Abadi al-Sadr refuses to grant a license to sit in Baghdad


Demonstrations in Baghdad - archive

Demonstrations in Baghdad – archive

The Iraqi government rejected Wednesday a request by the leader of the Sadrist movement to carry out a sit-in in front of the Green Zone in Baghdad Friday, in order to pressure the government and push it to carry out reforms.

He stressed the Council of Ministers in a statement posted on the prime minister Haider al-Abadi on the need to obtain regulatory approvals for the implementation of the demonstrations, he added: “Do not allow Balaatsamat according to the law, especially in the” current security conditions.

The Council stressed inability to provide protection to the communities because of the “preoccupation with security forces in battles with Daash.”

Sadr has called on Saturday to sit in front of the Green Zone, the fortified gates until the deadline set for Ebadi for reforms that end.

Sadr and gave the prime minister in February 13 last 45 days to carry out governmental reforms. It is assumed that this period ends 10 days after the start of the sit-in Friday.

The fall heavily fortified Green Zone on the banks of the Tigris River in central Baghdad, and houses the government and a number of foreign embassies, notably the embassies of the United States and Britain.




Hammond: Iraq has a great opportunity to advance its economy


Khandan – said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, said Iraq has great economic opportunity for the advancement of its economy as the liberation of the previous restrictions.

This came during a meeting with his entourage with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in Baghdad on Wednesday.

Ebadi’s media office said in a statement, that “During the meeting, they discussed strengthening relations between the two countries and the war on Daash and victories achieved the liberation of occupied and support the reforms in the economic, political and administrative sector and the various state institutions gangs.”

The statement noted that the two sides also discussed “the contribution of British companies readmission provinces and the reconstruction of infrastructure and create jobs.”

Hammond reiterated “his country’s support for Iraq in its war against terrorism,” adding that “Iraq has great economic opportunity for the advancement of its economy as liberation from previous restrictions,” according to the statement.


Aldoaash tens and hundreds of rocket launchers killed pounding on Hawija



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[Oan- Baghdad]
tens of terrorists from Daash gangs killed by air strikes on their hideouts in the district of Hawija , southwest ofKirkuk province.
A statement by the cell – Harbi media, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “according to Information Directorate of Military Intelligence and directed the Air Force precision air strikes to nests Daash terrorist in Hawija , resulted in the destruction of nests used Kmaqrat to their gangs killed dozens of terrorists Arabs citizenship and destroy arms caches and ammunition . ”
He said the strikes destroyed” 65 rockets RPG – 7 rockets and 125 homemade contains toxic materials with large amounts of ammunition and light weapons and explosive belts. ”

Iraq: Sadr confirms the protests continued despite the rejection of al -Abadi


Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi» Agencies: called the cleric in Iraq, Moqtada al-Sadr on Wednesday, to the continuing protests by his supporters against corruption taking place in the capital Baghdad and central and southern governorates, hours after the confirmation of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi not to allow the establishment of sit-ins without licenses.
Sadr said in a statement issued Wednesday «peace on civilians and Islamists who banded in order to save the nation from the claws of the beast Alkasir, I mean corruption and the corrupt, and ask God to establish you on what the Reform Union and the rejection of sectarianism».
He pointed out that «the presence of civilians with the Islamists (did not clarify the intended) in the protests against injustice and corruption lends splendor and coherent and united under the banner of patriotism, and we are all home fans stream.» Addressing his supporters chest «Let the ideological differences and gathered on the unit points, Vahtjajatna Iraqi national neither of the East nor West almost all her voice above the corrupt and unjust».
Earlier yesterday, Haider Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister stressed in a release from his office in a statement, not to allow the law to establish the sit-ins without licenses, without referring explicitly whether it is intended to open the sit-in, who called him the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr next Friday at the entrances to the area green in Baghdad. For his part, said Juma Bureau member of the Liberal parliamentary bloc of the Sadrist movement, on Wednesday, said that the sit-in, who called him the current leader Moqtada al-Sadr Friday exists and there is no justification to prevent it by the government, pointing out that the protests come for »Support for fundamental change».
He said the Office of the «security forces are able to protect the protesters, and protect the process took over the past weeks, and we’re not with any armed appearances outside the framework of the state, even though the Saraya peace (armed faction of the Sadrist movement), we are with the establishment of a sit-in without any manifestations armed »He explained that the member of the bloc« sit-Sadr called him standing next Friday, which aims to support al-Abadi to put pressure on some of the political blocs, which refuses to conduct comprehensive change », stressing that« the protests will be peaceful »


