unwanted images plaguing the real image of the alliance.”

The sources pointed out that “the rise of a new generation of young leaders to the top of the pyramid of the coalition of special characters that lived in various stages of conditions in Iraq and did not leave it earlier, will give more credibility and realism to the performance of the coalition and thus reflect positively on the overall situation in Iraq.”

She said, “This group got rid of the fear that was Iaterha of the influence of the leaders of the coalition that emerged after the Iraqi masses to save these leaders openly bypassing the sacredness which was suggested by the leaders on the way to work.”

And see this group, according to Almassadraly “The golden opportunity offered by the demonstrations for change to achieve this endeavor and the dimensions of the old guard that caused the failure of the political process in Iraq, and brought the country to the brink of collapse” .anthy 21 / d


CNN: The Killing of Minister of War Daash Abu Omar Chechen


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CNN: The Killing of Minister of War Daash Abu Omar Chechen

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News Network (CNN) television news US officials as saying that the United States is trying to determine whether a senior member of the organization Daash, Abu Omar al- Chechen, was killed in an air strike targeting him lately.
The network said that the air strike carried out on Friday the fourth of a March near the Syrian town of Shaddadi.

The United States has offered a reward of up to five million dollars reward for information about Chechen, who officials said was the Minister of War already in the organization.

The Chechen, which announced his death more than once previous military operations, the news was not proved later, a member of the Georgian army before joining the action in the ranks of extremist groups.

And implement “international coalition” raids against Daash in Syria, especially in the province of Raqqa, which a senior US military officer said today, “The coalition does not plan currently to recover from the terrorist organization.

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A global conference to discuss banking services in Iraq


3/7/2016 0:00

 BAGHDAD Mustafa al – Hashemi
held on Monday , the third World Conference and Exhibition on the financial and banking services in Iraq (Iraq Finance 2016) and lasts for two days in the capital Albannaanh Beirut.
, Said Ahmed Al Jader representative Szimksko company in Iraq organized theconference in a statement »Sabah»: The Conference financial Iraq, which is being held under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq, is the international event leading an opportunity open dialogue between Iraqi government officials and decision – makers with the investors in the financial services industry and local such as banks and banks operating in Iraq and international companies seeking to develop its work in the local financial markets. He explained that this conference will facilitate the opportunity for professionals and foreign investors for the development of the banking sector in Iraq by providing combining banks and international companies a platform to communicate with decision – makers and the Iraqi banks and the exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as providing the opportunity for business deals for the development of the banking business in the country, the fact that banks play a role president in the development of the Iraqi economy through the transformation of the economic challenges to investment opportunities. And transfer Agadiran executive director of global company smart card to card « the main sponsor and a leading financial conference of Iraq in 2016» , which provides electronic payment services in Iraq Baha Abdul Hadi as saying that our participation in this important event will give us the opportunity to engage in dialogue and constructive exchanges of views as well as many banks and local businesses that will contribute to and actively in the conference.


Masum Returns to Baghdad


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} President Fuad Masum, arrived Tuesday evening to the homeland from Cairo after an official visit to Egypt during which he held meetings with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and senior Egyptian figures took inaugurated a distinct phase in the bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.
According to a presidential statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} acopy of it today , “was greeted President infallible officially a rapturous welcome by Sisi president upon his arrival at the Federal Palace in Cairo, and put garlands of flowers at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the mausoleums of presidents Egyptians the late Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat while , received a warm welcome by the head of the Egyptian Parliament Ali Abdel Aal and parliamentary delegation Egyptian big also included representatives of the blocks, followed by animportant visit to the Al – Azhar headquarters , where he met an important virtue ofAl – Azhar Ahmed al – Tayeb Sheikh. ”
He continued , ” also he met Pope Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, Pope ofAlexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Episcopate, at the papal in Cairo, as received at his headquarters in the Egyptian capital , secretary general of the Arab League Dr. Nabil Moroccan. ”
He noted that” the delegation accompanying the president during this important visit , including Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari and Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zaidan and National Security Advisor Faleh al – Fayad , as well as anumber of consultants and experts “.anthy


Abadi has a second connection from Biden during the week and review with him the progress on Daash


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
accept Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi with US Vice President Joe Biden field progress of Iraqi forces in the fight against terrorist Daash gangs.
The office said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “al – Abadi received a phone call from Biden, the two sides reviewed the field progress of Iraqi forces in the fight against Daash gangs.”
He noted that “also were discussed ways of activating the international and regional support for efforts to restore the displaced and the stability of the liberated cities. ”
the Abadi ‘s office said Wednesday , March 2, the prime minister received a phone call from Biden reviewed through” ways to enhance support to Iraqi forces in the areas of training, armament and air support, it has also been confirmed parking States Altdhma Iraq generally any challenges potential borders and territorial integrity. ”
as the White House said in a Thursday March 3, said that US Vice President Joe Biden search in a telephone interview with al – Abadi military aid requested by Iraq to fight al Daash.
the White House said in a statement, that” Biden pledged The United States also supported the efforts of Iraq to strengthen its economy and said Washington would work with Group of seven countries and others to ensure theprovision of necessary financial resources to Iraq to fight Daash. “


PM Haider Al Abadi- Twitter




Prime Minister Dr. Haider al – Abadi receives a phone call from Mr. Joe Biden ,US Vice President.
During the call , the field review the progress of Iraqi forces in the fight against gangs Daash and discuss ways of activating the international and regional support for efforts to restore the displaced and the stability of theliberated cities.

Details decisions of the Cabinet meeting for Tuesday March 8, 2016, “set the drinking water to Basra, condominiums and stalls on the poor and others.”



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Orbit News –

A statement issued by the prime minister, on Tuesday, and which has issued a number of resolutions, including the drinking water to the province of Basra and controls the distribution of housing units and stalls on the poor and relief to the displaced and the law to grant an employee vacation and registration provision

The statement reads as follows

Alive Cabinet Iraqi women on the occasion of International Women ‘s Day, praising the great role in the construction and reconstruction process and its sacrifices and its position in favor of the homeland and its people ‘s issues.

The Council of Ministers held its tenth normal today (Tuesday 8 March) , under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al – Abadi, and released by the Council following decisions:

For drinking water and the development of water systems in the province of Basra and other provinces to provide the Council decided to form a committee of the Prime Minister ‘s Office and the advisers, agents and Ministries (Planning, Finance, and Construction and Housing, and municipalities) in addition to the National Investment Commission and the province of Basra , for the purpose of negotiating about the financial offer and thepayment mechanism on credit, which includes interest rate and years of payment and any financial and legal issues, and the assignment of the Committee ‘s recommendations above to the Committee on economic Affairs to consider the recommendations.

For the purpose of supporting citizens in obtaining housing units and to contribute to solving the housing problem, the Council agreed on the proponents of the Ministry of Planning on housing stalls and distributed to the poor controls, as follows:
1 / economic housing:

Bore ratio of government (50%) of the cost of the actual housing unit and borne by the beneficiary ratio (50%) of the remaining cost to be paid in monthly installments in accordance with the alternative either to pay over (20 years old) or at (15 years), that devolve funds to the Treasury general of the state, and the state bear the administrative expenses of the recovery of funds (1%).

2 / shops and stalls:

Bore ratio of government (50%) of the cost of the stalls and the actual shops and borne by the beneficiary ratio (50%) of the remaining cost to be paid in monthly installments in accordance with the alternative either to pay over (10 years) or at (5 years), that amounts accrue to the public treasury of the state, and the state bear the administrative expenses of the recovery of funds (1%).

According to the provisions of Article (40) of the sale and lease of state property law No. (21) for the year 2013.

The Cabinet approved the draft grants the employee Act vacation unusual and submitted it to the State Council for the purpose of auditing duly forwarded to the Parliament, according to the provisions of Articles (61 / I and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution, taking into consideration the observations made ​​during the discussion of the topic in Council of Ministers.

As part of the relief to the displaced with the liberalization of Nineveh province , the Cabinet decided that the Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering the displaced shall take the necessary precautions for the possibility of displacement of Mosul, with the start of military operations for the liberation in coordination with international organizations and donor countries and in cooperation with the National Operations Center.

The Council also approved a crutch to continue building gas station on the same terms within a project Anbar province and the Ministry of Electricity select the project site for the purpose of implementing the provisions of Law No. (11) for the year 2011.

And to regulate the registration of imported vehicles and the process of re – registration Cabinet decided the following:

First: 1 / registration of imported vehicles for the first time in the traffic circles after Tsagit vehicle registered in the traffic circles or cut wages met restricts the public treasury’s account in accordance with the table below:

2 / of paragraph (1) of item (i) above on vehicles re – registered in the governorates not organized in a region of the owners and holders who live in these provinces.

3 / state departments are obliged to ensure the completion of tax settlements and customs when recorded.

1/4 – cylinder sedans – 2,000,000 million dinars.

2/6 – cylinder sedans – 3,000,000 three million dinars.

3 / SUV 6 cylinders – 4,000,000 four million dinars.

4 / SUV 8 cylinders – 5,000,000 five million dinars.

5 / car 4 – wheel cylinders push – 3,000,000 three million dinars.

6 / car load of 1-16 tonnes – 2,000,000 million dinars.

7 / taxi salon – 2,000,000 million dinars.

8 / bus passenger transport 12 passengers or less – 1.5 million and two million five hundred thousand dinars.

9 / buses transport passengers 12 and older passengers – 500,000 five hundred thousand dinars.

10 / trucks Heavy Equipment – agricultural construction vehicles – 500,000 five hundred thousand dinars.