The development of economic relations between Iran and Iraq will contribute to the development of the region’s economy, Asi



BAGHDAD / March / IRNA 16 – Counselor for Economic description of the Iraqi Prime Minister, the visit of President Rouhani for Iraq to have gained importance seriously, especially when it comes after the lifting of the blockade on Iran and end Daash in Iraq, Maکda that Iraq aspires to move from trade stage investments with Iran and various fields, and this will contribute to the development of the economic situation in Iraq and the region and Asia.

He d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an exclusive interview with IRNA: “The economic relations between the Islamic Republic in Iran, Iraq developed a significant and remarkable as it reached exchanges, economic and trade between the two countries 12 billion a year after he was 5 billion in the past few years, and this exchange on the rise Continuous’ .
He said Saleh: that ‘Iraq یsthlک Mamadelh 1400 Mیکa watts of electrical energy per day and we believe a significant portion of the energy from Iran, are filling the needs of the two provinces Iraqi women for electricity at least, be endorsed Gas Project Iran who will some obstetrics Alکherbaiی and relied plants run on gas material liquid has been working out since the late 2009 ‘.
He said that goods and products of Iran are consistent with the taste of the Iranian saying either ‘goods and foodstuffs Iranian It Thaکی taste Iraqi such case through quality production as well as our presence کhabیn within one area and this inevitably makes the tastes of people very close also brings the two peoples habits and traditions and the nature of Asthlaک approximately one, Iraqi market entered Iranian foodstuffs and کtیrh very diverse and the Iraqi people back on Asthlaک this particular material. ‘
He said be endorsed ‘tourism and religious this issue a central and essential and delicate, Iraq is the center of the Islamic world for tourism religious, whether in Najaf or holy Karbala or holy Samarra holy Alکazemیh in Baghdad, Iraq, is an incubator for the Islamic world Bermzh large and the presence of the holy shrines of Imams pure at home , the flow of Iranian tourism religious to Iraq constitutes ratio is very large and the number of Iranian pilgrims who come to visit the holy sites is witnessing a continuing rise and be endorsed visit Iraqis to holy sites in Iran, but the number of Iranians over much of the number of Iraqis considering that the Iranian people constitutes a proportion much higher than where souls, and we we share with the Islamic Republic of common borders is very large and this also contributes to religious tourism boom between the two neighboring brotherly countries. “
He stressed: that the ‘relationship Economic particularly between the Islamic Republic in Iran and Iraq is a very significant relationship and such case since that is where Mstrکat very کtیrh, including Mstrکat geographic and we have common borders an area of ​​1,000 miles and almost be endorsed us Mstrکat Water and things other geographical, it is very natural to be economic relations between the two countries is very large. “
And about the quality and production of the Iranian industries it received a warm significant in Iraq, given the importance of the large I Almsthlک Iraq, because such case Counselor Economic Iraqi Prime Minister said: ‘industries of Iran and production of Iran and companies of Iran, I think that the industries and activities agricultural Iranian do an area large in Iraq between foreign investment, and why returns to کtherh Almstrکat exist between the peoples of Iran and Iraq, in addition to Amtlaک Iraq Agricultural land and a wide untapped, and inevitably will take place in the future to benefit from the experiences of the Iranian side to revive agriculture in Iraq and developed.
With regard to forthcoming visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Hassan Rowhani to Baghdad, Saleh said: I ‘take it personally President spiritual personal and historical loved him frequently, and Iran Mhoudodh the presence of Sheikh Rohani, without Hک would be a dear guest on Iraq and its people, and will be reflected this visit largely on the economic of the two countries the situation, Her Iran has a long history in the economic, industrial, agricultural, and the siege imposed on Iran helped create an aura positively on the economy of Iran. “
And Aکda’alیom economy Iranian represents a peaceful economy and the economies of the peace to flourish significantly always given Iran a significant state of the foundations of economic solid and will contribute to the construction and development of the Iraqi economy in Almstrک cooperation and this will does not serve Iraq only, but will serve the region in general. “
He said about the importance of this visit: that ‘the visit of President Rouhani of Iraq are given prominence seriously, especially when it comes after the two basic and two lift the siege on Iran and end Daash in Iraq, now Daash death throes benevolent it is defeated in front of the Iraqi army and the crowd and popular forces of security and the sons of the tribes that stand in confront it be endorsed by the movement of reform that will contribute to the development of the economy and exchanges, economic relations between the two countries significantly, especially as the trade between the two trade almost free, open, this conventional Trading We aspire to be for Iraq projects in Iran to Iranian project in Iraq and thus means that we move from trade stage to stage investments in various areas, and this will contribute to the development of the economic situation in the region and Asia, I would like to be Hnaک investments in the medical field, agricultural and industrial in all areas’.
He emphasized: that ‘brotherly relations between Iran and Iraq will shift a significant presence of the bonds of a common between the two peoples will achieve a qualitative leap in relations will strengthen economic ties and I believe that this is the philosophy at the visit of Sheikh Rouhani to Iraq war of the past imposed by the former regime to the two peoples of Iraq and Iran will turn to tender A good and peace between the two neighboring brotherly countries. “
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Abadi: We will liberate Mosul in the near future and will not deter us from achieving reforms obstacles [Extended]