11 / all kinds of vehicles manufactured by General Company for Automotive Industry – 500,000 five hundred thousand dinars.

12 / armored car (armored) – 6,000,000 six million dinars.

Second , canceled all decisions that are contrary to the provisions of this resolution with the exception of :

A / imported vehicles for people with special needs.

B / imported vehicles for the use of police and military operations.

Third , apply this decision on vehicles that entered before its release date has not been determine how the vehicle interview to be recorded in the province is not organized in a region after paying the registration fee referred to in clause (i) reduction in the proportion (25%) on a year passed since the first Logging.

Fourth , give the three – month deadline for re – registration of vehicles in the traffic circles of the owners and holders who live in provinces that are not organized in a region, otherwise the reservation is on the vehicle taking into account stated in item (iii) above.

Fifth: This Resolution shall be effective from the date issued.

– See more at: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.almadarnews.info/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D8095&usg=ALkJrhiWmVQCXvX-Xc5pbHoxqb4mmDq43w#sthash.yz4uYuXM.dpuf

The local currency to invest in global stock


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Economy News / Agencies …Specialists in economic affairs efforts in the search for exits reduce the impact of financial distress on Iraq, the adoption of mechanisms to elevate the Iraqi dinar entered through international exchange dealings continue.

Specialist on global stock Osama Mahmoud said that minimize the effects of the financial crisis on the Iraqi economy requires action on the adoption of new procedures and solutions can be adopted for the next stage.

Multiple solutions

He noted in an interview for »morning« that the most important solutions to the current crisis is to enter into the world of the stock market and two-way are the public sector and the private sector, the government sector will find multiple solutions contribute to the alleviation of the financial crisis through the entry of the dinar in the stock market and they can be to buy the local market requirements of the markets global through it and thus encourage investment in Iraqi dinar and thus the amount of hard currency out into the world markets.

Strengthening of the currency

He said the entry of the Iraqi dinar in the stock market will reduce drafts and eliminates the black market and thus prevent the fluctuation of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, as well as he would give the strength and momentum of the Iraqi economy through the strengthening of the local currency in the global market, adding that he Aaufer citizen support in food prices, where the purchase of food commodities producer and president international prices without the presence of mediations increase the cost of a food item.

A second income

The solutions to be provided by the stock market simple citizen is represented few savings simple citizen and could be a second source of income which can use these savings in the stock markets and thus achieve financial gains not too bad to be helped him in improving the Personal Financial Situation, as well as the availability of key goods that citizens need in Prime in his daily life at constant rates unchanged in value, and given the economic stability of the citizen away from the greed of traders who controls the destiny of the people by manipulating prices change on the pretext of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate.

Here it must be noted that the stock market is part of the many solutions on the Iraqi economic arena as well as the many solutions that will improve the economic situation of the country away from compromising the income of ordinary citizens.

Price changes

And passes Iraq a severe financial crisis as a result of the country’s dependence on oil as the main source of funding and thus put the country’s economy likely to fluctuate with changes in oil prices in world markets, and with lower prices to record highs, the oil market has not seen since the nineties of the last century, the economy is stymied, with an estimated the deficit in the Iraqi budget according to the latest official statements by about 34 billion Iraqi dinars.

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Social protection distribution of salaries of 64 thousand beneficiaries this week


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Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, it will launch this week, “the salaries of” social protection network of 64 thousand beneficiaries.

According to a ministry statement it received “Tomorrow Press”, a copy of it, that “the Ministry of Labor will launch this weekend social subsidy of 64 thousand beneficiaries within the last extension of the fourth batch of 2015”.

The statement added, “This step comes after the removal of the causes of downtime in the capital Baghdad and other provinces.”


Iraqi forum kicks off in Beirut to support investment and the banking sector


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[Where – Baghdad] was
launched in the capital , Beirut, on Tuesday, the World Conference and Exhibition for the third financial andbanking services in Iraq [Iraq Finance 2016], under the slogan “Gateway Financial Inclusion and a pillar ofsustainable development of the banking sector.”
According to a statement to the CBI received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Acts of the conference, organized by the company Szimksko] of Iraq, under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq and cooperation with the Banque du Liban [Central Bank of Lebanon, and the participation of ministries and banks , and thebody of national investment, focused on the development of financial banking and investment industry in Iraq, and is limited to the purpose of organizing this conference to develop the infrastructure of the banks andfinancial institutions in Iraq through the activation of cooperation between the Iraqi and the central ministries and banks Iraqi and relevant financial institutions on the one hand, banks and international financial institutions and international investors on the other hand. ”
He added that” sessions dealt with the Iraqi Central bank ‘s plans, strategies, financial reforms that government is trying to implement to attract investors, and the future of the State – owned banks, and the role of Islamic banks, and the role of the Iraqi financial markets to support the economy, the current situation of the banking sector and the participation of foreign lending companies, and technological environment and its central role in driving innovation and risk mitigation, as well as sources of funding for large projects and infrastructure, and the development of Iraq Stock Exchange, funding opportunities , the Iraqi private sector.
the central bank governor said Ali Mohsen Keywords during a speech at the conference that “there are great opportunities to diversify the production base offered by the application of this approach , ” pointing that “commodity production contribution of the total output of only 16%, which means that there is ample room for the growth of agriculture and industry, any approaching Iraq to achieve self – sufficiency in wheat production, while imports millions of tons of them every year.”
he Keywords that ” the banking sector an important role in supporting growth and reduce unemployment in Iraq, through various sectors finance and expand the purchasing power of citizens. ”
he added that” Iraq today is facing a financial and economic challenges , so he is looking for stability in thebanking and financial sector and that these items are not only with the cooperation and support of everyone through communication and participation in the success. ”
he noted the central bank governor to” the importance of the banking sector to play important role in the face of the current financial crisis experienced by the reduction of unemployment and the expansion of thepurchasing capacity and gross domestic product in general , “pointing out that” the most important conditions for stability in the sector , bank and finance is to identify economy and general trends to him as well as theeconomic activities structure. ”
he stressed” the need for the Iraqi economy is heading at the moment to support the private sector by creating real competition and active participation in the framework of a free economy , whom he joined Iraq after he was convicted of economic totalitarianism. ”
For his part , , between the head of the private banks association, Wadih Handal, during the forum, ” theconference was held under the slogan [ the banking sector gate of financial inclusion and a pillar ofsustainable development, and attract many of the economic and financial Arab personalities , ” adding that “banks can contribute to the treatment of problems such as unemployment and poverty by financing projects of all kinds and create job opportunities for young people. ”
he pointed Handal to” the importance of having an economic informing on the degree of awareness of thechallenges facing the Iraqi economy , “stressing that” distortion and lack of understanding affects the economic situation of Iraq. ”
he said the ” the conference called on the central bank and the competent authorities to apply financial inclusion, and the formation of a committee to develop the financial, monetary and banking system of thecentral bank and the Ministry of Finance and experts.”
He urged Handal ” the need to deploy financial and banking culture in the Arab world , ” stressing ” theimportance of the media ‘s role in spreading this culture of inclusiveness financial, in addition to committing various stages of education develop material for banking and financial education into the curriculum. ”
He noted” the need for the Arab League, through the leaders of the Arab countries to compel publication offinancial inclusion , “explaining that” Cyprus suffering from a financial crisis up financial inclusion rate to 60%, while the Arab countries does not exceed 8%, which requires the need to raise awareness in the Arab countries. ”
and the Head of private Bankers Association, that” the current situation in Iraq , we are used to, and confidence increases in Iraqi banks , “adding that” the Bank CBI develop steps that will strengthen Iraqi banks, it also put serious steps through the general assessment of the Iraqi banks in cooperation with Orncion company, leading to more global confidence in the Iraqi banks. ”
in this context, the Iraqi minister of planning occur, Salman al – Jumaili, for a five – year plan for the years 2013 2017, which the government spent under $ 75 billion, or 20% of total investment, before re his ministry considered, because of the collapse in oil prices and because of the cost of fighting al Daash, to deliberate on the government to reducing its investment spending, and the trend towards sector private, for “not to rely on the public treasury,” this requires the creation of ” an attractive investment environment” for foreign capital, and rehabilitation of state – owned companies, and converted to private companies profitable, and theadoption of the partnership [between the public and private sectors and their subdivisions, such as therelevant projects term financing, any funding deficit, and projects of the BOT, and programs to support small and medium enterprises.
He Jumaili, according to the statement, that ” the Iraqi Central Bank is working on the preparation of similar reports for those that work by the World Bank, to facilitate the latter to monitor the work of the central bank.”
to that explained the President of the national investment Commission, Sami al – Araji, said that ” theamendments made ​​to the investment law is in the investor ‘s interest , ” calling on Arab and foreign companies to “increase its investment in Iraq , it represents a significant weight in this area.”
He said al – Araji , the “need to be transformed private banks to development banks instead to remain acommercial. ”
the head of the Bank of Credit Libanais, Joseph Tarabay, representatives of Lebanese banks, may occur at the opening of the conference on the prospects for the exchange of experiences between the Lebanese and Iraqi banks, as well as the possibility of the first contribution in the modernization of the banking system in Iraq, a special mention “militancy” in the application comply with US laws relating to ” the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing policy , ” and expressed the hope that the banks play a key role in the reconstruction.
permeated the first session of the forum discussions, as well as to answer some questions to representatives of the private sector Iraqi and foreign, Arab , and there will be offers banking research are debated by theIraqi and Lebanese sides.