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

said commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, proceed with the liberalization of the city of Mosul Daash terrorists “in the near future.”

He greeted al – Abadi in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people, on Wednesday evening , ” the steadfastness of Taza and stubble Bashir who had been attacked sinner coward by the criminal gang Daash used toxic substances against civilians”. 

He said that “Daash wanted to broadcast the horror message to compensate for big defeats in Anbar and Samarra , and in anticipation of confirmed and the final in Mosul to defeat it , which we prepared preparing to cleared in the near future. ”

He added Abadi” our pledge to you yesterday liberalization of provinces and cities usurped Daash, has fulfilled Bahdna, and we will continue editing operations until final victory, as we pledge to you to achieve reforms, and we promise that we will not back down we will not deter us difficulties and obstacles and campaigns countermeasures. ” 

he explained that” we have achieved reform document was presented to the political blocs , public opinion and the media, and the document is a platform and a clear roadmap and program of action to overcome the security, economic and societal challenges. ” 

he went on, saying , ” we give the parliamentary blocs and the activities of the community a whole week to submit their nominations to fill the ministerial posts of them and other professionals technocrats in accordance with the terms and conditions stated and standards. ” 

He continued , ” We look forward in the next phase of clarity in attitudes can not be is with the reform does not participate in the reform and is not acceptable for any party to be involved in the government which is against the government at the same time. ” 

Ebadi said that” reform is not an individual responsibility or partisan but a national duty and a legitimate and humanist, anti – corruption efforts can only succeed with the participation of everyone, citizens and institutions and the media. ” 

he explained , ” we have provided and continue to provide necessary and direct support to the work of regulatory agencies the judicial integrity Commission and the inspectors general financial control and judges all of us to be able to open the files of corruption and prosecuting corrupt without any fear or discrimination. ” 

He stressed that” the priority remains to sustain the fight against the terrorist Daash until the final victory, and that efforts should be focused to strengthen military and security capabilities and further victories impressive in All breakers confrontation and editing operations. ” 

and went on ” any side issue no matter how important, should not occupy us for the perpetuation of the existential battle that we are waging against terrorism effort, and may not be overfed sacrifices and blood dear martyrs and the wounded, and not to hold our fighters heroes more than they bear doing in defending the homeland and the people in the fronts and inside the cities , where dealing with terrorism , which is looking for opportunities to loss selves innocent and destroy everything. ” 

He renewed Abadi call” to the continued commitment Bslmah demonstrate and to cooperate with the security forces charged with protecting the demonstrators in addition to other duties. ” 

He added , ” We renew our directives to devices security best efforts to protect citizens and demonstrators and public security in Baghdad and the provinces, and to Ataathaon in addressing any armed appearance of breaking the law and disrupt the private and public interests. ” 

concluded the Prime Minister his speech by saying , ” We emphasize the importance of respecting the law and abide by the instructions of the competent security agencies with respect to where and when to pretend including security does not expose citizens and state institutions at risk. ”


Jubouri back to Baghdad after the conclusion of his official visit to Saudi Arabia



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} returned Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the capital of Baghdad, after the conclusion of his official visit to Saudi Arabia. “
According to an informed source told {Euphrates News} on Wednesday that ” theprime minister, Salim al – Jubouri, he returned to Baghdad after the conclusion of his official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”
The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al – Jubouri had met during his visit to Saudi Arabia , the Saudi king and his Saudi counterpart Saudi Foreign Minister and discussed with them the situation of the region and file Alarhab.anthy

Abadi discuss with Hammond war on Daash and the subject of reforms


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
Search Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, the war on terror and Daash victories achieved gangs, and the issue of reforms in the economic, political and administrative sector and the various state institutions.
The office said in a statement received by all of the races [where] a copy of the “al – Abadi met with Hammond and his accompanying delegation, the meeting discussed strengthening relations between the two countries and thewar on Daash and victories achieved and the liberalization of the land, and to support reforms in the economic, political and administrative sector and the various state institutions gangs” .
he said he “has also discuss the contribution of British companies readmission provinces and infrastructure reconstruction and job creation.”
for his part , renewed Hammond his country ‘s support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, pointing out that Iraq has a great economic opportunity for the advancement of its economy if liberated from the previous restrictions.

Stateof Law: Minister ready to leave office proof of their solidarity withthereforms Abadi



Bloc coalition of state law in the House of Representatives

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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Counting MP for the coalition of state law Khalid al-Asadi, on Wednesday, the cabinet statement about the willingness of ministers to leave their posts, a sign of solidarity with the reformist steps and build a state on the basis of solid, while noting that the state law will be held today a meeting to discuss security developments and the law of amnesty.

Khalid al-Asadi said in an interview with (long-Presse), he said that “the Cabinet statement said the willingness of ministers to leave office confirms they are not clinging to their jobs and their support for the reform and state-building on the solid foundations.”

Asadi said that “members of the state law will meet today to discuss the security developments in the country and the war on (Daash) as well as a package of reforms and the ministerial amendment of certain laws on the agenda, including the general amnesty law.”

The Iraqi cabinet said on Wednesday (March 2016) 16, prepared his ministers to leave their posts in support of the reform project, and invited everyone to know “the size of the challenges facing Iraq,” while stressing the need to “agree on a reform steps through dialogue and understanding, without imposing the will of a “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi praised the work of the Council in conditions of” financial, economic and security extremely difficult. “

He expressed the Iraqi cabinet on Wednesday (2016,3,16), prepared his ministers to leave their posts in support of the reform project, and invited everyone to know “the size of the challenges facing Iraq,” while stressing the need to “agree on a reform steps through dialogue and understanding, without the imposition of the will of the a “, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi praised the work of the Council in conditions of” financial, economic and security extremely difficult. “

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi student, on Tuesday the (15 March 2015), the Assembly of Experts in charge of the development of the reform programs, to “choose a team that can walk” toward reform and adjustment is essential in the country, and as pointed out that Iraq “possesses the strengths of more than weaknesses, “stressed the government about the conduct of” the proper construction. “

The Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Friday, the (11 March 2016), submit a request to block the parliamentary and various social activities to nominate names for the portfolios, have the integrity and professionalism of technocrats, and as he emphasized that the Committee of Independent Experts appointed by Abadi will review Sir vitae of the candidates and raise the names to him, revealed the “keenness” Abadi on the implementation of a comprehensive reform plan and the formation of a harmonious government team.

The (long-Press), published on Thursday, the (10 March 2016) and close political reforms under which will reshuffle “prospective” and consisting of basic principles to ensure the implementation of the rest of the government program agreed upon by the political blocs when the formation of the current government in September 2014, as well as the fight against corruption in the country.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Wednesday the (9 March 2016), that the cabinet reshuffle is essential will be soon, as he pointed to a display ministers professionals names and qualified to fill ministerial portfolios, he stressed that the change will be in accordance with the constitutional framework and political partnership between the components of the people.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Wednesday the (9 March 2016), the government has taken a series of measures to prosecute senior spoilers and arrest, and while pointing to providing the necessary support for the organs of the judiciary and the integrity and regulatory bodies to do their part, confirmed the aspiration of the government to popular participation and the media to expose the corrupt and venal .

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi refused, on Wednesday the (9 March 2016), allowed to “Disarm” outside the framework of the state and threaten the security of the citizen, and while pointing to the lack of allowing to bypass checkpoints and the passage of militants from which, he stressed that the implementation of the reforms are not through “impose a fait accompli” and undermining the security of the capital Baghdad.